Childrens Entertainers

hula-hoop-artist Image
With funky costumes and crazy skills, this Hula Hoop Artist will leave you spinning! From one single hoop to 30. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Combining gymnastic skill, incredible agility and speed this hula-hoopist spins her hoops effortlessly while performing acrobatic tricks, adding more and more hoops as she goes!
This fun and upbeat performance is perfect for roving, stage shows and private events.

retro-tennis-players Image
Life size tennis ornaments reflecting fashion and style from an era where long skirts and wooden racquets were in style. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. As a roving act the Retro Tennis Players perform action statues depicting anything from overhead smashes to carefully planned lobs. In place or behind glass they form the perfect museum of tennis fashion, ready to surprise onlookers when they come to life.