Health & Wellbeing Speakers

Corporations may come and go, but we have only one body.

Successful businesses know the best way to deal with stress is by viewing employees as people whose mental as well as physical health are an essential element of peak performance at work.

While our nutrition presenters give your team the latest research on how to design a transformational diet, our physicians take you into the entire world of analysis and illness along with the dilemmas facing the modern medical world.

“Question the source.” It’s a classic saying that’s become among the foundational principles of good journalism. Our team of lifestyle and well-being presenters will bring your team the latest trends in the nutrition and medical world, giving you actionable advice that transforms your team and help you through the science as well as the scams.

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John Ahern had it all: a high-flying job, big house, loving wife and two great kids. But if this was success why did he sense he was failing as a husband and father? Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. So John does something completely insane. He blows his career apart, quits the working world, and with wife Mandy, buys a busted-up old campervan online with one grand goal in mind: a year on the road…with kids.
  • Flight Centre
  • Australian Society of Authors

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award winner    author event host and MC

Lisa Curry is best known for her long and successful swimming career. Areas of speciality include Health & Wellbeing Speakers. She has competed in three Olympic Games (Moscow in 1980, Los Angeles in 1984 and Barcelona in 1992); two World Championships (Berlin in 1978 and Ecuador in 1982); and three Commonwealth Games (Edmonton in 1978, Brisbane in 1982 and Auckland in 1990). Her competitive swimming career spans an awe-inspiring 23 years during which she collected 24 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 8 bronze medals at international competitions.
  • Member of the Order of the British Empire 1982
  • Sport Australia Hall of Fame 1985
  • Medal of the Order of Australia 1994
  • Australian Sports Medal 2000
  • Centenary Medal 2001
  • Officer of the Order of Australia 2008
  • National Australia Day Council