Get a Head Start in Events

Get a Head Start in Events with Smart Start

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Are you managing events in your role, but only as a small part of what you do at work?
Would you love to know how to run stellar events without doing a lengthy course?
Smart Start is a series of practical tools and learning resources to give people like you a fast, efficient and professional head start in event planning and management.

Why Smart Start?

We sit right at the heart of the events industry. How? We’re a leading events talent bureau with experienced Event Managers as clients and staff.

We also see a lot of Executive Assistants (EAs) and Personal Assistants (PAs) planning events on top of their bursting-full workloads, often without any formal training or experience.

Get a head start in events with the Smart Start Series

Being super-organised and across the details is key; even the smallest things can make the difference between a ‘Meh’ and an Amazing experience.

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Smart Start offers a range of resources used by professional Event Managers keep on track for a seamless event experience.

Smart Start Resources

Our resident events experts have crafted and are constantly curating the Smart Start collection. Here’s a taste of our easy-to-implement learning resources to whet your appetite:

Get a head start in events with the Smart Start Series

The Full Smart Start Series

Ready to take a deep-dive into the world of event planning?

We’re always adding more resources to the Smart Start series, so sign up to receive our new and updated resources as soon as they’re live!


If there’s anything specific you’d like us to cover in Smart Start, or a new resource that would help you manage your events even better, please do let us know!

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