How to Create a Vivid-Style Event with Illuminated Entertainment

How To Create A Vivid Style Event With Illuminated Entertainment

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Ever met an Event Manager who’s not excited by new and original entertainment ideas?
Me either.

Vivid Sydney is back for 2024 with a program aimed to knock your socks off. The array of concepts running from 26 May – 17 June amount to event idea heaven.

Now you can integrate Vivid magic into your events using custom illuminated entertainers and here, we show you how.


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1. What is illuminated entertainment, exactly?

Developments in LED and laser lighting have transformed the events industry. With custom modifications and creativity, elements usually reserved for big name acts holding stadium events can now be introduced directly to the corporate arena.

Special lighting effects are integrated into performer’s costumes, props and sets to create a light-filled, interactive experience.

While there are technical feats behind the scenes, the concept itself is simple and cost-effective. And the results are nothing short of sensational.

2. Entertainment, Customised

Take illumination to the next level by having your corporate colours, logos, even your key message appear like magic inside your event show. Picture your company literally floating on air, your logo or a new product unveiled in spectacular formation at just the right moment.

It’s our pleasure to give you a taste of illuminated talent ready to weave your brand elements into their show!

Disco Fever
Custom Roving

This luxury roving act was originally designed and custom made to perform during Vivid.

With LED lights and lasers Disco Fever is a one-of-it’s-kind visual roving act that will get everybody dancing!

The Replicants
Custom Show & Roving

They’re a hi-tech troupe of illuminated costume-donning, graphic poi-wielding, genetically engineered organic robots.

Imagine your graphics, text and logos displayed live, which The Replicants ‘paint’ around themselves in synchronized, choreographed patterns. The graphics can also be programmed to music, and you can even specify the moment at which you want your logo or message to appear.

Totally out there, totally amazing.

Graphic Poi Explained

Graphic poi are LED-lit twirling batons used to make images look as if they’re floating mid air.

Each baton holds up to 144 LEDs, with each LED having a staggering 16 million colours which means you can customise to your heart’s content!

This incredible effect relies on the phenomenon of persistent imaging, which is an afterimage of light thought to persist on the retina for about one-twenty fifth of a second!

It’s breathtaking to see, and suits a wide range of stage and roving scenarios.

Shark Fin Robot LED Dancers
Custom Show & Roving

Designed by our team, these robot LED multiple effects are unique!

Shark Fin Robot LED Dancers bring with them impressive effects like waves of colours, multi-coloured functions, star effects and much more.

They’re the perfect eye-catching roving act for event planners looking for animated roving acts, and product launches that want an angle to exhibit innovative ideas.

Expect glowing reviews from their presence at your event! Bespoke show option available now available.

A string of bright ideas

As Australia’s major event in winter, Vivid Sydney was voted Australia’s Best Event in 2013 and Best Tourism Event in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Ever since the first light came on at Vivid back in 2009, Enhance has provided talent to its impressive array of installations and events.

3. Go Light, White and Icy

Mystical, magical, all-white themes are always a crowd-pleaser. Bright, white and light is uplifting to the senses, and can be applied in so many different ways.

Indoors, outdoors, Christmas, mid-winter carnivals and parades are perfect dressed in white. Here’s our pick of performers who’ll customise their show for you:

Space Ballerinas

The Space Ballerinas are pearly white dancers that twirl gracefully like ballerinas around your guests, pretty lights twinkling as if from another realm. Mysterious, other-worldly and tall, the it’s hard not be drawn in by the Space Ballerinas.

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Snow Queens

Haughty and elegant. As cold as ice. Super tall. The Snow Queens look as if they jumped straight off the pages of a beautifully frosty fairy-tale.

They don exquisite, mirror-bejewelled satin gown, glittering crowns and white fur to conjure a cold, icy place. The Snow Queens are not, however, too haughty to tailor their costuming and choreography to fit with your production needs.

