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Music really is the spice of life. It enhances our experiences and can be a great way to create a mood, build an atmosphere and bring people together.

Live music can be a fantastic addition to any occasion, whether you are organising a wedding, a social gathering or a corporate event. Most people will agree that there is something really special about the experience of listening to live music. Watching talented performers and musicians as they share their art, their passion and their musical prowess can be incredibly inspiring and makes for a really memorable and enjoyable experience.

Live Cover Band Experience

Why Hire a Cover Band?

So why hire a cover band for your event? Firstly, you have the magic and atmosphere of a professional live music performance coupled with the enjoyment that comes with hearing the tunes that you know and love. The familiarity of the songs means that your guests feel more connected to the experience and may not be able to help singing along or jumping out of their seat to get their groove on to their favourite tunes.

Secondly, a cover band offers the opportunity to hire just one high-class act to seamlessly guide your event from beginning to end. There are a wide range of different talents to choose from, many of whom are incredibly versatile and can adapt to the mood and energy of your event as it progresses. Perhaps you want to welcome your guests in with some fun, lively music then soothe them with chilled, relaxed tunes as they chat or eat before slowly building the energy and atmosphere until the dance floor is packed and the party is really under way. However you want your event to unfold, the right cover band can really enhance your guests’ experience.

Having a live band is a great way to create an enjoyable, relaxed and sociable atmosphere. Guests can choose whether they actively engage with the performance or simply enjoy the event while the live music continues in the background.

Cover Bands

What Kinds of Cover Bands Are There?

You may associate cover bands with more classic types of music such as jazz, funk, or Motown or perhaps famous groups such as the Beatles or the Bee Gees. Whilst there is still a great demand for cover acts that recreate the magic of icons such as Kylie and Madonna, we recognise that this may not be to everyone’s taste. With such a wide choice of professional and experienced cover bands available today there is a good chance you will find the perfect band for your event.

At Enhance, we pride ourselves on working with a fantastic range of talents that offer a significant variety of performances. You might be looking for an act that specialises in covering the latest mainstream dance and pop hits and whose musicians include a top notch DJ, or you may want to hire an act with an impressive nine-piece brass section that performs lively party music. In fact, there so many talented cover bands to choose from that between them they are able to offer pretty much any genre of music you can think of.

Australia's Leading Cover Bands

How to Choose the Best Cover Band for Your Event

The artists we promote are world-class, incredibly talented and experienced performers. Many of the artists have toured internationally and performed alongside well-known artists and global acts. These fantastically versatile performers will set the stage alight or provide a relaxed and enjoyable backdrop to your event, whatever the occasion.

Many acts are more than happy to ‘fine tune’ their sound according to your theme, audience and the various stages of the event itself. Some of our talents even offer the choice between covers that are ‘carbon copies’ or their own more unique interpretations of popular songs. With Enhance, the possibilities are endless!

Depending on your event and preferences there is bound to be the perfect cover band for you. The fantastic versatility and professionalism of talent we promote means although it may be tough to choose between them we are confident you will be more than satisfied with the results. Click here to read more about our cover bands.

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