How to Spice Up Your Virtual Event

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Bring back the magic
It’s time to bring the magic to dull online meetings! Liam Power shows us how well magic performance translates to virtual, while Sam Powers brings a proven hoax element to the online world… And can Ben Murphy read your mind?

  1. Energise Employees
  2. Make Your Zoom Go Boom
  3. Mind-Bending Mind Reading

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1. Energise Employees

Liam Power has taken his popular close-up magic show and re-invented it to be presented virtually.

Presented on your platform of choice, it’s definitely not a passive experience, participants will be fully engaged in the show.

Perfect to energise employees or a fun activity for groups.

“It’s hard to charm most of our guys but everyone was very impressed so thanks again!”Zoë Heffernan - AMP

This is definitely not a passive experience: How to Energise Employees During an Online Meeting. Click To Tweet

2. Make Your Zoom Go Boom

Meet “Samuel Powerstein”, corporate financial strategist who coaches pivoting techniques for the COVID-19 crisis.
He’s dressed in business jacket and tie, glasses and he knows his stuff!

He joins the meeting and says, “Imagine if we could convert scrap paper into cash during the crisis”.

At that very moment, instantly transforms paper to cold hard cash and people freak out!

The costume rips off like Clarke Kent to Superman and the Sam Powers virtual magic experience begins…

Sam holds a live, totally interactive online experience with mind-bending magic and outrageous comedy.

Samuel Powerstein is a corporate financial strategist coaching pivoting techniques for the COVID-19 crisis... or is he? Click To Tweet

3. Mind-Bending Mind Reading

Is iso and distancing getting you down?
Do your virtual meetings need an energy lift?

Add some wow to your day with Ben Murphy!

Ben’s live online show features interactive magic and audience participation, streamed live to you:

  • mind-reading to confuse even the harshest critic
  • amazing card tricks with the slickest sleight of hand
  • impossible feats with everyday objects
  • laughter and more, as if Ben was in the same room
  • performed in front of star curtain backdrop, with lighting and clear sound

“Ben! Thanks so much for that – it’s so engaging at the same time, and great that we can enjoy a little time out in our work day!”Chobani Gippsland Dairy

Do your virtual meetings need an energy lift? Add some WOW to your meetings with clever guest hoaxes, mind-reading and more. Click To Tweet

If you want ideas for your virtual meeting, get in touch – we’re always available to chat.

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