Why One Week of Women Only

The Short Explainer

(for the complete explainer, read this)

For the entire week of International Women’s Day – 4th to 11th March 2019 – our website will show only female talent.
Why? We believe female talent is under-represented at events and we want this to change.

We want gender parity top-of-mind when choosing talent. After all, women are 50% of the population and missing their contribution just doesn’t makes sense – for business, OR the community.

One week of women-only on our website will also help us identify those talent categories short on female representation, so we can provide you with even more gender-balanced talent in the near future (we’ll be releasing a full report on our findings soon).

We hope this sparks conversation on gender equity.

The Enhance Team

For the full story (with stats), click here.

PS: We haven’t dismissed men altogether! You can still search our site for a specific male talent and they’ll appear in your results.

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