Melbourne's 5 Most Bizarre Roving Acts Revealed

Melbourne’s 5 Most Bizarre Roving Acts Revealed

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Masterful ideas to max out your next event
Event management is a tough gig. On top of the gazillion things to do and details to manage, you’re always looking to outdo your last magnificent event. We’ll help you do just that with our roundup of Melbourne’s 5 edgiest roving entertainers.

Make Magic with Movement

By definition, roving is any act performed in a space beyond the traditional fixed spot on stage. It includes:

  • Sight acts
  • Visual centrepieces
  • Musicians
  • Illuminated entertainers
  • Magicians
  • Character Acts

Roving offers so much scope to get creative with entertainment. Moving acts can engage more closely with the audience, enliven the senses with exquisite costuming, lighting and sound, and transform the space into something truly magical.

Colourful characters, dreamy dancers and inspired costuming create a sense of the surreal, transporting guests far, far away from the ho-hum of daily life.

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5. Garden Party

18th Century Pomp With A Modern Twist

Three characters in horticulturally inspired costumes become a gorgeous roaming garden. They roam gracefully, crafting witty, amusing scenarios along the way. Each character has its own ‘garden’ personality, and they interact together to form a delightful, intriguing landscape.

Garden Party’s style is a masterful mix of contemporary fashion with 18th Century pomp and ceremony.

This clever ensemble will work with you to create a format to bring that je ne sais quoi to make your event a huge hit.

  • interactive tea ceremony
  • installation based performance
  • event specific gags and songs
  • ideal for corporate and corporate/family events
See Garden Party

4. Silver Suits Stilt Walkers

Make your space shimmer and shine

The Silver Suits Stilt Walkers are curious creatures: half-female, half-serpent, looming from above. Their shimmery, slithery, exaggerated proportions make them seem larger than life, creating a sense of mystery and surrealism.

Despite their size, the Silver Suits slither gracefully around, and their their top-to-toe sequins look like the ooze of molten metal. They’ll adapt their act to meet your brief, for movement, audience interaction and scenery.

Silver Suits is a spectacular stilt walking performance that has performed to great acclaim in Melbourne, as well as around Australia and overseas.

  • mesmerising sight act
  • stilt walkers
  • installation based performance
  • Ideal for corporate and family/corporate events
See Silver Suits Stilt Walkers

3. Boat of Faith

Wow them with this delightfully oddball crew

The Boat of Faith is a travelling story inspired by Michael Leunig’s artistic, poetic and character creations. The delightfully oddball perspective of one of Melbourne’s favourite cultural icons gives the Boat of Faith a quintessentially Australian flavour.

Mr Curly leads the Boat of Faith on a quirky, whimsical voyage where they meet absurd, comical characters and find themselves in absurd situations.

The direction-finding duck, an embracing angel and Mr Curly’s peculiar possibilities are grounded in joyful surrealism. The Boat of Faith act is adaptable to suit your event format and space.

  • Rich imagery
  • Music
  • Masks
  • Gentle audience interaction
See Boat of Faith

2. Floozie & Doozie

Tutti frutti 50s-inspired singing sensations

Sweet, fruity and fabulously funny, Floozie and Doozie will delight your guests with fave tunes from the 50s. Think: The Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke and more.

Floozie and Doozie’s heavenly harmonies are complemented perfectly by their giant puffs of pastel yellow hair. The lovely lemon-haired ladies are ace at audience interaction, and your guests will find it hard not to love their warm, witty humour.

Floozie and Doozie have the gift of being able to think on the fly to sing whatever song suits the moment, adapting their performance as they go

  • Exquisite voices
  • Gorgeous harmonies
  • Sweet & comical 50s theme
  • Intimate audience interaction
  • Colourful, tutti frutti costumes
See Floozie & Doozie

1. Curious Procession

Your event just got curiouser and curiouser

Take your audience on a wild ride through Alice’s Wonderland, replete with 18th century pomp and ceremony. Bizarre rituals, peculiar dance and irresistibly oddball characters leave the audience wondering what’s real and what’s not.

