Roving Entertainment 101

Roving Entertainment 101: How To Get ‘Wow’ Right Now

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If you’re a bit of newbie at events but want to fast track your way to making a big impact, you need to know about roving entertainment.

Roving performers open up huge possibilities in the way they work the space, and the crowd, in so many creative ways.

Here are the nuts and bolts to help you get the most out of your event. Read this and listen out to hear your guests say ‘Wow!’

What is Roving Entertainment?

Although many do move about, roving entertainers are those who perform anywhere in the space that’s not in a fixed spot on stage. Even statue performers are classed as roving and they don’t move at all!

The types of roving and specialty performers go way beyond clowning:

  • Moving musicians
  • Character acts
  • Elaborately costumed waitstaff
  • Stilt-walkers
  • Jugglers
  • Statues
  • Acrobats
  • Fire breathers

The 6 Big Benefits of Roving

1. Roving will transform your event

Roving performers are trained to work the given space, and recreate it into something entirely different from the physical space itself.

Every act has its own way of doing this: choreography, maintaining eye contact, speaking and joking directly with guests, holding the crowd’s attention throughout the set. There’s a myriad of ways they can transform your event, even with limited space, budget or a very tightly-scheduled runsheet.

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2. Set the scene

Roving performers can be used to introduce a specific theme for the whole event, or to simply establish a mood or feeling whether it be uplifting, fun, lavish, magical or formal. A feast for the senses.

3. Break the ice

Some attendees may feel a little reserved at the start of an event, especially if they don’t know many people. Roving performers are a great way to help ‘break the ice’ and get people talking, laughing and interacting, and to establish a great mood for the rest of the night.

4. Transform a dull space

If your venue doesn’t have a stage, or you’re worried the room is too drab, a roving entertainer can bring the space to life, and then some. It could be a mix and mingle performer during pre-dinner drinks, or between presentations to keep the crowd engaged and enthused.

If the ceilings has strong beams for rigging, you might consider acrobats and illuminated performers suspended from above, bringing a sense of joy and wonder to your production.

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5. Maximise your budget

Instead of injecting the ‘Wow!’ factor via a high-profile celebrity talent who will probably blow your budget in one fell swoop, try making an impact with an exciting roving act instead. The talent may not be a household name, but they’ll work with your event goals to optimise the area, and captivate your guests in a way they won’t forget.

6. Optimise a tight run sheet

If your schedule is packed tight with presenter after presenter, you mightn’t have much time left for entertainment. Roving acts can perform during other activities – such as pre-dinner drinks – saving precious minutes while making sure your guests still have a fabulous time.

Some ideas:
  • Create an exhilarating yet formal tone with a string quartet playing classical music as guests arrive at your gala dinner
  • Re-energise guests who’ve been sitting for long sessions with stilt walkers serving drinks during the break

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When to Use Roving Performers

The sky’s the limit when it comes to where, when and how you might use roving entertainment!

There are no hard and fast rules. Just put on your creative thinking cap, and keep your event goals and audience preferences firmly in mind.

4 Immensely Popular Roving Concepts

1. Pre-dinner drinks and canapes
  • Magicians performing unbelievable tricks
  • Impersonators greeting guests
  • Roaming musicians playing live
  • Comedic characters chatting and joking with guests
2. Cocktail party
  • Exquisite sounds of a string quartet (they can be stationary)
  • Visual feast of a decorative, illuminated act as a ‘centrepiece’ for the room
  • Guests delighted to be served by elaborately costumed waitstaff
  • Breathtaking impact of a trapeze act suspended above
3. Performance showcase
  • Showcase local talent with several shorter acts instead of one big one
  • May be a more budget-friendly option
  • A mixed (non-heterogenous) audience enjoying a ‘sampler’ of multiple acts
  • Celebratory feel of mixing together different modes of entertainment, such as dance, music, hula, illusion
4. Customisation
  • Ask your talent agent about customised performances to really impress
  • Branding opportunity, with some acts able to use company colours and logos
  • Bring high-octane energy to a product launch with fire performers

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How about a little inspiration, now that we’ve covered the basics of roving performers? These are just a few acts to spark your thinking, and we can recommend many more. Just ask us!

Crystal Stilts

The Crystal Stilts entice the crowd with a gorgeous, sparkling energy. These highly visible mix and mingle characters roam through the event space, interact with guests and can even assist with Champagne service, topping up guest’s glasses from above.

Their costumes are all-white with thousands of crystals illuminated by an inbuilt light system, making the Crystal Stilts stand out beautifully in low-light event environments. They’re a unique and visually stunning act that enhances all kinds of classy event styling.

Illuminated Hula Hoops
Hula Illumination

Smooth hula moves with the latest high-tech, glowing hoops make this act a real show-stopper. Featuring a multi-skilled female circus performer renowned for her stylish hula hoop moves and diverse skills, Hula Illumination has performed in over 20 countries in five languages.

She brings a professionalism, style and skill to her act, making this show not only completely unique, but utterly unforgettable. Music adds to the mood as the performer works her way around the crowd, her dazzling hoops inspiring guests’ awe wherever she goes.

Beautiful Ballerinas
Ballerinas in Bubbles

Bring unrivalled glamour, sophistication and beauty to your event with the Ballerinas in Bubbles. They create an awe-inspiring atmosphere and a unique talking point, and will be sure to create many memorable moments that your guests will remember for years.

Encased in giant “bubbles”, the professional bubble dancers glide effortlessly about the space in exquisite costumes. They’re a perfect option for conference openings, product launches and any event that calls for a sophisticated Wow! factor.

Space Ballerinas

Tall and other-worldly, the pearly-white Space Ballerinas dance gracefully amongst the crowd. The Space Ballerinas are fantastic at corporate events, “white” parties, Christmas, mid-winter and wherever else takes your fancy.


Roaming musicians are a great choice to create the right mood for your event, as they bring more intimacy between guest and performer than a traditional stage act.

Segue delivers a new concept in roving musical entertainment, riding about the space on a modified human transporter (hidden under his costume), playing saxophone and entertaining as he goes.

Get Your Roving On

Entertainment can make or break your event, so it’s really important to get it right. Remember, it can be a little overwhelming once you start discovering all the incredible talent out there. Ballerinas in bubbles, living tables, replicants, hula illumination – the decisions can be as stimulating and incredible as the acts themselves!

Fear not, because talent bureaus (or agencies) are there to help! A good bureau will support you at every step of the way, with inspired recommendations for roving (or other) entertainment types to fit your event needs. They’ll ask about your audience, venue and event objectives, and will find the right talent to make your event a great one.

Now you have some fabulously creative options up your sleeve, in the form of roving entertainment, the sky’s the limit to your success with events. If you’d like to learn more about choosing the best roving act, check out 7 Secrets To Rocking It With Roving.

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