Childrens Entertainers

classical-fairies Image
Be whisped away, on elegant wings of hopes & dreams to a place over the moon and far beyond to fairyland, where these graceful beings of fae shimmer a blessing of a thousand falling stars. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Step inside a bubble of bliss, follow the flitter of a dream and be enchanted. Make a wish on stardust sprinkles and be encapsulated by their whimsical world of wonderment. One or two fairies available.

jack-n-jack Image
Up-end your expectations with Jack n Jack! Goofy mischief-makers, energetic, colourful and out for a good time. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Always the innocent bystanders (not!) – playing pranks and looking for playmates, Jack n Jack are definitely fun-filled and dynamic.

long-jon-pirate Image
Climb aboard, me hearties! Long Jon, the friendly one-legged Pirate is the perfect character to greet your guests on arrival or convey an important message. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Long Jon is also the perfect choice for festivals, shopping centres and family fun days.

white-sages Image
Experience a magical encounter with the serene, surreal, supernatural beings of light & purity that is White Sages. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. With an ancient wisdom & blessings for a bright future, these other-worldly mystic spirit guides are timeless, intangible, and completely engaging.

lip-service Image
Under those demure veiled faces lies a mischievous sense of humour. A cheekiness that is reflected in Lip Service’s costuming, movement and style, as well as in their interactions with their audience. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. These girls are not just a pretty sight. Take a breath, reach deep into the mouth of their proffered handbag, choose a card and read your ‘thought for the day’!

rainbow-butterflies Image
Feel what it’s like to be knee-high to a grasshopper as you look up to a bright & beautiful kaleidoscope of colour! Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Full of fun and a flutter of festivity, Rainbow Butterflies are cute and colourful butterflies on stilts that will flitter and flutter about your festival, carnival or special event.

circus-dollies Image
Cheeky, fun and mysterious, the captivating Circus Dollies are available in up to a trio or stilt walking or roving ground characters. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. The red, black and white Dollies appeal to children and adults alike, and their silent communications make them understood through emotion captivating expressions and mime.

ente Image
Gracefully arising above the ground, the public looks astonished when this black and red, long-legged creature flutters along, seducing and persuading its audience with delight. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. As this majestic creature strides through the crowd using its unusual shaped head to look serenely around all are left in cheer admiration and wonder. ENTE represents the dark side in all of us.

the-boffins Image
With bowler hat & tape measure in hand, the Boffins silently engage passers by to assess just who measures up to their expectations of how things should be. Very important things, such as the size of a trouser turn-up (which should be 2.5”) or the distance from elbow to wrist. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. If a photograph is required, the Boffins are happy to oblige, providing everyone stands at the precise distance of 8.5” from the person next to them!