The Ultimate Event Planning Glossary

Consider this your dictionary of event terms.
It’s a quick reference guide to the things that matter most when you’re planning and managing an event.

You can also download the Event Planning Glossary PDF to keep on your hard drive or print out as a handy reference.


The Event Planning Glossary

A la Carte   

French term which means "from the menu." As each item is individually priced in a la Carte, these menus are not usually used for larger conferences and events.

ATA Carnet   

An international customs document, issued by the Chamber of Commerce within Australia, that permits duty-free temporary import/entry of goods into other countries for up to one year. It is essential for all international touring acts, as without it you may be hit with thousands of dollars of import tax for whichever country you are travelling in/through.

AV Contractor   

Supplies technical staff and audiovisual equipment (e.g. projectors, screens, sound systems, video, and staging).

AV Technician   

An audiovisual professional who is responsible on-site for lighting, sound, video, and staging. The AV technician maybe provided by the venue, or you may have to outsource to an AV Contractor.

Accent Light   

Illumination used to make something stand out. It may be done with intensity and/or colour.

Accredited In-House Meetings Manager   

An In-House Events Manager who has been accredited by Meetings and Events Australia (MEA). The accreditation process requires peer review including a competency assessment covering all skills and aspects of the meetings and events industry, an interview and client references. The Accredited member is required to re-apply every three years to prove that skills and knowledge are current and remain at a high standard.

Accredited Meetings Manager   

A person who works within professional conference organising companies or within their own business or consultancy to organise meetings, conferences or events on behalf of a variety of clients. They have undertaken the Meeting and Events Australia (MEA) Meetings Manager Accreditation Program. They must demonstrate competency in all aspects of meetings management and obtained industry endorsement of their commitment and ability to achieve high standards and ethical practice.

Acrylic Deck   

An acrylic top (deck) that is used on the surface of the stage. There are different types of acrylic decks including clear (used to shine light through), white (for a softer, more dimmed appearance), and black (provides a sleek and shiny stage).

After Dinner Entertainment   

Entertainment to engage guests following the conclusion of event formalities.


A list of speakers, presentations and associated timings, given to conference delegates as part of the pre-registration or on-site registration.

Air Walls   

Movable panel system used to partition a large space, such as a ballroom into smaller rooms.


An electronic device used to increase the voltage amplitude of a signal.


Small, bite-size food, usually served whilst seated.

Art Director   

See "Event Decorator"


The overall total number of people at an event.


An individual registered for, or participating in a conference or event. Includes delegates,exhibitors, media, speakers, and guests.

Attrition Rate   

The rate at which an event decreases in size, or the number of attendees do not show up on the day of the event (no-shows), divided by the number of attendees registered for an event (registrants). For example, if 1,000 people register for a conference, but only 700 people attend the conference, the attrition rate for the conference would be 30%.

Audience Demographic    

Age, occupation, income level, and interests of an audience.

Audio Playback   

Replaying an audio or video recording with the purpose of monitoring its quality.


Has both a sound and visual component. Typically in the form of images and recorded speech or music.


Space within a venue where the audience sits. It often has raked seating similar to university lecture theatres.

Auditorium Seating   

Also known as 'Theatre Style Seating', chairs (and tables) are arranged in rows facing a dais or platform.


A style of performance specific to Australia's unique culture.

Award Ceremony   

An event where the performance of individuals and groups in a company or industry are recognised. It is use to honour and motivate key staff.

Back of the House   

Service area of a venue, usually not seen by attendees. It includes areas such as the kitchen, dressing room, backstage and office.


Illumination on a subject from behind, causing a separation of the subject from the background, often creating a fringe of light around the subject


Electronic audio amplification equipment and speakers that are placed behind the band on stage. Equipment may include amplifiers and speaker cabinets for guitars, bass guitars and keyboards or synthesizers.

Backline Rider   

Outlines the equipment necessary for the artist's performance. It normally forms part of the legal contract.

Backline Technician   

Provides technical support for live performances, including road crew tasks or they may specialise in a particular area, such as percussion or strings.

Band Pass Filter   

A device that passes frequencies within a certain range and rejects (attenuates) frequencies outside that range.

Banquet Event Order   

Also called a Function Sheet or Event Order, a detailed document that provides to a venue instructions and a timeline for how the banquet, meeting, or event will be run.

Banquet Manager   

The lead team member overseeing food service at a venue/ event. They are in charge of floor staff and liaison with the kitchen.

Banquet Rounds   

A round table used seating between 8-12 guests depending on its size.


A horizontal pipe on which luminaires, scenery, curtains, and some distribution equipment are hung.

Black Tie   

Formal dress is required for the event. Tuxedos for men and evening dresses for women.


