DJs & Disc Jockeys

Booking a professional DJ to perform at your event is a sure-fire way to add a modern, versatile musical dimension to your event arrangements.

Whether you are organising a wedding, a corporate or a private event, these guys know how to deliver the best musical experience for your guests.

Discard the image of a DJ just playing mainstream tracks, taking requests and giving ‘shout-outs’ on the mic – there is so much more to it! There are a fantastic range of talents available, and the level of their experience and professionalism is truly outstanding.

However, this does mean that making the choice of which act to book for your event may prove tricky…

Step One: Select the right DJ style

Tuning Into the Sound You Need

Of course, there are still events best suited to a standard DJ who will add a professional touch to your choice of tracks. With this option, you still have complete control over which tracks are played, and can even work collaboratively to complete a full playlist beforehand.

These DJs are superb at working to your exact requirements. They will provide you with as little or as much input into planning your event as you want. Combined with top of the range equipment and high-end sound systems, this option can be just the ticket for a fully personalised and professional music set-up at your event.

Event DJs

Classic Cool

If you want to book an act that will take your event from start to finish and keep your guests entertained, whether it be a cool, elegant lounging atmosphere or a pumping dance floor party then check out the range of speciality DJs.

From cool, funky, lounge style music to dance floor party hits there is a unique act to add that bit of flavour and style to your event whatever vibe you are looking to create. This is the choice for clients who are looking for something that is a bit more funky than just a regular DJ but still very versatile and easy to adapt to exactly what you want.

Headlining at Your Event

How about hiring a talent who is most likely to be found behind the decks at Pacha or The Ministry of Sound? With big name acts who have residency at well-known clubs and venues the status of your event is sure to soar.

Some of the musicians have headlined at incredible events such as Global Gathering and the MTV music awards meaning that your guests are sure to be wowed by such a professional, star-studded performance. These guys are real professionals who will instantly add a touch of the ‘red-carpet’ treatment to your event.

International Touring DJ Acts

Turn it Up a Notch

Taking DJing to a whole new level are the fantastic acts that combine the skills on the turntables with incredible vocal and percussion performances. You would not believe the impact that talents such as these make. Watch a room full of people turn away from their conversations to fully drink in the incredible live music being created by these musicians.

It really is a truly unique and powerful experience to watch the popular dance music that you love being performed live, right in front of you. There is a wide choice of musical styles and genres to choose from with these DJ vocal and instrumental combos so make sure to check out the selection available.

DJ Instrumental Acts

Tune In for This One

DJ producers are a rare type of talent whose abilities stretch way beyond the normal realms of what you would expect from your everyday disk jockey. As well as playing at top corporate events, these incredible artists also write and release their own original music including film scores.

They are also well known for their collaborations with other musicians from around the world. Due to their extensive musical abilities they are able to lend a truly innovative and personalised approach to your event. Clients state that the DJ producers are incredibly tuned-in to their precise needs and are able to come up with creative solutions to match the theme and atmosphere of their events.

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