How to Be An Event Superhero in 8 Easy Steps

How To Be An Event Superhero in 8 Easy Steps

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Behind the hundreds of events that take place every day around Australia is an Event Superhero who brings it all together.

These events sure don’t happen by themselves! If you’ve been handed the task of planning a corporate do, today is your lucky day.

You’ll discover that using your laser focus on just 8 steps will make your event as awesome as Wonder Woman on her best day.

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Step 132

Failing to plan is planning to fail – it’s especially true when it comes to events.
Spider-man leaves nothing to chance: Costume? Check. Web slingers? Check. So do likewise – prepare, then prepare some more.

Before you start planning, ask yourself:

“What does my boss/stakeholder/client hope to get out of this event?”

The primary goal might be to impress with a new product, or reward employee achievements. Whatever it is, keep this in mind as you plan. If a decision won’t help move things closer to achieving the event goal, you probably need to rethink it.

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Here’s what to plan:

  • Choose the right date
  • Set a budget
  • Decide on a style and theme – something that suits the event goal and will appeal to your audience

Be Agile

Wonder Woman knows no matter how carefully she plans, things change along the way.

Perhaps the entertainment you wanted is too pricey, or the perfect venue isn’t available on the date? So take a page from Wonder Woman’s book and be prepared to adapt your vision as needed.

Step 106

Naturally, the venue you choose is an important element for making your event a hit.

Think about:

  • How many people will attend?
  • Is it easy enough for guests to drive/walk or catch public transport?
  • Is the layout of the space suitable for planned activities?
  • Do you need a raised stage area for speeches or entertainment?
  • Are there any structural columns that might block audience view?
  • Is the space big enough for a large group?
  • Will guests be seated at tables (which takes more space than cocktail-style or seating in rows)
  • Is the space too large for a small group, or can you ‘fill’ it with theming and entertainment?
  • How attentive and responsive are the venue staff?

Poor service and irritably hungry guests are like kryptonite to a brilliant production, and even the most experienced Event Crusader might struggle to save the day.

Step 178

Without structure, an audience will quickly feel lost and wonder what on earth they are doing there. It’s wise event management practice to record it all on a run sheet

Free Template Download

Download the Event Run Sheet* for free and:

  • Track key event contacts & details
  • Communicate updates to your team
  • Save time

* Available in Excel and Google Sheet formats, fully editable, ready to print and free for a limited time. Download now

Who will run the proceedings?

Do you need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to work the crowd for fundraising, facilitate a speaker panel or keep the event flowing from presenter to presenter?

If you’re unsure, here’s an outline of when to use an MC for your event.

Who will be speaking?

Do they have pulling power to get butts on seats? Will they appeal to the demographics of your guests? If they’re not a good fit, reconsider your options.

Pro Tip

If having Chris Hemsworth as keynote speaker might blow your budget, have a look at the suggestions in What To Do When You Can’t Afford The Speaker You Want

Step 119

Let’s face it, nobody will ever complain that they had too much fun at your event. In fact, entertainment is the most vital aspect of wowing your crowd and pulling off an an amazing, memorable production. Get the entertainment wrong, however, and watch your event go black-diamond downhill.

Even Tony Stark needs Gwyneth Paltrow to help out occasionally. You’re not on your own when it comes to sourcing entertainment. Enhance Entertainment does all the hard yards for you: they recommend, book, brief and manage the talent for you. It doesn’t hit your budget either, because they don’t charge admin fees and any costs are absorbed by the talent. Win-win for Event Superheroes!

Step 0

It’s all about creating the right vibe for your event. If you have more than a few people, you’ll need great sound, visuals and lighting. If you want to get really creative, consider hiring illuminated performers in all their star-spangled, lit-up costumed glory. It’s a great way to knock over entertainment and themeing in one fell swoop.

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Step 152

An Event Superhero has support, and always knows the hidden details:

  • Will you need extra staff to help you on the night?
  • How will guests arrive at the venue – do you need to hire a bus for transport?
  • Table decorations – who will design and do these on the night?
  • Do you need floral arrangements, photographers, gift bags or specific VIP treatment?

Step 171

Not the most adventurous part, but mission critical, is minimising risk at your event. Caped crusaders always cover their butts – albeit with lycra – so be sure to tick off:

  • Insurance (such as public liability insurance)
  • Security
  • Legal – in particular if your event is large, in a public area or at a sensitive location
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Step 194

Last but not least, the food! What will you serve your guests? While it doesn’t need to be a superfood extravaganza of purple kale and hand-roasted chia seeds (unless that’s what your crowd is into, of course), food and beverages should be matched to:

  • Audience demographic (age, occupation, income level, interests)
  • Event theme – warming, comfortable dishes are a better choice than nouvelle cuisine for a ‘Winter Wonderland’ concept
  • Venue – which will dictate whether you do cocktails and canapes or a sit-down style dinner.
  • The way to a person’s heart is often via the tummy. A well-nourished guest is far more likely to walk away very happy they came along.

    Stay Cool, Calm & Collected

    There’s no need to flip out if you’ve been asked to manage an event, especially if it’s for the first time. Follow this easy 8-step guide and you’ll be an instant Event Superhero. You’ve planned, you’ve thought it all through. No yawning guests, and definitely no dramas. Everyone will be thrilled, especially your boss.

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