Removal of light from the performing area.

Blanket License   

Authorises the public performance of musical and literary works . These are issued by the Performance Rights Organisations and are supplied to to radio station, venues and other places that host public performances of music.

Booking Form   

A document that records the initial event specifications. It may include the date of the event, cost, room requirements, catering etc. A deposit maybe due when a booking form is submitted.

Break Out Rooms   

Small meeting rooms at a venue made available for breakout sessions that take place as part of a larger conference or event.

Break-out Sessions   

Small group sessions, panels, workshops or presentations, offered concurrently within the event, formed to focus on specific subjects.


A detailed estimate of all the costs required to complete project tasks.

Bump In   

Also referred to as 'load in' time, it is a specified period of time for loading in equipment at the venue.

Bump Out   

Also referred to as 'load out' time, it is a specified period of time for loading out equipment at the venue.

Business Speaker   

A business speaker may specialise in business growth, leadership, marketing, management, strategy, sales or a variety of other business disciplines. A business speaker may be a CEO or Chairman or may be a small business speaker with a fascinating business success story.

Cabaret Style Seating   

Where guests are seated around a table leaving a gap in the seating closest to the stage. This ensures that no guests have their backs to the stage.


Provides power to electronic equipment eg speakers, lights etc.

Call Times   

The time a speaker/performer is required to be at the theatre or rehearsal room, ready to start work.

Camera Riser   

A steel stage that is built to support a video camera raising/ lowering.


A person whose profession is to operate video, television, or film camera.


A small appetiser often served before a meal and eaten with the fingers. Can be hot or cold.

Cancellation Clause   

Outlines the terms and conditions whereby either party is able to cancel or terminate an agreement early.

Carpet Top   

Whereby a carpet surface is used on the top of a stage. It is often used for a corporate setting, to minimise onstage noise and clatter.

Cash Bar   

Private bar at which guests are required to make individual payment for drinks ordered.


A supplier who provides food and beverages at various venues on request. They may also be contracted to provide services exclusively to a particular venue.


The provision of food and beverage.

Ceiling Height   

The distance from floor to ceiling in a conference venue. High ceilings are particular important if you want a stage set.

Celebrity Speaker   

A high profile person, often with a strong media background.

Central Console   

A desk that is usually positioned in the centre of the conference floor space, facing the stage, from which a production crew can operate various AV equipment.


Decorative item for the centre of a banquet table.

Change Management Speaker   

A person who discusses the process by which an individual or organisation deals with change.

Change Order   

Document provided to a venue or vendor that outlines changes to an existing order or agreement.

Charity Gala Dinner   

A fundraising event usually held at a prestigious venue with a formal dress code. Ticket prices are relatively high, and celebrity speakers/ entertainers are often selected to perform.

Chevron Seating, Herringbone or V-Shape   

A room setup where chairs are placed in rows forming a V-formation facing the stage.

Circus Performer   

Performs original acts showcasing great skill and humour. They may perform one or any combination of circus skills such as juggling, aerial, acrobatic or balancing work.

Classical Ensemble   

A group of musicians who perform from the classical and related music repertoires.

Classroom Seating   

Also known as schoolroom seating. Tables are arranged in rows facing the stage with seating positioned behind each table so that the delegate is facing the front of the room.

Cleaning Fee   

A fee charged by some venues to cover the cost of cleaning the space post an event.


The person or party that hires an event planner and/or various event components required to hold the event

Code of Practice   

A statement of rules of how to carry out work activities in a particular industry (but not enforced by law).


An entertainer whose act is designed to make an audience laugh.


A payment made to an individual or organisation for bringing business to another individual or organisation.

Comp Rooms   

A complimentary room/s provided by a venue. It usually refers to a hotel room.


A service or item provided free of charge.


Commonly used to keep microphone levels within an acceptable range for maximum intelligibility.

Computer-Aided Drafting   

A computer system that is used to create technical scaled drawings. It maybe used to create two-dimensional drawings or three-dimensional models.

Concurrent Sessions   

Sessions that occur at the same time.


A formal meeting attended by a large group of people who come together with a shared interest. It typically takes place over several days.

Conference Chair   

The person responsible for appointing members of the conference committee, and usually selects the conference location.

Conference Committee   

A group of people selected to organise, delegate and arrange tasks relating to holding a conference.

Confidentiality Agreement   

A document signed by one or more parties whereby one party provides confidential information to the other, with the expectation that both parties will keep the information provided secret and use it only for an agreed purpose.

Continental Breakfast   

Light morning meal that usually includes coffee, tea, juice and rolls.


Legally binding document in which the client agrees to the terms and conditions set by a venue.

