Ultimate Guide to Event Industry Acronyms

Introducing The Ultimate Guide to Event Acronyms

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How to navigate your way through the maze of events industry acronyms.
Do you know the difference between a DMC and a DOS? Are you au fait with PCOAs and PCMAs? Acronyms abound in the events industry, so give yourself an advantage by getting to know the most commonly used ones.


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1. The ‘What the?’ Phone Call

It goes something like this:

Caller: “Hi, it’s Becca, CSM from AIME. Just following up to see you got the BEO for Tuesday night?”

You: [Your mind races – did she say Amy from ‘BECA’, or Becca from ‘AIME’?]

“Er, um. I’m sorry. Who am I speaking with?”

Caller: [Laughs kindly, dials down to snail pace to spell it out for you. You groan quietly on the inside]

“It’s Becca from Asia Pacific Incentives & Meetings Expo in Melbourne. I’m the Convention Services Manager. Just calling to see you received the Banquet Event Order for your sponsored event on Tuesday night…”

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with asking questions to clarify. Even the most seasoned operators have to learn new acronyms from time to time.

Still, you wish you were across them already.

2. Why So Many Acronyms?

Event management is fast-paced, detail-oriented project management that welcomes good quality, time-saving shortcuts. There’s no time for the tongue-twisters. If you have to say, “Sydney Olympic Park Authority” 13 times a day times it becomes a bit of a PITA.* SOPA is that much easier to say and write.

Enter the acronym, an abbreviation made from the first letters of words in a name or phrase. For example, AIMM stands for Accredited In-house Meetings Manager. Problem is, there are so many of them in the events industry. That’s why we created the Event Acronym Guide.

* “PITA: Pain in the a**”

Complete Event Acronym Guide

Loaded with all the event industry and organisation acronyms, you’ll never waste time looking up definitions again.

3. The Event Acronyms Guide

Events acronyms fall into two main categories:
  1. General acronyms that are short for processes, people and products
    • SDR = Sales Development Representative
    • GFX = Graphics
    • ESG = Events Specifications Guide

  2. Organisations
    • CINZ = Conferences & Incentives New Zealand
    • UFI = Union of International Fairs/ The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry
    • EEAA = Exhibition & Events Association of Australia

The guide lists each acronym, what it stands for as well as a handy definition of the item. It’s a great resource anybody in the events industry, whether you’re a newcomer or wanting a quick refresh of your already extensive knowledge.

The Acronym Guide for the Events Industry: lists each acronym, what it stands for plus a handy definition. Click To Tweet

4. How to Use the Event Acronyms Guide

It’s a cinch to use. Either:

The guide was created, and is continually updated, by event management experts. Before you know it you’ll be spouting acronyms with the best of them!

Top Tip

You might also enjoy our Event Management Glossary to learn even more event language. It’s fully searchable and filterable by event category to make it quick and easy.

5. Have Acronyms Down Pat in No Time

Event professionals are heavy duty abbreviators. As with most things in life, you need to learn to walk before you can run. It starts with talking the talk, and then walking the talk, then run and chew gum at the same time. In other words, knowing event acronyms gives you the confidence of seamless day-to-day communication.

See all the event industry acronyms now.

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