Health & Wellbeing Speakers

Corporations may come and go, but we have only one body.

Successful businesses know the best way to deal with stress is by viewing employees as people whose mental as well as physical health are an essential element of peak performance at work.

While our nutrition presenters give your team the latest research on how to design a transformational diet, our physicians take you into the entire world of analysis and illness along with the dilemmas facing the modern medical world.

“Question the source.” It’s a classic saying that’s become among the foundational principles of good journalism. Our team of lifestyle and well-being presenters will bring your team the latest trends in the nutrition and medical world, giving you actionable advice that transforms your team and help you through the science as well as the scams.

Begin your journey to health and wellbeing by creating a shortlist of presenters below. Or to find out more about how our Australian Speakers Bureau can help you, call 1300 884 485 today.

fiona-falkiner Image
While some models shy away from the plus size tag, Australian model Fiona Falkiner has embraced it. First gracing our TV screens in 2005 as a contestant on Channel Ten's reality weight-loss show The Biggest Loser. A clear crowd favourite, Fiona went from a size 20 down to a size 12 after losing 30 kilograms, coming in fourth place. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. Post show, Fiona continued on her journey of body acceptance and spent some time travelling and studying makeup artistry before quick-stepping her way onto the fifth series of Channel Seven’s popular series Dancing With The Stars.

  • The Biggest Loser Australia (TV Program)
  • Target Australia

tony-fahkry Image

   has video    author

Tony is a leading self-empowerment expert with over twelve years’ experience as a speaker, author and coach. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between self-empowerment, human behaviour and spiritual leadership. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. Tony has developed a comprehensive self-empowerment program, The Power to Navigate Life which he presents to corporate companies across Australia.
  • Triathlon Victoria

mark-mckeon Image


Mark McKeon is one of Australia's leading work-life balance and team cohesion advocates. Mark presents keynotes and tailored sessions, and along with his team, conduct workshops and conference programs in Lifestyle, Team Building and Leadership. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. Mark is Consulting Editor for ‘Ultra-Fit’ Magazine, both in Australia and the U.K. He also reaches over 1.5 million people monthly through his columns in The Age, Panorama and various other publications. His second book, ‘Work a Little Less, Live a Little More’ has become the bible for work life balance in corporate Australia.
  • Collingwood (AFL)
  • Melbourne (VFL)
  • Preston (VFL)

suzie-wilks Image

event host and MC

Suzie Wilks is more than the iconic, down to earth, Australian media favorite who made renovating and shorts big news in prime time! Most recently the host of Channel Nines Postcards, Suzie is one of Australias most popular and sought after television presenters. Since she took on the role the show rated the highest it has in 10 years. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. Suzie joined the Nine Network in 1998 as a presenter for the Our House series. Suzie was chosen to host Changing Rooms, Australias first lifestyle programs of its genre. The move was groundbreaking and put Suzie in the unique position of hosting two primetime shows on air at the same time and also being the first woman on Australian television to host a renovating program.
  • Our House (TV Program)
  • Changing Rooms (TV Program)

kylie-jaye Image

   has video    author event host and MC

When Kylie Jaye or KJ as she loves to be known, sets her mind to something, it’s best to get involved or get out of the way. Starting her career as a TV host for Channel 10 in Australia, Kylie has built an impressive media career as a pre-eminent health, lifestyle, food and travel expert, delivering corporate speaking, presenting and broadcast production internationally. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. Warm, tall, sassy and smart, Kylie has presented and produced more than 35 television series across four continents in the areas of lifestyle, health and wellness, business, travel and food. This has included breaking into the notoriously difficult US market, where she worked for Discovery Channel, TV Guide Network and E! Entertainment as both presenter and producer, among other major networks.
  • Network Ten
  • Discovery Channel
  • TV Guide Network
  • E! Entertainment (TV Program)
  • Fox TV

catherine-saxelby Image

award winner    author

As an accredited nutritionist and lifestyle speaker, Catherine Saxelby is an expert on healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. She is recognized at a national level for her expertise in health, wellness, nutrition and energy! Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. She is a lively and motivating speaker on healthy eating – one who understands the demands of today’s busy world, constant change and lack of time. She specializes in action-packed, energy-charged sessions designed to add more zest, zing and zip to your life!
  • Winner 2014 Bruce Chandler Book Prize (Companion A to Z of Food andNutrition)
  • Winner 2001 Food Media Club Best Nutrition Writing
  • Winner 2003 Food Media Club Best Nutrition Writing
  • Winner 2004 Food Media Club Best Nutrition Writing
  • Winner 2000 Dietitians Association of Australia - Innovation in Communication
  • Australian Society of Authors
  • Nutrition Society of Australia (Life Member)
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association)

dr-chris-brown Image

   author event host and MC

After graduating from Sydney University with First Class Honours, Dr Chris Brown took up an offer to work in a clinic on Sydney's North Shore. Three years into his veterinary life, Chris was spotted by an agent in a pub. A screen test with Seven Network was the result and two weeks later, Chris began filming as the new vet on Harry's Practice. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. His impact was immediate, and was soon nominated for a Logie award for Most Popular New Talent in 2004. In March, 2004, Chris become the new presenter and vet on Channel Nine’s Burke’s Backyard, working alongside the pioneer of lifestyle television Don Burke. In October 2005 Chris released his first book, The Family Guide to Pets, through Murdoch Books.
  • Nine Network
  • Optimum
  • Medibank Pet Insurance
  • Assistance Dogs Australia
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Burke's Backyard (TV Program)
  • Harry's Practice (TV Program)

layne-beachley Image

award winner

Seven time ASP Women's World Champion Layne Beachley is one of Australia's greatest athletes, dominating the sport of surfing for almost two decades. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. At the age of 16 Layne made her debut on the ASP Women’s World Tour and by the time she was 22 she was ranked number three in the world. Her first tour event win came in 1993 and in 1998 Layne won the first of her six consecutive world titles (from a total of seven) in her illustrious career, making her the most successful female professional surfer of all time.
  • Laurels World Sports Award: Action Sportsperson of the Year (Surfing)
  • Australian Sporting Hall of Fame (2011)
  • Order of Australia.International Surfing Association - World Champion
  • Surfing Australia
  • International Surfing Association

anthony-spark Image


Anthony Spark's mission in life is to "Get People Moving." Anthony began his career as a Personal Trainer in the early nineties, and went on to develop a profitable personal training business. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. He then turned his attention to fitness education, training 1000’s of Personal Trainers to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of the clients in this exploding industry. After selling his education business in 2016, Anthony moved from PT into Coaching.

dr-ginni-mansberg Image


A GP for over 20 years, Dr Ginni Mansberg brings warmth, humanity and, most of all, humour to her advice on health and wellbeing. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. As Channel 7’s resident doctor on Sunrise and Morning Show, Dr Ginni walks viewers through everything from acne to tuberculosis, premenstrual syndrome to heart disease. Ginni also connects with health-conscious Aussies all over Australia as the Body&Soul radio show’s resident doctor.
  • Network Seven