Convention Centre   

A large building where individuals and groups gather to promote and share common interests. The venue is usually built with seating capacity for thousands of people, ballroom/s, as well as smaller meeting rooms.

Convention Services Manager   

A person in charge of reserving conference rooms and coordinating services for groups and organisations holding meetings, conventions and other events on hotel grounds. They may organise banquet or catering services, reserve video or audio equipment and plan any changes to the configuration of the event space.

Cool Colour   

A colour that is in the green-blue-violet range.

Corkage Charge   

The cost of bringing into a facility alcoholic beverages purchased elsewhere.

Corporate Trainer   

An educator or instructor who works in a business environment, and is brought in by a company to train employees and/ or assist in the transition to new business system.


A particular style of clothing worn by a performer to portray them as a character in a theatrical performance, on stage or in film or television

Cover Band   

A band whose repertoire consists of songs by other artists.


Actual number of meals served.

Curtain Track   

Also known as a tab track, allows the smooth opening and closing of drapes on stage.

Cut-Off Date   

Specified date when a facility releases a room block or reserved space unless a booking has been made.

Dance Floor   

A wooden floored area designated for dancing.

Dance Show   

A show involving artistic dance.

Data Projector    

A piece of electronic equipment that is used to show information from a computer screen.


See Stage.


A short recording that highlights the talent and musical style/direction of an artist.


A partial payment made to a venue or vendor to secure its service.

Destination Management Company   

A company that specialises in organising the logistics of meetings and events in a specific location or destination.

Dietary Requirements   

The requirements of someone who has a restricted diet, e.g. vegetarian, vegan, kosher or halal food, lactose free etc

Digital Visual Interface   

Is used to connect a video source like a video display controller, to a display device such as a computer monitor or projector. It is generally not used for audio.

Directional Signage   

Also known as wayfinding signage, it informs the delegates/ guests where to go. It may take the form of maps or signs.

Director of Sales   

An event sales managers who will market, sell and coordinate an event space on behalf of a hotel, restaurant, or other venue provider.

Disc Jockey   

A person who plays recorded music for a live audience.

Disruptive Speaker   

A speaker who offers a unique view of what it takes to turn an industry upside down.

Down Light   

Downward illumination, almost perpendicular with the floor.


Piece of fabric that maybe used for a backdrop, a curtain, or impromptu changing room.

Dress Code   

Preferred style of dress for an event, usually requested by event organiser.

Dress Requirements   

Costume or attire the performer/ entertainer is to wear during their performance.

Dressing Area   

Designated area where the performer's prepare for the show. May contain items such as towels, full length mirror, chairs, hanging rack, tables, iron and access to power points.

Early Bird Registration   

Allows attendees to register for an event before it actually takes place. Advance registration often entitles the participant to a lower or "early-bird" rate.

Economy and Finance Speaker   

Addresses issues regarding personal finance and investing.

End of Year   

This term may relate to the end of a financial year, or end of calendar year.


A person hired to entertain an event audience. Could have specific outcomes.


A show or performance designed to amuse and entertain an audience.


Allows the sound in specified frequency bands to be amplified or reduced, in order to adjust the quality and character of the sound.

Estimated Time for Departure   

Projected date and time for leaving a venue.

Estimated Time of Arrival   

Projected date and time for coming to a venue.


An organised occasion such as a meeting, convention, exhibition, special event, gala dinner, etc.

Event Branding   

A marketing term used to define an individual event brand. Event branding may take the form of digital branding (eg event websites, event apps, event email marketing) or onsite branding (eg event booth, swag, cupcakes).

Event Decorator   

A person that focuses on the overall style, design and decor of an event.

Event Manager   

A person in charge of planning, organising, and executing all types and sizes of events.

Event Planner   

A person who coordinates all aspects of professional meetings and events.

Event Producer   

See "Event Planner"

Events Specification Guide (ESG)   

The term for a comprehensive document that outlines all of the requirements and instructions for an event, usually authorised by the event planner (and shared with vendors to communicate expectations).

Events Specifications Guide   

The term for a comprehensive document that outlines all of the requirements and instructions for an event, usually authored by the event planner (and shared with vendors to communicate expectations).

Exclusive Use   

Private use of a venue or space.

Executive Retreat   

A team building and development event designed for executive-level managers. It is often conducted off-site and typically lasts for a few days.


An event where suppliers can showcase their products and services.

Exhibition Plan   

Document showing areas to be occupied by the exhibition; the spaces intended for booths/stands and those for walkways, catering etc.

FOH Engineer   

Controls what the audience hears during a live performance. Their primary concern is to ensure superior sound quality within the venue.

FOH Speakers    

Are the primary speakers that cover the audience.


