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Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a futurist and innovation strategist who helps people and organisations decode trends and plan for what lies ahead. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. Are you prepared for changes that are impacting your business today, tomorrow and in the foreseeable future? Anders Sorman-Nilsson (LLB MBA), founder of Thinque provides a local and global view through his trends research and informative presentations. As an Australian-Swedish futurist and innovation strategist he works with teams and executives guiding them through the mind field of disruptive business challenges. He helps organisations decode these trends and create relevant strategies for their future.

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Lucy is a change maker, exceptional communicator and business fixer. She created and led an advertising agency working across a diverse range of industries for 20 years before she stepped into the role of CEO of a brand new women’s health organisation. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. In two and half years she lead a small team to raise $7M for a network of hospitals in Ethiopia. She then went on to transform a Cambodian children’s charity as its first CEO.

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award winner event host and MC

Rob Carlton has the ability to authentically connect with audiences, shape and deliver key business messages and elevate your event into an entertaining, insightful and meaningful experience. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. He is an award-winning Australian actor, writer and director. A successful producer, he’s delivered multi-million dollar projects globally.
  • Silver Logie - Most outstanding performance by an actor in a leading role

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In 2009 Richard started Arete Executive, a boutique headhunting and recruitment agency. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. Richard Triggs is the Managing Partner of Arete Executive, Executive Search Specialist and Career Coach.

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Dr. Rich Allen is a highly regarded educator and master trainer, with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. His cognitive learning theory research, which provided understanding on how the brain receives, processes, stores, and recalls information, forms the basis for his radical approach to teaching, presenting and facilitating.

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Andy Jiang is global strategy consultant specialised in helping businesses to succeed in the China market. Most recently, Andy was the China General Manager at Tourism Australia, responsible for growing China to become the largest and the most valuable source market for the Australian visitor economy. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. Prior to his tourism career, Andy advised Australian resources, energy and agricultural businesses seeking strategic investments from China.

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Nim Gholkar, author of the bestselling 'Diary of an Immigrant Bride' is an international keynote speaker and author based in Sydney, Australia. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. An immigrant bride herself, she has combined her own insights into persuasive communication learned from her ‘arranged marriage’ of 22 years with her extensive experience in sales and business and come up with her immensely popular & humorous signature talk: ‘Professional Success through the Art of Persuasion.’ While this is Nim’s signature topic, she also speaks on several other topics which are hugely popular with her audiences worldwide.

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Phill Nosworthy is a powerful catalyst for change. His future-proof insights empower leaders, sales teams, brands and organisations to develop meaning and thrive ahead of the 4th industrial revolution. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. Driven by digital transformation, the 4th Industrial Revolution will disrupt every industry in every country and it will happen very soon. In fact, as global speaker, brand advisor and change maker Phill Nosworthy reveals in keynote series ‘The Meaning Makers’ — it is already with us right now.

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Former Policewoman Julia Robson is a licensed Private Investigator and Director of Online Investigations. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. In 2016 Julia was cast in Network TEN’s brand new series Long Lost Family where she uses her private investigating skills and expertise to search for estranged family members and helps them to reconnect.
  • Long Lost Family (TV Program)
  • Network Ten

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Nathanial Bibby, a professional speaker and highly-sought after business strategist has built a reputation of delivering cutting-edge strategies including Australia’s first LinkedIn lead generation service. Areas of speciality include Business Speakers. With 450m+ members now on LinkedIn and 75% of internet users spending time on social media; it’s no wonder that Nathanial Bibby is one of Australia’s most sought-after speakers.