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Food & Wine: An Explosion of Thought and Flavour

The modern world of food and wine is no longer the arena of the hidden.

The kitchens of our most beloved chefs have opened their doors to cameras and photographers, allowing the average person to feel like they’re right midst of the whirlwind of heat, artistry and leadership.

The culinary landscape isn’t just a matter of time-honoured names and their beloved dishes, though. New cooks have risen through the ranks of the country’s best restaurants and Australia’s favourite television shows. Their creativity, energy and ability to see the culinary world as a constantly changing forum of thought and transformation is adding true flavour to cooking.

Food & Wine Speakers Australia

Wine has followed the same path. Though wineries have yet to reach the same rock-star status of our favourite restaurants, their hand-crafted artistry is fast becoming an integral part of social gatherings, meals and important events the world over.

Nutritionists have emerged amid the foodie movement to help us understand how what we eat and drink affects the way our bodies function.

Renowned Chefs: Amazing Artists

Although it’s hard to find a chef who hasn’t spent time in front of the television camera, you’ll find plenty of chefs who’ve created fame not for excelling under the glow of stage lights but for advancing the art of cooking amid the frenetic buzz of some of the country’s best restaurants.

What you’ll learn from their careers is that the best chefs in the world are artists and field generals at heart – they hunger for perfection while at the same time leading a troop of cooks with strength and decisiveness. The best kitchens in Australia don’t run on luck – they run on sweat, determination and a healthy of fear of normalcy.

Carolyn Creswell - Food Maven

Television Celebrities: Supper Stardom

Many of our food and wine speakers are well-versed both in the kitchen and on the camera. They’ve been participants in the country’s most popular cooking competitions and have welcomed viewers into their lives as they document the magic behind the transcendent meals they produce.

As you hear their narratives, you’ll realise that cooking has reached a point in history where celebrity chefs want to pass on their legacies of excellence to the next generations of cooks. But it’s not just a matter of idealism – cooking shows, competitions and books are inspiring the average person to awaken their culinary dreams.

Food & Wine Speakers

Wine Wizards: Uncorking Amazing

The best dishes in the world can be made in less than an hour. The best wines? Years.

Our wine speakers will take you on a journey through the world’s best vineyards, walking with you as they venture amid the vines and elaborate on the beauty that comes when we uncork a bottle of of our favourite red or white and enjoy the enchanting flavours which envelop us.

Nutrition Experts: Helping Your Health

When your well-being is added to the mix of food and wine, your start to realise that the momentary pleasure of your culinary vices has lasting impacts on your health.

Enhance Entertainment’s nutrition speakers will help you understand how to enjoy your prized dishes and your most beloved bottles while at the same time maintaining your health and preserving your future.

Fine Food Speaker Katie Quenn Davies

A Banquet of Wisdom

Christie’s auctioneer Michael Broadbent once said, “Drinking with with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilised pleasures.” Elevate your next event, convention or conference with one of our food and wine speakers.

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