Circus Performers

Circus Performers: The Definitive Guide

Some people dream of traveling with the circus; these guys actually did it.

Imagine the excitement you felt the first time you stepped into a circus tent. They bright glow of the lights pouring down over the circus ring. The delicious aroma of buttered popcorn saturating your sense of smell. The crowd around you is buzzing with anticipation, waiting for an animated voice to boom over the loudspeakers.

Eager kids munch on cotton candy and slowly sip their sodas as they wait for that magical moment when the first performer bursts onto the stage and launches into the opening act of an evening of thrills, happiness and hijinks.

Our circus performers encapsulate everything that made big-top performances magical.

A Cavalcade of Comedy

We can’t promise buttered popcorn and cotton candy, but we can promise your audience will be alight with child-like joy as our talented circus performers put their own twist on the classics you saw as a child.

Clowns don their big red noses and take to the aisles and tables of your audiences, setting off peals of laughter.

Jugglers aren’t just jugglers – they’re masters of kooky multi-tasking, tossing all kinds of objects in the air as they mesmerize you with their talent.

Our stilt walkers will ignite your imagination as they lope about with their ludicrously long legs as character actors make their way amid your attendees with their trademark impersonations and gut-busting comedy.

Re-creating the Fantastic

We’ve crafted our team of circus performers with excellence and entertainment in mind. Our goal in selecting our specific troupe of performers is to provide you with a circus experience which transports your attendees away from the cavernous halls of a convention centre and into those cosy confines of your childhood circus tent where pretence and proper manners were traded for popcorn, puns and a plethora of some of the world’s most colourful characters.

We recognize that selecting the right talent from this humorous pack of circus performers can be an overwhelming experience. It’s not easy deciding whether a corps of clowns, a pack of stilt walkers or a team of jugglers will fulfil the need you foresee for your event. Perhaps you’re not sure whether a circus act is appropriate – after all, you don’t want to hire a clown when the crowd is hoping for a four-star general.

Our expert team will work alongside you to help you understand what type of entertainment will work best for your event. The goal is an unforgettable event and we help you reach that end.

You may get to that glorious goal on the flaming edges of a professional juggler’s torches. You might hit your event’s sweet spot with the animated antics of a troupe of clowns. Or, you may choose to walk the tightrope of circus performances and hire a tightrope walker.

Whichever circus performer you choose, we’re here to make it happen.

Circus Performers for Events

Technical Prowess

If you think that hiring a circus performer or performers is as easy as jumping through a hoop, you’re in for a surprise. We eliminate the confusion of technical intricacies by coordinating audio-visual setups, refining your running sheets and crafting a clear briefing to ensure that your event is a circus without compare, not a comedy of errors.

Take a look at our list of performers below to begin your search for the best jugglers, stilt walkers, fire acts and more.

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