Childrens Entertainers

fifi-the-poodle Image
Fifi the Poodle is cute, fluffy and mostly well behaved. Watch the commotion as she sniffs a passer by or wags her tail in the face of an unsuspecting guest! Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Fifi is led magnificently by Monsiuer LâAmour. Monsiuer LaAmour is an absurd French parody actor who is taking his pet poodle for “walkies”. Fifi the Poodle and Monsiuer LaAmour is a humourous and visually spectacular walk-around act that invites audience interaction.

hula-hoop-artist Image
With funky costumes and crazy skills, this Hula Hoop Artist will leave you spinning! From one single hoop to 30. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Combining gymnastic skill, incredible agility and speed this hula-hoopist spins her hoops effortlessly while performing acrobatic tricks, adding more and more hoops as she goes!
This fun and upbeat performance is perfect for roving, stage shows and private events.

maamselle-claire Image
Effervescent, exquisite, Ma'amselle Claire steps lightly with beauty and grace. Enveloped in her cloud of bubbles Ma’amselle Claire leaves a trail of enraptured, smiling faces. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Watch the bubbles burst their surprises in the sunshine or notice the magic of floating balls in the half light of evening.

retro-tennis-players Image
Life size tennis ornaments reflecting fashion and style from an era where long skirts and wooden racquets were in style. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. As a roving act the Retro Tennis Players perform action statues depicting anything from overhead smashes to carefully planned lobs. In place or behind glass they form the perfect museum of tennis fashion, ready to surprise onlookers when they come to life.

red-ribbon Image
These out of this world characters in striking block red and over two and half metres tall perform an extraordinary dance of fast paced ribbon twirling. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. With an energy that shows up all but the most vital of ground based dance styles, this act is particularly suited to parades and events with a live music component. Give them a beat, and these guys will just go off!