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Fresh from getting hitched in Capetown, South Africa, Nathaniel Willemse‘s folks decided to honeymoon in Australia and promptly fell in love with the place.
If I can say something with my music that makes a positive impact, then I’ll know I’ve done my job.Nathaniel
So much so that a few years later when his Dad was offered a job down under, they packed up six-year-old Nathaniel with the rest of the family and settled in Melbourne for good.

Nathaniel’s family didn’t count on their son making an impact with Australian TV audiences, not once but twice, and ending up as this country’s newest star.

A musician, songwriter and producer, Nathaniel grabbed the nation’s attention with his soaring, soulful voice on The X Factor in 2012, just as he had a few years earlier on Australian Idol.

Having forged his own sound; an innate sophistication and understated emotional power, Nathaniel Willemse is a young man on the edge of something big. And to see him live is something truly special.

Just imagine Nathaniel performing his latest hit Live Louder at your event!

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