The loyal Knight dares not question the high and mighty, opinionated Queen – who is always, always right – and the Pawn will not budge from serving all and sundry.

Guests giggle at the Curious Procession’s attempts to make them abide by the rules of their absurd world: Mind what you say! Always show respect!

The clever characters of Curious Procession bring entertainment joy for all ages, including young children. The act is highly adaptable to many event formats too.

  • Dance, movement
  • Audience interaction
  • Upbeat, quirky music
  • Comical pomp & ceremony
See Curious Procession

Really? More roving entertainment ideas for me?

Of course, we couldn’t stop at five! There are so many amazing roving entertainers in marvellous Melbourne.
Here are 4 bonus special mentions:

1. The Seagulls

Bizarre, absurdly real and very, very funny

The Seagulls are eye-catching, surreal and highly comical. Their use their incredible working beaks to fossick through whatever, just like real, scavenging seagulls. Audiences crack up at their antics – stealing food from bags, pockets, off people’s plates and out of picnic baskets, squabbling and squawking as they go.

The Seagulls come in a fabulous flock of four, and they’ve brought their crazy brand of mischief to events in Melbourne and around Australia,and in Norway, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Book The Seagulls in advance, with limited Melbourne seasons due to international popularity.

  • Sight or roving act
  • Fun audience interaction
  • Simple concept with sensational effect
  • Ideal for corporate, family/corporate and community events
See The Seagulls

2. The Fops

Foppish, frilly and oh so Frenchy

Think ornate, excessive 17th century France: saucy, bawdy, even a tad naughty, in the nicest possible way. That’s The Fops’ world. Full of frills and frou-frou, The Fops are all about fun, frivolity and flirtation.

They parade about your space, shamelessly pretentious, drawing guests into arguments about etiquette and other refined matters. The Fops are highly stylised in frilly outfits and pompous white wigs.

The underlying (and cleverly repressed) sexual tension between the characters is a joy to watch, and brings a sense of sophisticated mischief.

  • Sumptuous, gorgeous costumes and settings
  • Fun, cheeky audience interaction
  • Adaptable to your audience and event format
See The Fops

3. The Fliez

Energise and enliven your event

The Fliez have clearly taken inspo from real flies, because they’re so absurdly life-like! Buzzing about, they land anywhere and everywhere: on walls, trees, bins and fences. Always watching with their funny compound eyes.

A little kooky, a little silly and a whole lot of fun, The Fliez are a highly adaptable act, letting you make an epic production for so many event types.

The Fliez have a strong following as entertainers in Melbourne, around Australia and overseas in Japan and Taiwan.

  • Fun at food themed events
  • Installation based performance
  • Roving entertainment
  • Aerial rigging and suspension – to buzz down buildings and fly across atriums
See The Fliez

4. Madame Penelope and her Pet Lizards

Roving reptiles run amok

Madame Penelope and her Pet Lizards bring vibrant fun to your event. Gorgeous bright colours and delightful interactions engage the senses. The exquisitely dressed Madame Penelope adores showing off her exotic pets, who are apparently well trained but still very mischievous!

Off they run into the audience, escaping her hilarious attempts to get them back.

The cheeky, curious and playful pet lizards are a joy for kids and adults alike.

  • Roving entertainment
  • Corporate events and family/corporate events
  • Visually striking
  • Fun for all ages
See Madame Penelope and her Pet Lizards

Get fresh, edgy and amazing with roving

Melbourne has a marvellous range of off-beat roving entertainers, from visually resplendent to stunningly surreal. Engage the senses and make magic feel real through movement, light and sound. Think outside the box to enthral your guests, and talk to our friendly team about getting really creative with roving to rock your next event.

After fresh, exciting entertainment ideas for Sydney events? You might enjoy Sydney’s Most Unusual Roving Acts.

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