How to Choose & Use The Right Event Professionals

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At the core, events are about people, their relationships and making the right chemistry.
When you think about it, the most essential element to a successful event is the people you choose to deal with. After all, it’s the people who run them, attend them and keep events running in a seamless way on-site.

It’s the event professionals that create the right event chemistry that are worth more than their weight in gold.

Let’s dive into the chemistry of a successful event using The Periodic Table of Events.

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The Chemistry of Events

The Periodic Table of Events is your handy guide to the key elements – the people, or touchpoints – you come to rely on for different event types.

Knowing these elements and where they slot into your event will help you arrange the particles to create the right compounds for the best result.

The Event Particles

There’s a lot involved in planning, designing and managing an event. To make the event a success, event particles need to be arranged in a particular order.

The Event Particles

1. Event objectives
2. Audience demographic
3. Budget

So how do we arrange the event particles for the best result?

That depends on the type of event you’re organising. Is your event a:

  • Large conference
  • Awards night
  • Small conference
  • Industry event
  • Company-wide event
  • In-house seminar
The Event Compounds

Fabulous events don’t just happen by chance. It takes a lot of mixing, brewing and reacting in the events ‘laboratory’. We need to understand the elements is just the beginning of this process.

Depending on the event size, scope and complexity of your event (see event type above), the event compounds may include the following.

The Event Compounds


When we look inside to see what’s driving the compounds above, we discover they’re all made up of the same essential things – people. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about people.

Red Hot Tip

Using industry contacts with trusted suppliers and building rapport with your colleagues in other departments is the secret to producing truly amazing events.

The Event Elements

While different event types use different event compounds, what doesn’t change is the people-centricity of event management. Behind all the particles, compounds and brilliantly masterminded results are the most important element of all: the people.

Using industry contacts with trusted suppliers and building rapport with colleagues is the secret to producing truly amazing #events. Click To Tweet

Event management at the core is all about people and relationships. You can give your event planning career a major boost by getting to know who’s who in the zoo, who does what, how and when.

The Periodic Table of Events maps event industry players out in an easily accessible format. With this reference you can get that chemistry bubbling between you and the people you’ll work with along the way.


Communication with your people is important. The Periodic Table of Events maps the players in the events industry out in an easily accessible format.

Once you know who’s who, you can focus on building connections and contacts. For example, stay in regular contact with your venue manager to keep them abreast of any relevant changes in the lead-up to the event. They’ll provide all the information you need about the venue, from room setup to contracts, so it’s wise to keep in touch.

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Same applies for getting to know internal people, such as your colleagues in Finance or Marketing. You never know how they can to support you with budgeting and promotion of your event until you get to know them!

The Periodic Table of Events

The Periodic Table of Events gives you a fast view of who’s who in event management. See at a glance the people you’re likely to work with for different event formats. Easy!

Events professionals are in these groups, color-coded to match the Periodic Table:

The Event Groups

Support Team
Travel & Accommodation

This means you can see which group your contact belongs to in the context of the event you’re working on, all while keeping a high-level view for the entire project.

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The Event Alchemist

When it comes to event management, no person is an island unto themselves. Events are all about people, so it’s important to know who’s who, who does what, how and when.

It all comes down to knowing your people, or elements, who’ll help you make amazing event chemistry.

With The Periodic Table of Elements, watch your skillset level-up from Event Planner to Event Alchemist.

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