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Stress, depression and what we eat have the power to affect our whole lives, extending beyond our homes and into our places of work. Stressed employees are more anxious, more edgy and are prone to continue a cycle of bad health by eating poorly and loading up on caffeine and energy drinks. The cycle is vicious.

During difficult seasons or busy ones, companies start to strain under the weight of deadlines, intense projects and high expectations. Managers, in particular, face a tremendous amount of pressure in their work environments.

Successful companies know how to deal with stress in the right way by viewing their employees as whole individuals whose mental and physical health are an essential part of peak performance on the job.

Health & Wellbeing Speaker Michelle Bridges

Our team of health and wellbeing speakers takes a holistic approach to employees, emphasising the importance of a healthy work-life balance achieved through wise eating choices, stress reduction and mental well-being. How you feel, they believe, affects how you work.

Nutritionists: Shaping Your Diet, Shaping Your Health

One of the most encouraging trends in today’s workplace is employers are focusing on providing employees with a holistic experience: gym memberships, free lunches and soothing workspaces. These are the kind of advances in workplace environments that make our team of nutrition speakers proud.

Using their expertise in crafting the right eating regimens for individual clients, athletic teams and companies, our nutrition keynotes provide presentations that will open your eyes to influence and power a proper diet can have – your body thrives, your mind soars and your performance rises.

Health & Nutrition

Doctors: Insight Into A Healthy Lifestyle

While Enhance’s nutritionists give your team the latest research about how to craft a transformational diet, our doctors take you into the world of diagnosis and illness as well as the issues facing the contemporary medical world.

Their eloquent and well-crafted presentations are designed to challenge your organisation – health-related or not – to rethink they way they view the role of health in daily life. Companies come and go, but we each have only one body.

Health & Wellbeing Speaker Dr Andrew Rochford

Athletes: Bodies Transformed

Imagine the rush of being shot out of a barrel somewhere off the coast of Indonesia and feeling the afternoon sun warm your face as you hear the snarling, rumbling sounds of a wave breaking behind you. Though the moment is measured seconds, the work it takes to conquer the wave is measured in hundreds of hours training.

Enhance’s athletes are a unique group because their lives are a testament to the convergence of nutrition, exercise and discipline. The principles of athletic success, whether on the sea or the road or the court, are directly related to a productive career. Your team’s focus and determination will experience renewal when our sport keynotes take the podium and explore the power of a healthy lifestyle.

Media and More: On The Forefront of Health

“Question the source.” It’s an old saying that’s become one of the foundational principles of good journalism. Our team of health and lifestyle reporters will bring your team or organisation the latest trends in the nutrition and medical world, helping your sort through the science and the scams and giving you actionable information that transforms your management team and employees.

Success via Health & Wellbeing

Eating Right, Feeling Right

We are what we eat. It’s a curt saying, but the realities of today’s world demand we find long-term solutions for healthy lifestyles, both physically and emotionally. Head to our Health and Wellbeing page today to find those solutions for your company.

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