Comedians for Events: A Definitive Guide

A good laugh cures all ills.

Let’s be honest. Awards ceremonies, incentive programs and gala dinners can lose their glitz when the same personalities step behind the mic every year. Most likely, they’re using the same jokes they did the year before.

With no disrespect to the managers and executives who wield the microphone at your special event, comedians are definitely the best choice for an evening in which laughs are the most prized commodity and mundane moments are prohibited from entering.

Enter the comedian.

Australian Comedians

Turning The Tides of Boredom

Timing is one of the keys to a comedian’s success. Say the right wisecrack at the right time and your one-liner will live on in history. Utter the wrong pun at the wrong time and you’ll quickly be forgotten.

Now think about the way timing can add a much-needed shot of energy to your awards dinner schedule. No matter how good you’ve planned your night’s event schedule, there’s going to be a point at which those bright-eyed attendees are going to be zoned out as they finish off the last few bites of their cheesecake. It’s inevitable. But letting that moment linger with a canned pun or a nervous bit of laughter doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Choosing a comedian to set the pace and rhythm of your schedule will create an entirely different and completely animated mood. If your attendees were neatly applying the last bit of fabric to their mummified mind, they’ll now be brimming with the kind of enthusiasm you’d find among five-year-olds on a strict diet of Coke and chocolate.

International Comedians for Events

Changing the Face of Your Event

Now you’re thinking, “This is a joke, right? A comedian for my dinner gala?” Yes, it is. And a very funny one.

Our line-up of comedians are some of the finest humourists in the country. Their quick wit is the paintbrush with which they colour an event with their signature gut-busting routines. And let us assure you, these speakers are the Australian equivalent of the Michelangelos, Davincis and Rembrandts.

Now while these Old Masters have long been dead, our comedians are anything but. Indeed, they are very much alive and very much ready to tailor their usual shtick to the needs of your organization.

You might be in the business of finance, FMCG’s or real estate. That really doesn’t matter to us. Laughs are an equal opportunity employer and our comedians are most certainly in the business of making sure nobody gets out of the room without the bellyache of a night well chortled.

Comedians for Events

Let’s Get the Party Started

Now that we’ve extolled the utterly hilarious virtues of our team of comedians, we want to remind you that our humour artists aren’t just around to get laughs. Many of them are fully capable of being your event host of MC, guiding your audiences through a few good laughs and plenty of good insight.

Browse the list at the link below to begin your search for Australia’s best comedians.

Event Comedians

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