A person that guides a discussion, usually with two or more people, with flow and ease.

Fade In   

The gradual increase in intensity of light or sound.

Fade Out   

The gradual decrease in intensity of light or sound.

Familiarisation Trip   

Free or reduced-rate travel offered to meeting industry professionals to introduce them to an area, venues, attractions, vendors and suppliers.


Total sum payable


Occurs when sound from a loudspeaker is picked up by the microphone feeding it, and then reamplified repeatedly.


The process of sharing thoughts and observations – can be positive or negative.

Fill Light   

Supplementary illumination used to reduce shadows, preventing them from appearing black.


Also known as ‘temporary walls’, they are commonly used for building sets, exhibitions stands and creating event areas. They can be single or double-sided and covered in fabric, paint, digital prints, framed images etc.

Flood Light   

Luminaire consisting of a reflector, lamp, and sometimes a single lens, used to direct a large amount of light on a relatively large area.

Floor Monitor   

Also known as a wedge, is a compact speaker with an angled back that is laid on the floor.

Floor Plan   

A scaled drawing to illustrate the layout of a room. It shows features such as doors, pillars, stage, electrical points and amenities.


Loudspeaker cabinets that are located on stage, and face the performer. They are also known as "monitor speakers" or "stage monitors". The sound system is used to amplify the performers' singing, music, speech for the audience.

Follow Spot   

Also known as a spotlight, is a narrow-beam focusing instrument that is manually operated, and usually comprises a powerful light source, an iris, shutters, a colour changer, and perhaps other features. It is usually operated from an adjustable stand and is used to follow performer(s) on a stage with its beam, surrounding the performer(s) in a large pool of light.

Follow Spot Operator    

A technician who manually operates a followspot.

Food & Beverage   

This encompasses all meals, breaks, receptions, and other food functions provided at an event.

Food and Beverage Rider   

Preferred food and beverages the talent/ speaker requires during an event. It will include any special dietary requirements.The rider will usually contain specific information, such as the number of meals that will be provided and at what time they are to be served.

Force Majeure Clause   

A clause that limits the liability of the venue or vendor should an unexpected or uncontrollable event occur.

Foyer Area   

Often found at the entry to a venue, it is a public area used for catering or registration purposes.

Free of Charge   

Without any payment due.

Front Light   

Illumination from the general direction of the viewer(s).

Front Projection   

A projection system which includes a projector unit and a separate screen. The projector is located in front of the screen, and is typically mounted several metres away from the ceiling, floor, or in the rear wall.

Front of House   

The area of a venue that is open to the public eg foyer, auditorium.

Function Board   

Notice board or video screen listing the day's events, times and locations within a venue.

Function Centre   

A venue with rooms designed for meetings, parties, sports awards nights, weddings etc. The venue is at a smaller scale than a Convention Centre.

Function Space   

Area within a venue where functions can be hosted.

Gala Dinner   

Usually an evening event, with lavish décor, food and entertainment. It typically includes entertainment or speeches followed by a formal meal.

General Session   

A conference session to which all attendees are invited. It is usually hosted at the beginning or end of the day.

Genie Scissor Lift   

A vehicle-like machine that is driven around, and can be used to lift 1-3 people. The lift is often used by the Rigger and other technicians to access high points in the room, and make adjustments to the equipment.


A laser cut piece of metal that is placed over a spot light to create a pattern or message that can be projected onto a wall or dance floor.

Goods and Services Tax   

A broad-based tax of 10% which is levied on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia.

Green Room   

A private room within a venue for speakers, VIPs, or performers to relax and prepare for their performance away from the audience.

Green Room Access Schedule   

If the green room is shared by more than one speaker/ performers, the access schedule outlines what times the space is available to each party.

Ground Transport   

Transport or movement of people from one location to another on land. Maybe through a bus, taxi, UBER etc


A confirmed number of meals or servings the Client will pay for, regardless of whether they are consumed. Venues typically require a 72-hour guarantee prior to the event.

Halal Food   

Catering prepared according to Islamic Law including meat slaughtered in a particular manner and permissible food.


The facility where exhibits are held, or the area within a venue where exhibits are placed.


Material that is given to the audience before, during or after a speaker's presentation. It maybe informative or educational in nature.


In Australia, standard handrails are required for stages 1000mm and taller.

Head Count   

The number of guests in attendance at an event.

Headline Act   

A music performer or group that received top billing at concerts, usually also a Recording Artist.

Headset Mic   

A head-worn unit containing a microphone and one or two speakers.. Headsets are made with either a single-earpiece (mono) or double-earpiece (mono to both ears or stereo).

High-Definition Multimedia Interface   

Digital interface for transmitting audio and video data in a single cable.

