Grant Opportunities for Talent During COVID-19

Grant Opportunities for Talent During COVID-19

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the $23 billion Australian Events Industry has been brought to its knees.
While the numbers tell a small part of the story, the economic brunt is borne by real people – the artists, entertainers, speakers and support crews that provide insights, atmosphere and excitement to millions of guests and delegates that until March of 2020, attended events.

A list of grant and funding opportunities for the benefit of all talented Australian speakers, artists and entertainers, no matter who they're with. Click To Tweet

1. Why We Are Publishing a List

By the beginning of April 2020 it was clear to us that these talented individuals were suffering. So just before Easter we sent an email to inform our talent of funding sources and new grants that have become available since the COVID-19 crisis.

We have made this list available for the benefit of all Australian-based talent, no matter who they’re with.

It is by no means exhaustive, but will hopefully help you navigate new funding sources that you may not have been aware of. And of course, this is not financial advice and should not be interpreted as such.

Funding sources and new grants for people in the arts and entertainment sector, available during the COVID-19 crisis. Click To Tweet

2. Grants & Funding Opportunities Australia-Wide

JobKeeper for Sole Traders ($1,500 per fortnight)

There has been some confusion around whether you’re eligible for the $1,500 per fortnight JobKeeper payments if you are a Sole Trader. You are eligible: JobKeeper Payment for Sole Traders


If you’re not eligible for JobKeeper, apply for JobSeeker

American Express Music Backers Program

Whether you’re making it, mixing it, marketing it or just enjoying the tunes and moving to it, there is $1m in grants available to musos and music-related talent.

Use Your Location to Find Grants & Programs

Search for Grants & Programs by Postcode

ABC’s Development Fund for Creatives

The ABC has launched a $5m development fund to provide urgent and critical support to Australian producers and creatives in response to COVID-19. We will do all we can to safeguard Australian stories and talent during this challenging time

If you're in the Australian arts and entertainment industry, here's a list of funding opportunities to see you through the COVID-19 crisis. Click To Tweet

3. Grants & Funding Opportunities in NSW

City of Sydney

$3.25m released for the arts (grants up to $20,000) media statement

Creative Fellowships Fund (up to $20,000): These grants are for individuals and collectives to develop new projects and initiatives during the restrictions related to Covid-19.

Quick Response Grants (up to $5,000): These grants are for small-scale programs. Funds can be used to present performances, creative work and classes online that support the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Event speakers and entertainers are some of the hardest hit during lockdown - use this list to find funding opportunities in your area. Click To Tweet

4. Grants & Funding Opportunities in VIC

$16.8 Million Victorian Government Funding Package

Immediate support to Victorian creative organisations and individuals to sustain employment, develop new works and provide opportunities for creative community participation.

Small Business Support Fund (VIC Government)

Grants of up to $10,000

City of Melbourne

COVID-19 Business Grants: $2,000, $5,000 and $10,000

I encourage entertainers, artists and speakers to find the best possible financial outcome for you - find sources of funding and support here. Click To Tweet

5. Look After Yourself

I encourage you to invest a little time to find the best possible financial outcome for you. If you know of additional sources, please comment below and I will include it in the list.

Stay safe.

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