Jazz Bands

The harmony, rhythm, swing, and personality that weave their way through sounds produced by jazz performers resonate with young and old alike. Perhaps this is what makes jazz such a popular choice of entertainment for events.

Jazzing Up Your Event

No matter what type of event you are hosting, including a jazz band or artist is sure to add a touch of class, style and finesse. Corporate events, exhibitions, wedding receptions and cocktail parties are enhanced by the rich variety of atmospheres that a talented jazz outfit can provide.

Professional acts can incorporate anything from the sultry tones of light jazzy music to up-tempo, high-energy swing that gets your guests dancing and everything in between! Bands who perform their own unique takes on popular hits are a particularly popular choice for events. Guests love to hear familiar tunes performed live and ‘with a twist’.

Jazz Bands

What a Wonderful World…

Louis Armstrong would surely agree that to have such a world of talent at our fingertips nowadays is pretty awesome. Many of the artists are critically acclaimed performers who have toured and performed at popular festivals, clubs and venues both within Australia and worldwide.

Equally, some of the lesser-known artists bring such a unique and distinctive quality to their performances you may feel like you have stumbled on a rare and precious find. With such a wealth of professional acts to choose from, your main challenge is likely to be how to select just one for your event!

You can depend on these talented performers to go with the flow and adapt to the moods you want to create for your event. After all, invention and improvisation is the heart and soul of jazz music itself!

Australian Jazz Artists

All that Jazz!

Whether you are looking for some subtle background music as a backdrop to an exhibition or a focal point for guests to actively engage with, there is a professional jazz band to suit every event.

Perhaps a low-key instrumental band would suit, or perhaps you are looking for the ‘wow factor’ of a glamorous singer, stunning solo performances and stylish costumes? This is where the variety and adaptability of this entertainment comes into its own.

Stylish events are made with modern, sophisticated jazz versions of pop and dance hits. Big-band style arrangements get your guests up and grooving to their funky versions of dance floor hits from the last three decades. Many acts can cater to any size of event and will perform in a range of ensembles and styles, from a more intimate duo, trio or quartet, all the way up to a ten-piece big band style arrangement.

Jazz Bands

What’s your flavour?

Choose a jazz band that will invoke the classic beauty of performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Miles Armstrong or jazz bands with a more modern twist. Some performers will stay true to the classics, transporting your guests back in time, while some will provide a more unique take on the genre and transform top 40 hits into groovy lounge music.

Jazz Bands for Events

Our talented performers are happy to collaborate with event hosts in order to provide a truly ‘tailor made’ musical entertainment program. If in doubt, we have a wealth of experience and understanding in terms of planning events and the artists that we promote, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for friendly advice or information.

Funky beats, groovy lounge music, soulful vocals, or up-tempo swing, anything is possible with our fantastic range of talented jazz bands.

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