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4. Go Green With Off-the-Grid Performers

Solar Bugs

Now you can choose to reduce your event’s carbon footprint with the dazzling and eco-friendly Solar Bugs. These thoughtful performers have solar panels embedded into their costumes, which absorb sun rays by day and light up by night.

Solar Bugs debuted at Vivid Sydney 2014, and have continued as a popular choice for pulling in the crowds and making a big impact. They’ll customise their roving performances for day and evening, working to your event specifics.

5. Hi-Tech Hoop Dreams

Verogue Dereesi
Custom Show & Roving

Verouge’s dazzling, avant-garde style show of lit-up spinning hoops, dance and mesmerising fire will be sure to awaken even the most jaded corporates. Verouge Dereesi caters to specific event needs using colours, logos with props and choreo. She conducts corporate workshops that let you bring your event to life á la Vivid, inspiring everyone to work and play harder. Brilliant idea!

Verouge’s performance highlights include Baranagaroo NYE Celebrations 2016, Vivid Sydney 2015/2016 and Dark MOFO Hobart 2015.

Custom Show & Roving

Spinjoy is another high priestess of hula. It’s impossible not to be lured by her sassy high-octane dance and circus tricks with illuminated hoops. Her bright, spirited energy has universal appeal for peoples of all ages and walks of life.

Spinjoy has plenty of experience working with corporate audiences, and will tailor her shows to your specific needs. Think beyond event entertainment to team-building events and tailored hula hoop workshops.

Break down barriers between co-workers and unfreeze the coldest personalities in your workplace with Spinjoy’s ice-breaking, heart-warming performance.

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6. Turn Up The Atmosphere

Illuminated performers give so much scope to create a magical atmosphere and transform even the dreariest of spaces. Guests can enjoy pre-dinner drinks and canapés served to them by dreamy characters in gorgeously-lit costumes, props and other special effects.

They’ll be immersed in a surreal, uplifting experience they’ll talk about for weeks.

LED Flowers

So versatile are the LED Flowers, they can perform on the ground, on roller skates, even on high stilts.

The performer costumes are equipped with one thousand LEDs that guarantee incredible light effects.

The glowing LED flower performers really are blooming with beauty and colour.

Light Bites

Light Bites‘ charismatic roving performers customise their costumes with illuminated, transparent serving to suit your event and your branding needs.

LED Ballerinas

Professional ballerinas in stunning costumes invite the audience to a timeless, poetic performance.

Dressed in delicate LED tutus and costumes, the LED Ballerinas can also perform inside the transparent bubbles.

Dream Bear & Bo Peeps

The bright, festive Dream Bear & Bo-Peeps are a delightful duo. Dream Bear is a big, beautiful, psychedelic-looking creature over 3m long, who ambles with his companion Bo-Peeps.

Bo-Peeps chats with your audience, and her dialogue can be tailored to your needs. The performers are well-versed in comedic improvisation for a fun, interactive experience. Bo-Peeps can also switch up the theme as Circus Ring Master or a Fantasy Lil Bo Peep, with or without stilts.

Hot tip

Check out the the Vivid Sydney program and start marking off the events you want to see today. Why? ‘Cause it’d be impossible to get to every single one!

7. Light Up Like Vivid

If like us, Vivid Sydney gives you frissons of joy, you’ll love that you can now light up your own event with Vivid brilliance. The key steps are:

  • Work with illuminated performers that can customise for your event
  • Clearly brief your goals, allowing talent to drum up great ideas to make your event stand out from the rest
  • The illuminated entertainers above are a small sample, so talk to your entertainment bureau today to discover more possibilities

So go ahead, get creative and get your Vivid on!

Vivid Festival is 24 May – 15 June 2024

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  1. The breakdown of the process, from conceptualization to execution, provides a clear roadmap for event planners looking to add that extra ‘wow’ factor. The emphasis on customization and personalization aligns perfectly with the growing demand for unique and immersive event experiences.

    Kudos on highlighting the transformative power of lighting and entertainment in setting the mood and leaving a lasting impression. Looking forward to more inspiring tips and ideas from your team. Keep shining!

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