Circus Performers

the-candy-canes Image
Towering at 3.7 metres tall, or 2.7m without stilts, our impressive Giant Candy Canes deliver the “Wow” factor and delight audiences of all ages. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. The sight of these Candy Canes spread Christmas cheer and their playful nature thoroughly engages the audience and leaves them with a sugar high.

the-croc-hunter Image
Croc Hunter, Australia's favourite Steve Irwin impersonator will drop in as a surprise guest with his own "live" crocodile! Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. The Croc Hunter is also available as a surprise roving character to welcome guests, and can act as the event MC. This Steve Irwin impersonator, an all-Australian act is the ideal entertainment for events with Jungle or Aussie themes. Orwwwwwh Beawdy Mate!

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Slick, silly and silent these gangsters dance, schmooze and charm. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. The Sharpshooters have performed for Opening of Crown Casino, Sydney Harbour Casino and Australia Day Parade.
The Sharpshooters’ special breed of entertainment will add charm and uniqueness to your next event.

the-slinky Image
When Dennis and Tony aspired to the stage they never dreamed that they'd end up working in air-conditioning...literally! Ducting to be exact. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Great silver tubes come to life and take on a meaning of their own.

the-valentinos Image
The Valentinos bring stories of love and fortune through the romantic music of clarinet and accordion. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Playing all the beautiful classics, these professional musicians rove amongst event guests, entertaining and amusing with their flirty style. The Valentinos are ideal for practically any event.