How to Use an Event Run Sheet

How to Use an Event Run Sheet Like a Professional

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You’re well into the year’s work, and your to-do list is spilling over.
On top of your usual crushing workload, you’re managing the company’s annual event. You know there’s a lot of work to make it happen, not to mention making it an event to be super proud of.

How will you do it all? The answer lies in using the right tools to manage the event efficiently and effectively.

Free Run Sheet Template

Download the Event Run Sheet for free and:

  • Track key event contacts & details
  • Communicate updates to your team
  • Save time

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The run sheet is one such tool that expert Event Managers always rely on. Our intrepid team created an easy to use, editable run sheet template which draws on their experience delivering thousands of successful events.

Read on to find out more and download our easy, editable run sheet template to start maintaining contacts, communicating schedules and optimising event ROI like a seasoned professional.

The 4 Benefits of Event Run Sheets

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1. The Event Run Sheet Explained

A run sheet is a central resource for streamlining event management projects in a simple, ready-to-use format. And if you’re fairly new to events it’ll give you the flying head start you need!

A good run sheet lists the sequence of steps for running an event from start to finish, set out by time, date, location and responsibility. And a great run sheet also keeps contacts and schedules in one central place, and minimises the risk of things being missed along the way.

Pro Tip

As you make changes to the run sheet, label each version so everyone can track the latest updates.

As the event approaches there are often last minute tweaks, and the right run sheet will help you to communicate these quickly.

2. Easily Maintain Contacts

Managing events means keeping track of multiple contact details. Depending on the size of your event, these might include:

  • People attending
  • Venue manager
  • Catering
  • Keynote speaker
  • MC
  • Entertainment
  • AV hire
  • Photographer
  • Logistics manager
  • Travel agent
  • PR agency

Keeping all your contacts in one place saves time and streamlines event management processes. Other people working on the event can refer to the contacts as needed, rather than always asking you to send details.

Free Template Download

Download the Event Run Sheet and:

  • Track key event contacts & details
  • Communicate updates to your team
  • Save time

Available in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, fully editable and ready to print. Download now

The run sheet contacts can be used as a simple database for mail merging invitations and email communications, as well as managing RSVPs and recording any specific dietary requirements for catering purposes. We made our run sheet template intentionally easy so you can customise it to your specific needs.

3. Communicate Seamlessly

More often than not, planning an event involves multiple stakeholders. At any given point your boss, colleagues or others may request specific event details.

A run sheet allows you to retrieve this information quickly, avoiding delays and minimising disruptions to your own workflow. Communicating the schedule – and any last minute changes – with speakers, venue managers and agencies is so much easier when you have the up-to-date information at your fingertips.

4. Maximise Event ROI

Successful event management is all about being super organised to keep schedules and budgets on track. Attention to detail is mission critical, because even the smallest oversight can have a major impact on event outcomes. For example, omitting to communicate schedule changes to can play havoc with the timing of your event. Forgetting to note dietary requirements for attendees will make the occasion memorable for the wrong reasons.

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An event run sheet is a vital tool for managing and communicating all the details, and will ultimately help you to get the most out of the event.

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