Dance Shows

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Inspired by the martial arts of 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon', Atsui fire and light show is a truly exciting and high-energy fire production. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Atsui presents an astounding combination of fire (plus optional UV) with dance, martial arts and acrobatics. The striking contrast between the graceful dancing taichi fans and the agile dynamisms of the fighting sticks will have the audience captivated.

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This unique four-legged roving stilt walk act is an ideal way to fluff up a festival or funk up the dance floor, bringing you funkadelic, psychedelic vibes from the planet groove. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Fluffy, fluro and friendly, Millie and Mollie are two cute creatures that are way out there! Fluffy Monsters bring colour & life to every event with their cute and crazy monster shenanigans!

sphinx-stilt-walkers Image
In lavish rich golden colours and reflective materials with giant Sphinxlike headpieces, the fun felines perform impressive stilt tricks. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Cleo and Nefi are two giant pussycats. These four-legged stilt characters can work very effectively on their own. However Cleo and Nefi are most effective when led on a leash by the Gold Goddess character.