How to brief the MC - The Ultimate Guide

How To Brief The MC: The Ultimate Guide

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Here’s how to get the most out of your event host
Briefing your MC helps them to host your event in a way that delights the audience and achieves your organisational objectives. It ensures everyone is ‘on the same page‘ about event specifics, and it saves everybody’s time.

Fortunately, the briefing process is not something you have do on your own.

MC bookings are made through a speaker bureau that briefs and liaises with the talent on your behalf. It is, however, important for all Event Managers to understand the process in order to provide the speaker bureau with a clear event brief.

4 Steps to Briefing Your Event MC
  1. Event Manager Briefs the Speaker Bureau
  2. Speaker Bureau Briefs the MC
  3. Event Manager Provides Final Details to the Speaker Bureau
  4. Speaker Bureau Confirms Final Details with MC

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1. Event Manager Briefs the Speaker Bureau

Briefing the Speaker Bureau The first step to briefing the MC is to provide your speaker bureau with an appropriate brief.

Once the MC is booked in, the speaker bureau will request more details about your event.

This may include:

  • Company information – products, services and event objectives
  • Audience size and demographic
  • Tone – what is appropriate preferred feel of the event
  • Language – are there any restricted words or sensitivities the MC needs to be aware of?
  • Venue details
  • Detailed running order
  • Key messaging – what does the company hope to get across to the audience?
  • Script – short speaker biographies with phonetic spelling of any names that are difficult to pronounce; sponsors to thank; housekeeping notes

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2. Speaker Bureau Briefs the MC

Armed with the details you’ve provided, the speaker bureau conducts a main briefing call with the MC. This is usually by telephone, Skype or, very occasionally, in person.

How to Brief the Event MC

The briefing call takes place around 2 weeks before the event, giving the talent time to prepare. The bureau will check any transport needs and dietary requirements for the MC, so that these can be arranged in a timely manner.

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Pro Tip

99.9 per cent of professional MCs prefer dealing with speaker bureaus they know and trust, rather than individuals they don’t know. For them, it’s the most efficient, reliable and hassle-free approach.

Like many people, they’re exceptionally busy with very tight schedules and need to find the most efficient ways to manage their time.

3. Event Manager Provides Final Details to the Speaker Bureau

Throughout the course of planning your event unforeseen changes often emerge.

Perhaps one of the speakers has withdrawn due to family circumstances, or you’ve had to reshuffle the running order to accommodate a new segment your boss wants to include. You may need to adjust the script.

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Whatever the changes are, it’s essential to inform your speaker bureau so they can advise the MC in a timely manner.

4. Speaker Bureau Confirms Final Details with MC

The speaker bureau updates the MC with any last-minute changes, and checks they have everything they need for the event. Now, everybody is on the same page and the MC is well prepared. Your event is going to go off like a rocket!

Briefing the MC

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