Dance Shows

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Relive the Gatsby era with Charleston and Vaudeville floor show. Chicago is a 1920s musical set in prohibition-era Chicago. The story is a satire on corruption in the administration of the Criminal Justice system relating to criminal cases involving celebrities. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. The musical is based on actual criminals and crimes that were reported on by journalist, Maurine Dallas Watkins. Maurine follows and reports on the 1924 trials of the murderesses, Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner for the Chicago Tribune.

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Relive the glamour, joie de vivre, outrageousness and opulence of the most exciting decade in the 20th Century, The Roaring '20s. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Hats and canes, fringes and fun – what’s more evocative than a Gatsby-styled floor show? Bring back the excitement of the 1920s and celebrate your event in the style of gangsters and flappers. This show is vibrant, fun and tasteful, ideal for any corporate or private event looking for a fabulous, decadent theme.

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The Playboy Bunnies show is quirky, sexy, and delicious all at the same time. Although the 'Playboy Bunny' is renowned for being what fantasies are made of, these bunnies are real, curvy women. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. This sassiest, jazziest of dance shows displays gorgeous, talented, sensual women in an incredibly professional choreographed performance. Suitable for a 14+ audience.

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Complete with live python, these beautiful girls can perform a variety of belly dancing routines or simply rove amongst guests. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Bring a touch of the exotic to your event with these unique and interactive snake dancers.

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Corsets, feathers, top hats, high heels, garters, swishing tassels, sparkling diamantes, lace and tulle... Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Inspired by the movie “Burlesque”, this stunning prodution will take you on a journey of the modern day art of seduction. Welcome to Burlesque celebrates the female form – love, passion, power, romance, fantasy and all things feminine!

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These professional aboriginal dancers fill Australia's need for a wholesome, exciting, reliable and world class traditional performing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Show. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers from many diverse tribes, the Aboriginal Dance Show preserves and promotes Aboriginal culture through their range of traditional and contemporary performances.

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Rhythm Tap Melbourne is Melbourne's leading tap dance performance crew. Formally the Swift Rhythm Hoofers, they are the city's original street performers of authentic rhythm tap. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. In high demand throughout Melbourne, the leading troupe are renowned for their unabashed on-stage charisma, athletic edge and fearless rhythmic improvisation – and with the meanest tap dancing feet in the country, they lay down the beats of the floor like nobody’s business.

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From the Rio Carnival to the streets of Bahia, experience the infectious energy and vibrant spirit of Brazil through dynamic performances, explosive percussion and inspirational dance! Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Brazilian Extravaganza’s performances, productions and workshops embody the essence of an exotic cultural tapestry.

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Brand new and pumping to go, the Hip Hop Breakers dance show is a unique mix of commercial funk, break dance and street hip-hop. Experience the latest dancing sensation to hit Australia - Hip Hop Breakers! Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. These amazing performers will have you in awe with their spectacular acrobatic break dance moves and outrageous choreography. Your guests can experience what it is like to be a professional dancer for the evening with their highly popular and entertaining dance competition. Witty MC’s included!

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Equilibrio is the powerful combination of two classical trained dancers that have performed regularly with the Australian Ballet, Singapore Ballet Company and National English Ballet School. Areas of speciality include Dance Shows. Together they create a spectacular contemporary Cirque Ballet Show told through a fusion of dance and acrobatic embrace.