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As Australia’s leading Speakers Bureau, Enhance celebrity speakers offer an array of benefits to your event. A carefully selected international or Australian celebrity can significantly boost event attendance, increase awareness of the event and attract well-qualified and highly desired delegates.

In addition to being the event host, our accomplished celebrity speakers can also take on a keynote speaker or facilitator role as well as be the designated Master of Ceremonies.

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We’ve selected our team of celebrity speakers Sydney because of their capability to enjoy the limelight with judicious wisdom and steady strength. They’ve been professionals in the truest sense, handling with grace their stage as well as the scrutiny.

In addition to being your event Master of Ceremonies, our celebrity speakers from Sydney and NSW can also provide a crash course in how to manage branding, publicity and success. Their lives certainly are a microcosm of what makes a business successful is in today’s lightning-fast corporate climate.

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Celebrity Speakers Melbourne – you’ll discover their presentations to be entertaining and inspiring, because though they speak about topics which can affect your company in a wide sense, their personal narratives will challenge and embolden your team on an individual level.

Every business wants success, although not every successful business can manage the subtle nuances of recognition. Our Melbourne and Victorian celebrity speakers will provide you with the tools to ensure you’ll be equipped to ride with ease the tide of growth you desire.

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We often focus on the nice side of becoming a celebrity – the global popularity, the recognition, the photo shoots, and, obviously, the money. Few people would turn down the opportunity to be a household name in Australia. At the same time, this lifestyle where you’re well known and well-loved brings with it a cost. Anonymity is no more a given. The continuous scrutiny of peers, other professionals and the public can be, at times, unforgiving.

Our celebrity speakers from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Queensland, no matter the genre of their fame, can provide valuable lessons to companies, branding and the best way to handle criticism and praise which keeps the company moving forward regardless of the level of success.

And of course, our Brisbane celebrity speakers are expertly adept at holding a forum, facilitating meetings and taking the lead role as Master of Ceremonies.

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catriona-rowntree Image

event host and MC

"Australia's Most Travelled Woman", that's the title earned by Catriona Rowntree after nearly 15 years at the helm of Australia's favourite travel show Getaway on Channel Nine. Her television career began after completing a Diploma of Journalism at Macleay College in 1990, followed by stints researching at BRW and various Sydney newsrooms. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. In 1993 Rowntree filmed a story for WonderWorld! and has been employed on-air ever since. That soon led to hosting What’s Up Doc, filmed live on weekends from Melbourne and a paid gig on Triple J radio, hosing the national Weekend Request Show ensued. So began a period of working 7 days a week in 3 states and loving every single second of it.

ray-martin Image

award winner event host and MC

Ray Martin is an Australian television journalist best known for his on-air roles on Channel Nine from 1978 to 2008. He was awarded an Order of Australia in 2011 for journalism. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. Ray Martin was appointed the ABC’s North American correspondent in 1969. Over the next 10 years his coverage included race riots, anti-Vietnam War protests, Olympic Games and presidential elections for news and current affairs television and radio, from Four Corners and This Day Tonight to science and religion programs.
  • 1987 Gold Logie - Most Popular Personality of Australian Television
  • 1993 Gold Logie - Most Popular Personality of Australian Television
  • 1994 Gold Logie - Most Popular Personality of Australian Television
  • 1995 Gold Logie - Most Popular Personality of Australian Television
  • 1996 Gold Logie - Most Popular Personality of Australian Television
  • Centenary Medal (2001)
  • Member of the Order of Australia (2010)

peter-mitchell Image

event host and MC

Peter Mitchell's face is very familiar to those tuning into Seven Nightly News in Melbourne. He has been an integral part of television news as a reporter, producer and presenter and celebrated 30 years in the industry during 2008. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. Growing up in Victoria with two brothers, sports were always on the menu – particularly football and cricket. These skills came in handy in 1981, when Peter joined Channel Nine in the Sport News Department. By then, he had also taken up golf, mainly because it suited his new working hours.