Hollow Square Seating   

Tables are arranged in a square shape with chairs set up only on the outside.

Horseshoe Seating   

Tables are arranged in a U -shape with rounded corners. Chairs are placed on the outside, but can also be added on the inside.

Hospitality Suite   

A hotel room or suite used to entertain customers and invited guests. It often includes refreshments and food.

House Count   

The number of occupied guest rooms in a hotel on any given night

House Lights   

Existing lights at a venue that are usually dimmed when the stage lights are in use.

House Wine   

Wine selected by a hotel or restaurant to be their standard product when no particular brand is specified. Often the lowest price wine on the menu.


The department of a hotel charged with cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and public spaces in a venue.

Hydraulic Lift   

A type of machine that allows people or products to rise up from a stage.

Illuminated Entertainment   

Entertainer that uses lights on their body or props as part of their performance.


A person who performs large scale tricks that deceive the eye.


Services that are provided from within the venue.

In-House Event Manager   

An internal event manager that is in charge of planning, organising, budgeting and executing all types and sizes of events.

Incentive & Awards Nights   

Aims to reward employees or industry members . It is a time of celebration and often incorporates a ‘Wow!’ factor.


Miscellaneous expenses at a hotel such as mini-bar, phone calls, and room service.

Inclusive Rate   

Rates that include all service fees, tips and taxes.


A legal exemption from loss or damages.

Industry Conference   

Usually educational in nature, and often include interactive sessions with discussion, debate and consultation between a panel of expert speakers.


All physical requirements for the event site, such as stages and fencing.

Inspirational Speaker   

A person that offers talks to uplift and inspire audiences. Their words are often powerful and their talks impactful.


An arrangement whereby a company undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium.


A bill provided to the Client, which requests payment of goods and services sold or provided for an event.

Kabuki Reveals   

Where technique whereby a drape or other lightweight fabric is released from the ceiling quickly to reveal a stage, performer, or product. This type of reveal drops on cue and is silent in operation.


Opening remarks or presentation at a meeting that sets the tone or theme of the event, and motivates attendees.

Keynote Address   

A session that opens the show, meeting or event.

Keynote Speaker   

A headline speaker whose presentation establishes the theme or tone of the event. Often a public figure.

Kids Entertainment   

An entertainer that works with children to make them laugh.

Kosher Meal   

Food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws.

LCD Projector   

A self-contained unit with a LCD (liquid crystal display) panel, used for projecting images from a computer.

LED Riser   

A riser or stair where an LED light is installed.


A cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry items such as a conference badge or identification card.

Lapel, Lavalier or Pendant Microphone   

A small microphone that is clipped onto a person and is hands-free.

Laser Pointer   

A small light laser used for pointing out features on a during a presentation.

Lead Time   

The time between the initial venue enquiry and when an event actually happens.

Leadership Speaker   

Someone who offers talks about how to improve other's leadership, based on trends, past experience or new practices. Their talks are aimed at improving various aspects of people's business, and create more profitable enterprises.


A stand placed at the front of the conference room on which a speaker may rest notes or books. Can be free-standing or table-top and often fitted with a light.


The top of the stage.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)   

LED lights can do colour washes, and are more energy efficient. They do not take any time to warm up so they can be quickly turned on and off for strobe effects and more.

Light Plot   

The diagrammatic layout of luminaires and related equipment, and their application(s) for a lighting production.

Lighting Designer   

Creates an instrument schedule and a light plot as well as informing the DSM where each LX (lighting) cue is designed to be triggered in the script, which the DSM notes down in his plot book.

Lighting Plot   

Typically a plan view of the theatre where the performance will take place, with every luminaire marked.

Lighting Technician/Lighting Engineer   

A person qualified to work on and operate stage lighting.

Line Check   

Whereby the sound technician verifies that all of the equipment on stage is sending a signal to the mixer. Each instrument/vocal is verified one at a time.

Liquid Crystal Display   

A monitor used for displaying film and data during presentations and events.

Loading Dock   

An area of a building where goods may be loaded and unloaded.


Public area which is often at the entrance to a venue/ hotel where the main information desk and clerk is located. Similar to a foyer, it may also be used for delegate registration, catering and exhibition.


A complete electric light unit.


A person who will entertain an audience by performing magic tricks, effects or illusions.

Master Account   

An account set up with the venue to which authorised charges can be made.

Master of Ceremonies/Emcee/MC   

The person/personality who presides over or hosts the program.

Matrix Mixer   

An audio electronics device that routes multiple input audio signals to multiple outputs.

Maximum Capacity   

Maximum number of people allowed in any given area.

