Sydney's 5 Most Popular Roving Acts You've Never Heard Of

Sydney’s 5 Most Popular Roving Performers You’ve Never Hear Of

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One of the biggest challenges for event managers is to continually outdo every last fabulous event they produced. They know choosing the right speakers, MCs and entertainers is key to success, so the pressure’s on to keep sourcing great talent.

If you’re like 99.9% of event managers always on the hunt for fresh ideas, you’ve landed in the right spot.

We reveal Sydney’s 5 hottest roving acts, along with a few special bonus extras, to inspire your creativity to make your next event your best ever.

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What Are Roving Performers?

Roving entertainers are those who perform anywhere in the space beyond a fixed area on stage.

They don’t always move about as the term ‘roving’ might suggest, which includes statue and other centrepiece performers:

Character acts
Costumed waitstaff
Stilt walkers
Moving musicians
Fire breathers

This variety gives you scope to get totally creative with an event experience your guests will remember for a long time to come.

Roving performers can work the space, interact with guests or mesmerise with costuming, lighting and incredible presence. Most are flexible to adapt their performance to your event objectives and choice of venue.

What’s Hot in Sydney – Top 5 Roving Acts

Here’s the countdown to our most popular roving performers. Although these acts are from Sydney they can – and often do – travel, so please do contact us for your event.

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Roving Performer

Feel The Beat

Dynasty Drumline is a mobile drumming troupe who will open your event with a big bang and move your audience to the max. They harness the power of music with drum beats that create an uplifting, inspiring atmosphere that unites the whole room.

They have a knack for holding your guests’ undivided attention throughout their performance. More than just a treat for the ears, they provide a visual spectacle with choreographed routines incorporating flashy stick tricks whilst on the move.

Dynasty Drumline are flexible and adaptable enough to perform at venues of any size and will tailor their act to meet your event requirements.

They’re available as a 3-piece up to a full ensemble with 9+ members. See Dynasty Drumline

Roving Performer

Captivated with Beauty and Elegance

If you want to wow your guests in a glamorous, sophisticated way, the Ballerinas in Bubbles will fit the bill perfectly.

Professional dancers perform graceful balletic moves inside giant bubbles that glide elegantly across the stage or dance floor. Their exquisite ballerina costumes are intriguing and beautiful to watch. See Ballerinas in Bubbles

Bubbles not just about ballet!
Contortionists, acrobats and modern dancers also perform incredible moves inside giant bubbles.

Their versatile range of movement and costuming style lets you think outside the square for a wide range of event types.

Whether it’s the grace of ballet or the wonder of acrobatics, Ballerinas in Bubbles will provide an incredible atmosphere and a unique talking point that guests will recall for years to come.

Roving Performer

In One Word, ‘Wow!’

Standing at around 9 feet tall, the LED Robots are ginormous in size and impact with their bright LED lights from top to bottom. The LED Robots perform on professional stilts that are not visible, and the highly skilled performers give these larger than life the robots a natural way of walking.

If you’re after big, tall, bright and upbeat, don’t look past the incredible LED Robots. Their seemingly endless array of colours, patterns and brightness is simply dazzling, and they can even dance to the beat of funky, uplifting tunes. See LED Robots

Roving Performer

Inspired Old World Beauty

The Champagne Girls blend glamour and elegance with high art, with a reinterpretation of the serving table that is truly their own.

They move gracefully about the space, interacting with guests and serving drinks with an effect that conjures magic realism. Their entrance, costumes and seamless movement will lift even the blandest of venues to a new level of sophistication.

The Champagne Girls are perfectly suited to corporate functions, big events and launches, and they can provide a visual treat or become the main feature for a thrilling audience experience.

The girls can be dressed in specific colours and styles, allowing clients to display their company branding, unique product or delicious catering with dramatic impact and we can make as many as you require. See Champagne Girls

Roving Performer

Surreal Striking Impact

The Flower Orbs are surreal, moving objects d’art that look incredible in so many different spaces. They visually pop against architecture, urban landscapes and venue interiors alike. The Flower Orbs incorporate statue, slow movement, dancing and audience interaction for a curious sense of elegance that is hard to look away from.

Using statue, tableau and dancing the Flower Orbs create scenes of oddity and elegance. Truly original and delightfully oddball, the Flower Orbs suit many different event types and will be sure to delight your guests. See Flower Orbs

But Wait, There’s More Hot Sydney Acts!

With so many choices we couldn’t resist sharing a few bonus acts.

Here are 4 special Sydney mentions to whet your creative appetite:

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Bonus Sydney Act

Totally Out There, Totally Amazing

The Replicants are a hi-tech troupe of illuminated costume-wearing, graphic poi-wielding, genetically engineered organic robots.

What are Graphic Poi?

These ingenious bits of tech are LED-lit twirling batons used to make images look as if they’re floating mid air.
This effect relies on the phenomenon of persistent imaging, which is an afterimage of light thought to persist on the retina for about one-twenty fifth of a second.

It’s simply breathtaking to see The Replicants in action, and they suit a wide range of stage and roving scenarios. The graphic poi let you customise to your heart’s content, with each LED having a staggering 16 million colours. Imagine your graphics, text and logos displayed live, which The Replicants ‘paint’ them around themselves in synchronized, choreographed patterns.

The graphics are programmed to music, and you can even specify the moment you want your logo or message to appear. See The Replicants

Bonus Sydney Act

Show-Stopping Elegance

Hula Illumination will impress your guests with the sheer elegance of illuminated costumes and props. Smooth hula hoop moves with the latest high-tech glowing hula hoops make this act is a veritable show stopper.

A multi-skilled female circus performer renowned for her stylish hula hoop moves and diverse skills brings a professionalism, style and skill to her act that make this show unique and beautifully original.

Your guests will be more than impressed – they’ll be entertained, and will remember the stunning performance for years to come. See Hula Illumination

Bonus Sydney Act

Exquisite Pure White

Reminiscent of frosty fairy tales, The Snow Queens are haughty, elegant and as cold as ice. Super tall, they look as if they ported straight out of a mystical setting, with their exquisite, mirror-bejewelled satin gown, glittering crowns and white fur. Visually they stun with pure, snowy whiteness, perfect for indoors, outdoors, Christmas, mid-winter carnivals and parades.

Being consummate professionals the Snow Queens are not, of course, too haughty to adapt their costuming and choreography to fit with your production needs. They come with or without wings to suit your venue, or with added lights for the surreal magic of illuminated entertainment. See The Snow Queens

Bonus Sydney Act

Grandiose Musical Flair

Open your event with a fanfare. From the brilliance of a single trumpet to the max effect of multiple fanfare trumpets and percussion, Fanfare Australia provides brass fanfares for a wide range of event formats. They’re about much more than just the sound of music. Your guests will be enthralled by visual pageantry that’s fit for royalty, with customisable choreography to give you just the impact you want.

Fanfare Australia provides an exceptionally high standard of music that can be arranged for many ensemble sizes. Choose from a large range of music from extremely short fanfares for quick announcements to longer performances for entrances and processionals. There are different styles of uniforms you can choose to suit the tone and style of your event. See Fanfare Australia

Welcome to Your Next ‘Best Ever’ Event

If you’ve ever racked your brain trying to think of new entertainment ideas, know you’re in good company. Even the most seasoned event professionals face this challenge, and it is what inspired us to present these ideas for Sydney’s most popular roving acts.

Now, over to you: get creative and may your next event be your best ever.

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