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Introducing The Ultimate Glossary of Event Terms

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Every industry has it’s own words and acronyms that are utter gibberish to the outsider.

Event management? Guilty!

With the exception of perhaps IT and law, events have one of the biggest bodies of jargon around. It keeps changing too, with technology bringing a flow of new words for even seasoned event pros.

If you want to bring your a-game to events The Glossary of Event Terms will have you speaking the language in no time!

Here’s how to learn the complex lingo of events, all while staying up-to-the-minute with new terminology.

Why So Much Events Jargon?

Events are detail-heavy projects. There’s so much to plan, do and track for venues, entertainers, speakers, MCs, theming, catering, promotion, technical equipment as well as keeping everything on time and within budget.

With the detail comes a crazy-big set of terms and phrases that aren’t always self-explanatory. It can feel a bit like learning a new language – Eventlish, anyone? – for the newcomer to event management.

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Successful event managers have to be ultra-efficient to stay across every project detail, and the multitude of jargon and acronyms is a shorthand that makes communication clearer and quicker.

Some Typical Events Jargon

To put you in the picture, here are a few phrases you’ll hear often. How many of them do you know?

Back of the house. No, this isn’t the place you’ll see a Hills Hoist in the middle of the lawn.
Per Diem. Yep, it’s Latin
Force majeure clause. From the French, oui?
Backline rider. What the..?
FOC. OMG, there are acronyms too!?

For answers, and definitions for practically every bit of event jargon you can think of, find them quick in The Ultimate Glossary of Event Terms.

The Ultimate Glossary of Event Terms

Use this interactive, fully searchable glossary of event terms to understand the lingo, fast.

Acronyms add another layer of complexity, but never fear, we’ve got them covered too in Event Management Acronyms.

Here Come the Techie Terms

Technological change is happening here and now. It’s a constant evolution that has a huge impact on all industries, including events. It’s not going to slow down either, in the foreseeable future.

In the events industry, new tech is emerging in:

Mobile ticketing
Social media
Big data
Virtual attendance

With these come a pile of new words and even more acronyms. Do you know your NFCs from your QRs?

QR: Scannable ‘Quick Response’ code used in ticketing or gathering data about event attendees

NFC: Near-field Communications, which is location-based tracking (Google uses it to get deep consumer insights from live events.

Events jargon will continue to grow and change. Staying up to speed is crucial for newbies and seasoned event profs alike.

Why Event Managers Talk Fast

Event management is a fast-paced job, which explains the speed-speak of many event managers.

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We’re efficient beings and need everyone else to keep up already! Just another reason to brush up on your Eventlish.

How to Speak Eventlish

It’s not just event managers who rapid-fire events jargon day-to-day. You’ll hear it from most suppliers: talent agents, venue managers, caterers, PR people and AV crew.

There’s nothing worse than feeling completely out of your depth and having to ask 55 million questions to get what somebody’s saying talking about.

Using the Glossary of Event Terms

Whether you’ve learned event management through a course, or you’re an Exec Assistant tasked with your first big event, there are always new definitions to learn.

That’s why we created The Ultimate Event Planning Glossary, so you can brush up on the lingo at anytime. It’s designed with the Australian event profs in mind, although almost all terms are used worldwide.

Hot tips on how to use the glossary:
Bookmark it to your web browser so you can click on it any time you come across a new word or phrase

Download the PDF and keep it in a handy place on your computer

Scan through the PDF on the train or when you have a spare 2 minutes, and familiarise yourself with the lingo. You may not remember it all at once, but you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll recall when you hear these words and phrases in conversation.

With the Glossary of Event Terms at your fingertips you’ll never waste time faffing about looking for definitions.

Show Me the Glossary

With this glossary at your fingertips you’ll never waste time faffing about looking for definitions.

Harness the Power of the Events Language

If you’re just starting out, knowing event terms gives you a flying head start in your career. If you’re a seasoned events professional, it helps you stay up to the minute with all the new terms and acronyms as they pop up.

If you don’t want to be left scratching your head, use this incredibly handy Event Planning Glossary to build your skills, confidence and knowledge.

Knowledge is power, and when you’re ‘in your power’ the sky’s the limit for creating amazing events.

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