How to Make Virtual Event Pop

How to Make Your Virtual Event Pop

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Bring the Magic to Your Virtual Event
Right now is a tough time for the events industry. But events are not going to roll over. The Enhance team is full steam ahead on offering you solutions for amazing events, and here I offer ideas for virtual ones.

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Playing Catchup

Even though some social distancing restrictions are being lifted as I write, there’s still no end of uncertainty for events. Despite this, it’s great to see organisations turn to virtual events to keep things moving.

Awards nights, business promotions and other corporate events scheduled for 2021/22 are going ahead with digital delivery.

But there are challenges to getting it right online. I believe that with the right format and talent brief, it’s entirely possible to hold a high-return virtual event.

Awards nights, business promotions and corporate events scheduled for 2021/22 are going ahead using digital delivery. Click To Tweet

Get Smart With Virtual

Imagine virtual events that are just as good as… wait! Even better than live experiences??? Why not? It’s a new era, a new way of thinking.

Let’s reframe this to the bright side.

Here are some definite advantages to online events:

Less travel time for participants (bonus for the environment)

Shorter event duration than live

Participants have more leisure time, and time with family

Business up top, trackies and uggies below – total comfort!

For Event Managers, it offers a new way to shine. Here’s your opportunity to be strategic, get creative and stand out from the current swell of online events.

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Keys To Successful Online Events

We’ve been working hard with our talent to develop virtual ideas that delight audiences, no matter where they join you from.

Keys to success:

Plan for shorter events
Keeping your audience engaged will be more of a challenge online.

Shorter events are important, to keep things super tight and focused. Luckily it’s achievable without all the people movement, meals and beverages which absorb time at actual events.

Aim for intimacy
While the screen is a barrier to enjoying the multi-sensory live experience, there is a certain intimacy that comes with watching speakers and entertainers in the privacy of your own home or office.

The proximity of close-up camera angles lends a feeling that they’re right there with you, talking to you. You’re an audience of one, and they’re there in the room with you.

Harness this sense of intimacy through powerful connection

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How to Create That Powerful Connection

Just as with live events, the right talent can make or break your virtual event.

I’ll break it down for online, because there are similarities and differences.

Drawcard Talent

Fully online events are still a fairly new format, and some people will be less enthused than others. The flood of zoom calls and webinars doesn’t help!

A high profile entertainer works wonders here to get your audience excited. With potential cash savings on venue, catering etc, even a pandemic-slashed budget may be able to spring for top talent.

Talent Fit For Virtual

Celebrity status is one matter. But the talent must be capable of adjusting to online delivery. It’s not every performer’s strength!

It’s mission-critical to connect with the subject matter and audience, and provide light relief between drier segments, and lend an overall structure to the event.

Talent Who Fits Your Brand

Important for online and IRL (in real life). We’ve been successful with certain comedians stepping up to reframe their delivery for screens.

They’re a great choice, as long as they’re aligned with brand values and audience.

A Precise Brief

Here’s the tricky part, best handled by an experienced talent bureau (ahem, us). The brief needs to cater for event goals, audience attention span, create appropriate icebreakers and engage with event content to create a powerful connection.

It’s not the same as a live stage act. Virtual formats call for closer interaction by the talent, with subject matter and audience.

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Let Us Help

Now is definitely not the time to choose and brief talent for online formats on your own.

This is when you most need a trusted, experienced and service-oriented talent agency. It’s not just important, it’s imperative.

For over 20 years, we have built relationships of excellent rapport with a range of talent, from household names to emerging stars. With that experience comes the insight to know the right talent for specific events.

We know what works live, and we know who best translates to online presence. It also means the talent trusts us to make the right recommendations for them and you, because we have a vested interest in helping you run a brilliant event every time.

Please get in touch for more information about virtual events. We’re ready to chat and make recommendations.

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