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A rare female leader in the world of Mad Men, Kieran Flanagan teaches companies and leaders how to harness the commercial power of human nature. CEO’s, brands, employees, salespeople – we all wish we could unlock the secret to driving others to buy, engage and lead, but what if our core human nature is the key? Responsible for some of the biggest product launches in history, nobody understands what makes people ‘buy’ or ‘buy in’ better than Kieran Flanagan.

A true Creative Leader in a world of Mad Men, Kieran was also one of the youngest Creative Directors to lead an award-winning advertising agency. And now, after years of consulting with the world’s leading businesses on how to engage consumers – Kieran is captivating audiences with her revolutionary message.

In 12 years of running SWB, Kieran is the first speaker to receive a 100% approval rating from all delegates!SWB
A passionate advocate for the commercial power of creativity and leadership that is more agile, adaptable and engaging, Kieran has wowed audiences as diverse as the UN, Coca-Cola and TEDx. And with a career that spans two decades, countless awards and unparalleled respect within the industry – her message, that our humanity is our biggest asset when it comes to influence, will deliver lasting change to your organisation

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Kieran Flanagan’s Speaking Topics

The Creative Leader
The leadership the world needs today

Today’s relentless pace of change demands a different kind of leader. One capable of creating and managing more agile, adaptable and collaborative teams working on more complicated and interconnected projects than ever before.

Creative leadership requires a command of people skills emphasising accountable autonomy, a clarity of vision and purpose combined with engaging communications skills and the ability to focus a team on results and solutions beyond “business as usual” process.

In this challenging and compelling presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • The characteristics and capabilities demanded of The Creative Leader
  • How to raise the Collaborative Intelligence (We-QTM) of your team
  • What a leader needs to drive “loyalty beyond reason”
The rise of Collaborative Intelligence

Collaboration is no longer seen as a touchy, feely nice to have. Something organizations talk about but seldom deliver.

The increasing interconnectivity of our media and communities, the complexity and interdependence of the work we do and the unrelenting pressure to innovate and constantly raise the bar have made Collaborative IntelligenceTM, or We-QTM, the killer app.

So how do we raise your organizations’ We-QTM? In this interactive and compelling presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • How to create a culture based on “Co-PIsTM” not just KPIs
  • What leaders need to know to build teams that work together and avoid “white anting”
  • Why successfully navigating change is a collaborative activity
Creating Engagement
Increase your insight – increase your influence
Kieran’s opening Keynote at our recent Marketing Summit established the spirit of the conference from the outset. Embracing the theme of the summit in an engaging, relevant and lively presentation, she was the perfect choice.Australian Council for the Arts

Traditional models of motivation and influence have relied on constructing logical arguments, behavioural reinforcement or emotional triggers and calls to action. We struggle to cajole our customers and even ourselves into submission when a more effective strategy can be found in “insight-based-influence”.

All influence has its origins in insight and empathy and this understanding is central to increasing our powers of persuasion.

In this insightful and entertaining presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • How to approach developing customer and personal insights into what makes us engage and want to buy
  • The key characteristics of human nature and how they motivate us at our core
  • Why we “make” sales and “create” engagement
Creating Change
Do more than keep up – get out in front

What’s next? What’s already here? What does the world really need? All creativity is found on the other side of such questions. In an effort to keep up with the Jones’ (your competition) organisations typically try to predict trends, or track consumer sentiment and values.

Delegates were literally buzzing!Minister for Tourism

However, in order to truly be competitive, we need to get out in front, to drive innovation, to develop an entrepreneur’s mindset and make change happen – deliberately and congruently, not just reactively and in a panic.

In this exciting and interactive presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • The trends shaping our world, business and the market place
  • How to develop an “intra-preneurial” culture
  • How to make innovation an internal discipline, not some random, unpredictable event
Selfish, Scared and Stupid
Stop fighting human nature

If you want to succeed then you must prepare for failure!

Taken from the newly released book of the same title, behavioural strategist Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan challenges audiences to step away from the ‘motivational hot air’ and instead design teams, systems and products that align with reality; because we are ALL a little selfish, scared and stupid sometimes.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • Drop the delusion – how to anticipate the worst to ensure the best
  • Systemise success – we can all build excellence into our procedure
  • Motivational fear – how we can harness the basest of human instinct for business greatness

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Kieran Flanagan

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