What is Roving Entertainment? All Your Questions Answered

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How to bring your event to life with creative, dynamic roving entertainment.
Roving entertainment is an exciting category that lets you be as creative as you need to make your event come alive. It covers a huge range of entertainment concepts that transcend the traditional performance on centre stage.


What Are Roving Performers?

Roving performance is a broad category of entertainment that takes place anywhere in the event space, not just in a fixed spot on the stage.

Roving performers can move through the audience, meet and greet, mix and mingle, be rigged from ceiling or even stand still as statues and sight acts. They’re a great way to get really creative with event entertainment ideas.

Roving performers help you set the event mood and theme through costuming, movement, placement and engaging more closely with guests than a stage act.

Think dancers, musicians, comedians, acrobats, magicians, trapeze artists, stilt walkers, visual performers, costumed wait staff and illuminated entertainers.

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What Do Roving Performers Do?

Roving performers work the space in a huge variety of ways to take your event to the next level.

Wow the crowds with exquisite illuminated entertainers, daring fire-breathers, contortionists or witty troupes who make crowd interaction a part of their act.

The sky’s the limit to creativity with the myriad skills of roving performers than they can usually tailor for your event needs.

Roving performers are professional entertainers with many different skills:
Mime artists
Stilt walkers
Fire performers
Stilt walkers

What is the History of Roving Entertainment?

Roving entertainment has its origin in busking and street performance, which have both been around since ancient times.

People have for thousands of years enjoyed the universal buzz of live outdoor performances, and would pay money for the privilege.

Today’s event-goers get the same thrill from roving performers, with modern technology, costuming and lighting effects giving their acts even more exciting.

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Are Roving Performers a Good Choice for Creative, Out-of-the-Box Entertainment?

Roving performers are a smart choice for delighting your audience with out-of-the-box entertainment they haven’t seen before. They can transform even the plainest of venues into a magnificent atmosphere for people to enjoy.

Roving talent incorporates multi-sensory components into their entertainment, through costuming, movement, placement, illumination, props and intimate audience interaction.

Ask us about roving entertainers customised for your event goals and audience.

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What are the Different Types of Roving Entertainment?

Roving entertainment is an act performed anywhere at the event besides on stage. Because there are so many different types of roving performer, most of whom will customise to the event needs, Event Managers can think outside the square to create the right event atmosphere and theme.

Roving Performers Include:

Stilt walkers
Fire acts
Stilt walkers
Escape artists
Mime artists
Mobile musicians
Trapeze artists
Hula hoop acts
Visual performers
Sight acts
Character acts

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Which Roving Performer is Best for my Event?

There are no hard and fast rules, but your event objectives, format, venue and, very importantly, audience tastes, should drive your choice.

Here are some roving entertainment ideas for different event types and segments:
Meet and greet on arrival
  • Impersonators greeting guests
  • Magicians performing tricks as guests arrive
  • Character acts to help ‘warm up’ the crowd
Stand-up cocktail party
  • Exquisite sounds of a string quartet (they can be stationary)
  • High visual room centrepiece in illuminated costume
  • Wait staff in themed costumes

International industry conference – networking session
  • Showcase local talent to international visitors
  • Sample several shorter acts for an audience of mixed demographics
  • Roaming musicians weave through the crowd
Product launch
  • Incorporate product branding elements in lighting and props
  • Generate excitement with high-octane firebreathers and hula-hoopists
  • Ceiling-suspended trapeze act

Remember, most roving performers can tailor their act to meet the needs of your event format, venue and audience tastes.

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Roving performers work the space to connect closely with the audience in novel, dynamic ways: think giant creatures on stilts, illuminated dancers, character acts who converse with guests, gorgeous human centrepieces, roaming musicians and so much more.

Check out our full range of roving talent for more inspiration.

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