Keep Calm and Use This Amazing Event Planning Template

Keep Calm and Download This Amazing Event Planning Template

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Got an event to manage and want to be super organised from the get-go?

Keep calm and use this easy and efficient template pre-filled with all the important tasks, and no waffly bits.

You’ve just been given a fabulous, high profile corporate event to manage. Very exciting and totally nerve-wracking! You know you’re going to pull this one off like a star, but you haven’t yet worked out how.

Read on and save yourself loads of time – because we have the perfect tool to get your event up and running like a dream.

Free Download

Download the Event Planning Template to:

  • Understand and track key event details
  • Plan any event, from 14 days, 90 days or 6+ months away
  • Save time

Available in Excel and Google Sheets, pre-filled, fully editable, ready to print and free for a limited time. Download now

1. Keep Calm and Get Organised

I realise I’m preaching to the converted here: you got the gig in the first place because you’re an organised person. Still, you need to know that professional event managers run their seamless productions with the help of handy planning tools.

One of these is the event planner template, which serves as a giant to-do list to keep everything on track.

A great event planning tool encourages you to:

  • Plan ahead
  • Think strategically
  • Ensure nothing gets missed
  • Keep all stakeholders in the loop
  • Spend your budget wisely to fabulous, creative effect

2. Keep Calm and Use This Event Planning Template

You could create your own event plan in Word or Excel, and try to map out the project with all the possible tasks and contingencies you can think of. Problem is, developing from scratch is not the best use of your valuable time.

Efficient people like you know that you don’t really need to reinvent the wheel. Especially now there’s an incredibly easy to use, comprehensive event planning template right at your fingertips.

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This template is pre-filled with virtually all event components and is a cinch to customise as needed, giving newer event managers a helping hand plus a massive head start.

Pro Tip

The Event Planning Template is a dream to use:

  1. Download your choice of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets version
  2. Select the lead-time (14-day, 90-day or 6-month+) that applies to you
  3. Check through the pre-filled actions, noting their sequence
  4. Get ready to think, plan and do everything with finesse for a totally memorable event
Download the Event Planning Template

3. Keep Calm and Think Strategically

Effective event managers always approach their projects in a strategic way. That means taking time to look at the whole project before diving in, which is sometimes called a ‘high-level view.’ It lets you see from the beginning what’s involved, avoiding unpleasant surprises and managing your budget for maximum creative impact.

I forgot to book microphones!”
is not something you ever want to hear yourself saying…

Pay attention to:

  • Event goals: what does your company want the event to achieve?
  • Event scope: how many people will attend, what level of detail do you need for theming/decorations and what budget will you allocate to the all-important speakers, MC and entertainment?
  • Key stakeholders: what is the audience demographic? Who else do you need to keep in the loop throughout the project? (eg your boss, the finance team, speaker & entertainment bureau, ad agency, PR agency)
  • Budget: how much you have to spend in total and roughly how you’ll allocate it across all event parameters
  • Lead-times: how much planning time between now and the event?
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Keep these top-level items firmly in mind as you delve into the detail, as they’ll guide you to make winning choices about venue, catering, MCs, speakers, entertainment and all the myriad details along the way.

4. Keep Calm and Get Creative

If you want to get creative and make it an event to remember, taking the time to plan before you dive into the deep end is the best thing you can do.

It might be very tempting to go all out and book that gorgeous harbourside 3-hat seafood restaurant. Yes, mega-expensive, but worth it to impress your audience demographic, right?

Only if you have budget allocated for other crucial aspects of the event!

Venue and catering are, of course, very important to the overall event experience, but they’re not what makes it memorable. You might have the most exquisite baby lobster and wild-harvested oysters from the pristine waters of Tasmania’s south-west, but the heart-sinkingly dull speaker is guaranteed to dominate your guests’ experience. Not good!

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The message here: weight your budget to the areas with big impact:

  • Roving performers in magical, illuminated costumes
  • The cool comedian who has the room in stitches and causes mascara smudges galore
  • A high profile keynote speaker who has huge appeal for your the specific audience
  • A clever, ingeniously funny MC who keeps the audience entertained, refreshed and hanging off every eloquent word

Planning up front lets you allocate budget for the entire production, so you won’t blow it all once and be stuck, penniless, with a half-baked disaster on your hands.

5. Keep Calm and Budget Like a Pro

No two events are the same, but here are some of the bigger ticket, higher cost items you’ll need to consider in your budget:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Masters of Ceremonies
  • Entertainment: comedians, bands, magicians, roving performers
  • Catering – include food & beverages, wait staff
  • Travel – flying and accommodation for interstate/overseas staff and VIPs

6. Fall in Love With This Event Planning Template

It’s time to get into the details of managing your event, which we’ve made easy.

For smaller events you might choose the 90-day or 14-day template, both of which compress fewer number of steps into shorter timeframes. The 6-month+ template is perfect for larger, more detailed events. You can download it here.

Download the Template

  • Understand and track key event details
  • Plan any event, from 14 days, 90 days or 6+ months away
  • Save time

Comes pre-filled in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, fully editable and ready to print. Download now

There’s a lot to remember, but pre-filled for you and chunked down into the following key areas:

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Speaker
  • Entertainment
  • AV/lighting/staging
  • Program
  • Promotion & signage
  • Event day checklist

All you need to do is adapt the template for your event – delete any tasks that don’t apply. And remember, add any additional items that might be specific to your industry or event.

7. Keep Calm and Enjoy the Fabulous Feedback

Who said a newbie event manager can’t produce a knockout for very first event, surprising the pants off everybody?

Our talented events team pooled their years of experience and industry insights to create this fabulously comprehensive and easy to use event planning template, giving you a massive head start.

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Remember to enjoy the moment when the evaluation forms come in with rave reviews about your gobsmackingly great production.

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