How to Light Up Your Event Vivid-Style

How to Light Up Your Event Vivid Style

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Introducing Illuminated Entertainment

Are you looking for something innovative and totally Wow! for your next event?
Would you just love to bring some of that Vivid magic to the show? Well now you can, with illuminated entertainment. From wait staff in lit-up costumes to an all-out, Vivid-style interactive show, there are so many ways to create an exciting, impressive and memorable experience with illuminated entertainment.

The Replicants: Sydney Illuminated Entertainers

What is Illuminated Entertainment?

Illuminated entertainment incorporates smart, affordable and brilliant LED lighting technology in performer’s costumes, props and sets. It creates a light-filled, interactive experience that takes your event to a tech-savvy, sensational new level.

The concept itself is surprisingly simple and cost-effective and done well, the effect is truly stunning.

Spinjoy: Sydney Illuminated Entertainers

Stylishly and stunning

Lighting at corporate events doesn’t need to be tizzy or kitsch. Modern-day LED lighting can be as subtle or as spectacular as you want it to be – the sky really is the limit. Illuminated lighting lets you create the right mood to engage, rejoice and celebrate in an artistic way.

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4 Great Ways to Light Up Your Event

Illuminated entertainment lets you get really creative with your event. The variety of performers makes it easy to bring magic to virtually any venue, with talent available for all formats – including stage shows and roving entertainment.

Here are some fantastic ideas and inspire and spark your imagination.

More of a visual type?

Check out the infographic 4 Great Ways to Light Up Your Event

1. Cocktail/Canapé Serving


Set an enchanting mood right from the start during pre-dinner or cocktail canapés, with waiting staff in a variety of illuminated costumes and props. It’s a delightful way to transform even the barest of rooms for a fun, engaging experience.

Illuminated Table Service

Add some light and lollies to your event with these unique roving table characters, Illuminated Table Service

2. Stunning Centrepiece


Create a breath-taking focal point in your venue with a beautifully illuminated, interactive installation. Employees will be engaged both visually and interactively, making your business event an uplifting and exhilarating experience for everyone.

Diamond Moon: Illuminated Stage Show

Diamond Moon is a giant, sparkling, burlesque inspired masterpiece upon which a beautifully costumed performer lounges, dances, blows bubbles, serves champagne and delights your guests.

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3. Mix & Mingle Performers


Serve up something special with talented, illuminated performers who specialise in creating mood with lit-up costumes, props and special effects. The entertainers interact in fascinating ways to immerse guests in a surreal, uplifting experience they’ll never forget.

Illuminated roving acts are specialists in transforming a drab meeting room or dining hall into a palate of the impossible.

The Technicolour Dream Bear

Technicolour Dream Bear is a vision to behold – an amazing 3.2 meters long and 2 meters tall, the Dream Bear is a fusion of colour and vibrancy. He ambles along while his comically engaging chaperone entertains the crowd.

Crystal Stilts: Brisbane Illuminated Performer

Crystal Stilts are exquisite, very visible characters that roam around your venue, interacting with guests even helping to top up drinks.

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4. Illuminated Stage Shows


If your event is more suited to stage entertainment, there are plenty of options for you. Think choreographed shows with state of the art, special light effects that make the seemingly impossible come to life.

The brilliance of lighting effects has very broad appeal, so you don’t need to worry as much about a dance show or comedy act that appeals to a room of diverse tastes.

The Replicants: Sydney Illuminated Entertainers

The Replicants are a hi-tech, sci-fi inspired troupe of genetically engineered organic robots, who “paint” intricate graphic images in the air during their choreographed performance.

Hula Illumination: Sydney based Light Performers

Hula Illumination is an exquisite performance of beautiful hula moves using hi-tech glowing hula hoops.

That’s a Wrap!

It can be a challenge to make your corporate event even more interesting than the last, year upon year. These are just a few of the many wonderful ways you can bring festive charm in an original, engaging way to breathe new life into your occasion.

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