chrissie-swan Image

award winner event host and MC

The third daughter of a bubble-wrap addicted mother and a father who enjoys customising Econovans just for fun, Chrissie Swan first entered Australia's conscious in 2003 as Australia's first female runner-up in Network Ten's Big Brother. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. Taking up an opportunity to become a breakfast radio announcer on the Sunshine Coast, Chrissie relocated herself and her coffee machine up to Maroochydore and set her recurring alarm for 4am. Her work as a breakfast radio announcer saw her be nominated for Best Newcomer On-Air at The Australian Commercial Radio Awards in 2004, and won Best On-Air Team in 2005.
  • 2011 Logie Awards: Most Popular New Female Talent
  • Network Ten
  • The Circle (TV Program)
  • Can of Worms (TV Program)
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (TV Program)
  • Big Brother Australia (TV Program)

natalie-hunter Image

event host and MC

25 year old Natalie Hunter is full of energy and enthusiasm and whose passion for a great story and fun make her an ideal addition to Network Tens Totally Wild program. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. From an early age, Natalie knew journalism was what she wanted to do and attended Monash University where she successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism.

nicky-buckley Image

   author event host and MC

Nicky Buckley is one of Australia's most recognised female faces. Nicky began her career in modelling before moving into television as co-host of Channel 10's Blind Date. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. She then became involved as a regular model on Channel 9’s hit show, Sale of the Century before gaining the position of co-host in 1994. During her six years in this role, Nicky became a well-respected household name.
  • Sale of the Century (TV Program)
  • Perfect Match (TV Program)
  • Nine Network
  • Talk to the Animals (TV Program)

neroli-meadows Image

event host and MC

Originally from Collie, a small town in Western Australia, Neroli set her sights on sports media from a young age. An avid sports and Fremantle Dockers fan, Neroli is now a Fox Sports News and Fox Footy Presenter in Melbourne. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. After a four-year stint with Channel 7 in Perth as a sports reporter and AFL producer/reporter on Today Tonight, Neroli joined Fox Sports News and Fox Footy, where she has earned industry respect with her quick wit and in-depth knowledge of the game. In addition to AFL, Neroli is a passionate cricket supporter and presenter, where she noted her coverage of the Cricket World Cup in 2015 as a career highlight.
  • Fox Sports Australia
  • Network Ten

carrie-bickmore Image

award winner event host and MC

Carrie Bickmore is the laughing man's newsreader, unafraid to laugh at herself or the weirdness that can often be headline news. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. Carrie has been co-hosting Network Ten’s The Project for the past six years. During that time she has delivered live news ‘but not as you know it’ to homes across Australia. She has travelled the world for stories including the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in New York, interviewed celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell and Sarah Jessica Parker. As well as falling over live on air.
  • 2010 Logie Award - Most Popular New Female Talent
  • 2015 Gold Logie Award - Most Popular Personality on Australian Television
  • 2015 Logie Award - Most Popular Presenter (The Project)
  • The Project (TV Program)
  • Network Ten
  • Nova 100 (Radio)

sonia-kruger Image

event host and MC

An accomplished presenter, actress, dancer, interviewer and entertainer, Sonia is one of Australias most recognized and loved faces and one of the Seven Network's most popular personalities. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. Sonia Kruger does some entertainment reporting for Sevens public affairs program Today Tonight and also Sunday Night and she is also the co-host of Sevens runaway hit, Dancing with the Stars. Sonia’s TV Series for the 7 Network 10 Years Younger in 10 Days aired in 2009 and was a ratings hit.

david-reyne Image

award winner event host and MC

One of those rare few of Australian talents who can do it all, David Reyne has graced Australian television screen for three decades now. During this time, David has built an impressive body of work as a host, an actor, a writer, a producer and a musician. Areas of speciality include Celebrity Speakers. Those familiar with the Nine Networks Getaway will know David from his fourteen years as the shows longest-running presenter, earning himself as Australias most incisive travel reporter. His time spent of the show allowed David to blend his love for both travel and journalism into one.
  • Logie Awards 1984: Best New Talent
  • Australian Crawl
  • The Chantoozies
  • Nine Network
  • Getaway (TV Program)
  • The Flying Doctors (TV Program)
  • 9am with David and Kim (TV Program)
  • Network Ten