Economic & Finance Speakers

The bridge between the average Australian consumer and the complexities behind markets, loans and global trends is one which creates a precarious journey. They turn to finance and economy professionals to help them understand which roads to choose and which futures to chase.

For those who are in the business, the journey is no less precarious. The way is not always clear. Experience, wisdom and education play an integral role in knowing when to push forward, when to be stationary and when to pull back.

This delicate balance of guiding consumers along their personal financial path while keeping an eye toward current and future economic trends are what makes the job of a financier or economist so difficult.

Economy & Finance Speakers

Managing Risk: A Risky Business

If the recent Global Financial Crisis has taught us anything, it’s that economic and financial professionals are the first to come under scrutiny when the economy suffers. Consumer loans, mutual funds and other investments on behalf of individuals and companies become the focal point. Herein lies the temperamental nature of the business.

Because livelihoods of the average Australian and the average Australian company are at stake when it comes to discussions of money, it takes financial institutions of the highest integrity and broadest wisdom to handle investments with care.

How does a company or organisation quell public frustration, provide worthy returns to clients, protect the investments of the average person and win the trust of corporations around the world? That’s a question for the experts.

Economic & Finance Experts

Experienced Economy and Finance Speakers

The fine line between big profits and big losses is not for the weak of heart. Enhance Entertainment’s team of economy and finance speakers have tread that temperamental line for decades. The lessons they’ve learned on this razor’s edge are the dividends with which they’ve dispensed priceless wisdom to audiences across the world.

The collective experiences of our team display the kind of savvy for which your organisation is looking. They’ve learned the important lesson famed investor William Buffet once communicated: “Never test the depth of the river with both feet.”

The wisdom behind this platitude is straightforward – measured analysis and investment can save you from sinking your company and your client’s fortunes.

Experienced Economy & Finance Speakers

Steady Wisdom for Unsteady Times

As you try and navigate the times in a way which keeps your company and your clients steaming ahead instead of sinking is a task best buoyed by a sound corporate vision, an acute concern for the livelihood and happiness of your clients and an unquenchable desire for honesty and honour.

The stories our economy and finance speakers share in their presentations will remind you that good business principles still exist and despite the difficult road you’ve faced over the past decade, financial and economics professionals can push forward knowing reputations can be repaired and the future is as bright as your next sound decision.

Joining the Journey to Success

Our speakers will clarify the landscape for you and provide your team with invaluable concepts for success and strength. As American politician and inventor Benjamin Franklin once said, “And investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Begin your quest for intellectual investment today by browsing the economy and finance speakers below.

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