Classical Music Ensembles

A classical ensemble can take you to the upper stratosphere of musical enjoyment.

Take a performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the fourth movement of which is commonly known as “Ode to Joy.”

The opening to the fourth movement of the 9th Symphony is a tempestuous, subtle journey. The music rise and falls. Emotions strain for something hopeful.

After several minutes, the volume of the orchestra quiets to near silence. The melody is almost imperceptible.

Then, the string section delicately strolls through the muted melody that makes the 9th symphony one of the greatest pieces of music ever written. Beethoven’s delightful, jubilant melody slowly rises in both volume and vigour.

The audience watches with anticipation as “Ode to Joy” reaches its instrumental crescendo. Ears are captivated by the emotion bursting from each note leaping from strings, reeds and percussion.

Beethoven’s flurry of notes comes to a rest and a baritone steps forward to sing the first notes of the chorale the composer included in his music.

In a thick German accent, he begins to sing to the words of poet Friedrich Schiller’s “Ode to Joy”:

“Joy, beautiful spark of the gods, daughter of Elysium,
We enter fire imbibed, heavenly, thy sanctuary.
Thy magic powers re-unite what custom’s sword has divided.”

Capturing the Crescendo

Our exclusive musical line-up is loaded with cover bands, big bands and Australia’s best collection of guitarists and lead singers.

While the gritty crunch of a guitar and a searing solo by a lead singer are hard to beat, we feel like there’s a certain magic and magnificence contained within the skill and strength of an orchestra that provides an atmosphere unmatched by other forms of art.

For this reason, we’ve assembled an unbeatable line-up of classical music ensembles to provide you with the perfect musical performance for your next event.

Our list of classical groups includes the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Opera Australia, the Australian Chamber Orchestra as well as an impeccable collection of internationally renowned singers, session musicians and Australian musical theatre stars.

Orchestrating Organization Perfection

Whereas a party band or cover band requires audio/visual equipment for between three and ten band members, a classical ensemble’s needs are considerably more extensive. Understanding how to organize your schedule to give the ensemble enough to set up, sound check and perform is a lesson in efficiency, flexibility and accuracy.

Our team of expert consultants have worked with classical ensembles on many occasions. They use their wisdom and experience to walk you through the night on which your classical ensemble will perform. We’ll advise you about your running sheets, help you craft an effective brief and act as a liaison between you and your ensemble.

We ensure that details from the smallest to the largest are in place so that you and your audience can sit in wonder as one of our classical music ensembles adds a memorable note to your event.

The First Notes of Success

Click through below to take a look at our list of classical music ensembles. When you’ve found a group you like, contact us. Or, talk with us today and we’ll help you discover which ensemble will best suit your needs.

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