Meeting and Events Australia    

MEA represents companies and individuals that stage, produce, manage, support and supply to events across Australia. It provides professional development and educational programs, accreditation and recognition.

Meetings Planner   

A person that oversees the coordination and necessary activities required to hold a meeting.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions   

MICE events are usually centered on a theme or topic, and are aimed at a professional, academic or trade organisations or other special interest group.

Microphone Stand   

Free-standing mount for a microphone. The most basic microphone stand is a straight stand which uses a dome-shaped round metal base, or a tripod base.

Mixing Console   

Also known as a Mixer or Soundboard, it is an electronic device that combines sounds from multiple audio signals. Inputs to the console include microphones used by singers, acoustic and electronic instruments, plus recorded music. It is also used to change the quality and levels of audio signals.


A person who presides over a panel discussion.

Modular Stage Configuration   

Stage made up of multiple sections, which allows for an array of different stage configurations.

Monitor Amplifier   

Heavy-duty amplifiers, typically 200 watts per channel or more.

Motivational Speaker   

Professional speaker who makes speeches intending to motivate audiences to take action.


Small machines that are attached to the rigging point and the truss. This enables technicians to lower the truss to attach the equipment, and then raise it after it is all attached.


An expected attendee or guest who does not show up.

Noise Gate   

Electronic device or software that is used to control the volume of an audio signal.

Off-Site Caterer   

Person or company who prepares and delivers food to a venue. The food is prepared at an external facility.

On-Site Caterer    

Person or company who prepares food at the venue's kitchen facilities.

On-site Registration   

Attendees register upon arrival at the venue.

Online Registration   

Event sign up or registration via a dedicated website allowing for collection of attendee information and payment processing.

Open Bar   

The host or sponsor of an event pays for the drinks.


The available guest room at a hotel are exceeded by the number of confirmed reservations.


The number of meals or settings the venue will prepare over what you have guaranteed. Usually 2% to 5%.


A person, usually an expert in their chose field that sits on a panel with other selected speakers.

Partner Program   

Also referred to as a Spouse Program, it includes activities for guests of people attending a conference.

Party Band   

See Cover Band.

Payment Schedule   

Outlines the amount owing and agreed date/s at which payments is due by one party to another.

Per Diem   

By the day expenditure allowance. It may allow for food, transport and accommodation.

Persons Amount X   

The number of people attending an event that need to be catered for.

Photo Release Clause   

A document that provide permission to use and edit photos, videos, and other similar material taken during the event.


A person employed to take photographs.


The number of guest rooms used at an event, compared to the number of rooms that were blocked.


A session to be attended by all participants at a conference, who otherwise meet in smaller groups.


Raised platform where a speaker stands when delivering his or her remarks.

Pop Duo   

A music group consisting of two members that perform popular hits.

Poster Session   

The presentation of research information on posters by the research teams.

Power Board   

A block of electrical sockets that attaches to the end of a flexible cable.

Pre-Convention Meeting   

A meeting whereby the event planner reviews the Banquet Event Orders and other details of an event with venue staff.

Product Launch   

The introduction of a new product launch to the marketplace. usually the primary purpose is to build sales momentum.

Production Manager    

Plans executes events, with an expertise in implementing the overall creative, technical and logistical elements that help an event succeed (event design, build strategies, audiovisual production, networking, logistics, partner sourcing, partner management, asset management, budgeting, negotiation, and client service). They run implementation through to the live show, and bump out.

Professional Conference Organiser   

A person who specialises in the organisation and management of conferences, seminars and similar events.

Professional Conference Organisers Association   

The PCO Association is the leading body representing the interests of Professional Conference Organisers and Event Managers in Australia and New Zealand.

Professional Indemnity Insurance    

Provides protection from legal action taken against you if someone suffers a loss after following your professional advice or as a result of your receiving your service.

Projection Screen   

Surfaces upon which images can be projected.

Public Address System   

A sound system that amplifies sound in one area or throughout several rooms at the venue simultaneously.

Public Liability Insurance   

Covers a business for legal and compensation costs that maybe due if your you are found liable to someone because you caused death or injury; loss or damage to their property; or economic loss due to negligence.

Quad Box   

Four electrical outlets in one box.

Question & Answer Session   

Dedicated time after a presentation or meeting that is set aside for question and answers.

Quick Change Area   

The area off to the side of the stage, located in the wings.

Quick Quad   

A four-way leg used when adjoining four stages. Often used in large scale builds or on uneven surfaces.

RCA Connector   

A type of electrical connector commonly used to carry audio and video signals.


Meaning Répondez s'il vous plaît, or please respond.

Rear Projection   

A projection system whereby an image is projected onto the back surface of a screen. The projector unit, light and sound board, technician etc are all located behind the screen. For the audience, this method of viewing would be similar to watch a TV where they can see the screen, but not the projecting unit.

