Childrens Entertainers

face-painters Image
Purplena the Fairy brings life, fun and joy to any event. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. The Brisbane team consist of only true Face Painting Artists, so they magically paint what you want – they do not need books or samples to follow!

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Everyone loves bubbles but Dr Hubble really loves bubbles and he wants to show you why. Join Dr Hubble on a fun and funny journey into the beautiful world of bubbles. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. You will see: bubbles inside bubbles, a square bubble, the explode-a-bubble and the world famous kid-in-a-bubble.

balloon-bertie Image
Complete with top hat & tails, Balloon Bertie is a Circus Ringmaster who has lost his circus. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Not to be deterred, stilt-walker Bertie searches high & low, all the while spreading good cheer, laughs & (very) high fives!

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Introducing Australia's most unique speciality act - cabaret puppet comedian Murray Raine and his highly strung troupe of spectacular marionettes. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. With a variety of dynamic puppet shows available from his hilarious family show ”It’s Raining Puppets” through to his multi-award winning cabaret sensations ”Follies Fantastique” and ”It’s Vegas On A String!”. Each show features a dazzling line up of the most stylish puppets to ever hit a stage!

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Bethany's high energy, interactive, non-stop singing and dancing show has children up and dancing at major events and festivals Australia-wide. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. It’s guaranteed to get your toes tapping, hands clapping and leave a smile on your face long after the show has finished. Bethany performs with her talented dancers, which add a fantastic visual dynamic to the show, allowing kids in the audience the ability to copy their routines or create their own funky dance moves.

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From the extravaganza of grand illusion shows to the close up excitement of a roving sleight of hand performance, Mr Sparkles the magician keeps his audience mesmerized for hours. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. With years of experience and renowned comic wit, some children entertained by him have said that even Harry Potter is no match for our Mr Sparkles!

sibling-rivalry Image
Think Highly Skilled Mischief, Hilariously Hot Headed. Think Circus in the Living Room, Monkey Business & Misbehaviour. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Think Mum is not watching? Just how much you ‘adore’ your brother or sister… Now you are thinking along the lines of Sibling Rivalry!

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Nationally acclaimed children’s entertainment, The Jitterbugs is a unique, high energy, environmentally friendly show. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. The Jitterbug show is filled with non-stop entertainment and educational segments which encourage audience participation. With gentle messages through song and dance The Jitterbugs characters educate children from an early age the importance of caring for our environment.

king-queen-of-green Image

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The King and Queen are characters who interact with audiences and discuss Ecological Footprints. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. The King & Queen can operate as roving entertainers encouraging patrons at events to dispose of their rubbish thoughtfully. Or they can perform a 60-minute interactive workshop and show that incorporates songs, games and fun activities targeting under 12s and investigating the causes of large ecological footprints. This activity includes a worksheet and lots of physical activity.

mojo-the-clown Image
One cheeky clown. Littlies ask to take him home, adults revisit their childhood, and teenagers want to hang with him. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Balloonimals, stilts, cheeky songs, award winning poetry and imagination exercises. For infectious laughter, ask for Mojo! Find out why he’s performed all over Australia and overseas (apparently there’s nobody funny over there). Mojo doesn’t say he’s the best, others do.