Reception Band   

A group of musicians that perform at weddings.

Recording Artist   

A well-known musical performer that has a successful career and has recorded albums. See also Headline Act.


A light snack or drink.

Registration Desk   

A table where guests check-in prior to attending a meeting or event.

Registration Fee   

Cost of attending a conference. Fees can vary according to the time of registration, level of participation and also membership type

Registration Form   

A form provided to capture delegate information and enables a delegate to sign up for an event.

Registration Pack   

Also known as a Registration kit, is a packet of meeting materials, including venue maps, agendas and additional information important.


A list of pieces performed regularly by a musician or musical group.

Request for Proposal   

A formal document requesting a prospective supplier or consultant bid for work. The document will outline what services the organisation requires, and requests a bid to perform them. The client will usually invite several companies to submit a proposal.

Revolving Stage   

A mechanically operated platform that rotates. Often used for showcasing a performing pianist, a cabaret stage act, or a large life-sized prop and are commonly used in product launches, television and theatre shows.

Rig Plot   

A diagram illustrating the location of rigging points.


A person who works on ropes, booms, lifts, hoists and the like for a stage production, film, or television show.


Support items used by rigger, such as cables, ropes, pulleys, hoists, motors, chains, and slings.

Rigging Points   

Specific places in the ceiling from which you're able to hold truss, cabling, speakers, projection, and lighting. They carry a maximum weight load.

Risk Assessment   

Considers the possibility of injury or loss to a person/s attending an event.

Risk Assessment Plan   

Document that identifies possible risks, and formulates an action plan for dealing with them Examples include emergency exits, emergency contacts, first aid and security.


A person responsible for the setup and maintenance of a live band's musical equipment.


An item that has wheels that allow for easy transportation and manoeuvrability.

Rolling Riser   

A small section of stage with caster sets fixed to the underside. It is often used for a drummer.

Rolling Stage   

A stage that can be moved via either pneumatic wheels, caster wheels or off set wheels.

Room Block   

A group of rooms set aside for a specific event at a negotiated rate.

Room Hire   

Rooms or areas of a venue that are made available to the Customer by agreement, in exchange for a fee.

Room Turnover   

Amount of time needed to tear down and reset a function room from one layout to another, from one event to another - for example a meeting room turned over for an evening dinner.

Rooming List   

A list of guest names and their accommodation requirements provided to a hotel prior to the event.

Roving Microphone   

A microphone brought to audience members by an event staffer or volunteer, to pose comments or questions.

Roving Performer   

An entertainer who performs anywhere in the event space besides a fixed spot on stage. They don't necessarily move about; statue and other ‘centrepiece’ performers also come under the roving category.

Run Sheet   

Lists the sequence of steps for running an event from start to finish. It is set out by time, date, location and responsibility. It should also include contacts names and numbers.

Run of Show   

Also called cue sheet or show flow. A document that communicates to the A/V crew what they will be doing and when. It’s a minute-by-minute document with every cue written in.


The plays, songs, operas, or other works that a company, actor, singer,dancer, etc, has prepared and is competent to perform.


A meeting that is organised to inform a group of people about a specific topic, or to teach a specific skill.

Serpentine Setup   

Document that identifies possible risks, and formulates an action plan for dealing with them eg emergency exits, emergency contacts, first aid, security.


A workshop or meeting that is part of a series of meetings.


Use of scenery and props to create a particular scene AND/OR the length of a performance

Set-Up Time   

The time to set-up an exhibit or prepare for the event prior to guest arrival.

Short Throw   

A term used to describe a luminaire that has an effective intensity at a relatively short distance. This term is very subjective and dependent on the type of luminaire used.

Shot Bag   

Often filled with sand or metal, it is used to secure the base of light stands and set walls.

Side Fill Monitor   

Part of the FOH speaker system, side fill monitors sit upright on the side of the stage and are used to provide sound to the areas of the stage not covered by the floor monitors.

Sight Act   

Is a visual performance. It may include a stage show, roving performance, magician etc

Site Inspection / Site Visit   

A physical visit to a venue prior to an event. It maybe used to inspect the space, confirm room layout, special requirements such as audio visual capabilities etc.


Fabric attached to the side of tables, stages and risers, that hide cords and storage.

Soft Light   

Illumination that produces shadows with a soft edge.


A person who performs solo ie by themself.

Sound Technician/Sound Engineer   

Assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound.


A test of sound equipment before a musical performance or recording to check that the desired sound is being produced.


A person who addresses the audience.

Speakers Bureau   

A company that facilitates a variety of professional speakers for clients to make appearances at conferences and events.

Speakers Bureau   

A company who represents a collection of speakers who talk about a particular subject.

Speaking Fee   

An agreed amount for an individual to speak and/or perform at an event.

Specifications Rider   

Set of requests or demands from an entertainer for their performance.


An organisation that contributes to the costs involved in staging an event.

Spouse Program   

See Partner Program


A large, usually open structure with raked seating for spectators. It is often used for sports and entertainment events.


A raised floor or platform, typically in a theatre, on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform.

Stage Lighting   

The craft of lighting as it applies to the production of a performance or presentation.

Stage Manager   

An individual who has overall responsibility for stage management and the smooth execution of a theatrical production.

Stage Plot   

A visual that illustrates where each member will be positioned on stage, and their associated equipment.

Stage Show   

Also known as a Stage Production, this is a play or show which is performed on stage.

Stage Wash   

A type of general area lighting composed of a single hue, evenly balanced in level across the stage.


A person who assists in loading in, and setting up all equipment on stage.

Staging Top   

Material placed on the top layer of the deck. It maybe plywood, carpet, steel, vinyl, acrylic, astroturf etc.


A person with an interest in the objectives and outcome of an event.

Standing Microphone   

A microphone on an adjustable floor stand intended to remain in the same location.

Star Drapes   

A drape or curtain with dozens of tiny bulbs scattered over black fabric such as wool.


A person who stands on poles, posts or pillars high above the ground to perform their act.


A loudspeaker component designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass.


The complimentary items a company gives away as a form of advertising. It's usually branded with the company's name, logo, and/or colours.

Table Microphone   

A microphone set up at a table.

Talent Manager   

A person responsible for managing the different aspects of performers appearing at an event. A talent manager liaises with the event planner, venue and A/V supplier to ensure the talent's requirements are met.

Team Building Event   

Activities or events designed to bring together a group of people, increase motivation and promote cooperation, so that they may work effectively as a team.

Technical Director   

A senior technical person with specific skills relating to software and/or technology equipment.

Technical Rehearsal   

A technical run through of an event to check light, sound and projection.

Telescopic Upright   

A support that consists of several sections that slide into one another so that the object can be made longer or shorter.

Throw Distance   

The projection distance between the source of light or projection and the stage.

Tiered Elevator/ Riser   

Seating that is set at tiered intervals.

Trade Show   

Exhibitions where companies can present and demonstrate their latest products.

Travel Agent   

Someone who facilitates travel arrangements for a conference or event, such as flights, accomodation and transfers.


Is triangular metal framing that holds the lighting, projectors, speakers and their associated cabling.


A motorised stage that is connected to mains power. It operates in a clockwise or anti-clockwise manner and has variable speed settings. The speed can be set for continued movement or increased/decreased movement whilst in operation.

U-Shape Seating   

Style of a conference room in a u-shape layout, also known as horseshoe, this can set up with or without tables.


An individual who does not eat any foods of animal origins. This includes meat, fish and dairy.


An individual who does not eat meat.


A place to hold your event.

Venue Manager   

The person in charge of a location or event space.

Video Conference   

A meeting which utilises audio visual equipment to bring people together who may not be located in the same area/town/building.

Vinyl Deck   

Applied to a plywood deck, it provides a higher gloss finish than acrylic tops.

Wait staff   

Waiters and waitresses who are tasked with serving food and beverages.

Walk or Being Walked   

Guest with confirmed reservation are sent to another hotel due to overbooking at the hotel for which they hold a confirmed reservation.

Warm Colour   

Generally, a colour that is in the yellow-orange-red range.

Wash Light   

A general lighting effect, where a broad beam is used to generally light up an area on a stage. Typically instruments known as floodlights are used to create wash. With a few exceptions (such as Fresnel lights) floodlights do not have lenses and therefore cannot be specifically focused.

Water Stations   

Tables set up with self-service water bottles or pitchers of water for guests.


An event that broadcasts the audio and/or video portion of a keynote presentation or session over the internet.

Welcome Reception   

The opening of an event to welcome guests to a conference. Welcome drinks and canapés are usually served.

Welcome Signage   

A sign that introduces or welcomes visitors to the venue/ event.

Welcome to Country   

A formal welcome onto Aboriginal Land in Australia, given by an Elder or person of that land. It should be held at the beginning of an event, and may take many forms including a speech, song, dance, smoking or cleansing ceremony; or a combination of these.

Wireless Internet   

High speed internet access that is 'wireless' ie cable free.

Working Lunch   

A meeting held around lunchtime during which a meal is served.


Similar to a Seminar, however workshops generally have more hands-on and group activities. The sessions are quite interactive and require individuals to participate.

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