Event Planning Template Step-by-Step

The Event Planning Template Step-by-Step

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Step-by-step to the planning tool so good it might be the only one you’ll ever need.
We love helping people manage events with great tips and tools to take the stress out of those first few productions. With pro tools at your fingertips you’ll get the hang of it all fast, minus the blunders.

Here’s how to use our fabulously easy and adaptable Event Planning Template step-by-step.


No Guess, No Stress

Our template is especially great if you’re new to the events game. It’s pre-filled with virtually all elements, saving you the time you might otherwise waste working out where to start or wondering if you’ve missed something.

And that means more time to focus on making the event a huge success.

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Step 1: Set up the Template

Free Download

Download the Event Planning Template

Available in Excel and Google Sheet formats, pre-filled, fully editable and ready to print. Download now

The beauty of this event template is its versatility. It’s a cinch to use for all types of events, big or small, fancy or simple.

Download it in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, then follow the steps below and learn how to get the most out of it.

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Step 2: Determine Your Event Timeline

How much time do you have to plan the event? More time is generally better, although you may be asked to plan an event in as little as 2 weeks!

Our template caters for three different lead-times: 14 days notice, 90 days notice and 6+ months notice.

The versions vary in the level of detail, and how far in advance you’ll need to do each task:

  • 14-Day Event Planner: Ideal for short lead-times, and focuses on ‘getting it done’. It acts as a virtual checklist and contains a suggested order of things that need to be accomplished in a short timeframe.
  • 90-Day Event Planner: For mid-term event planning. It is not as comprehensive as the 6-month + planner, but still has considerable detail.
  • 6-Month Event Planner: Use this for long-term planning – it’s also the most detailed. It suits any event with a lead time of 6 months or more.

This event planning template caters to three different lead-times: 14-days, 90-days and 6+ months notice. Click To Tweet

Step 3: Fill In Your Event Details

Once you have selected the best template version for your event, it’s time to fill in the Event details:

Enter the following in the top left of your timeframe:

  • Event Title
  • Date of the Event
  • Time of the Event
  • Location of the Event
  • The Event Organiser and Contact No. (ie you or a colleague)

Pro Tip

The template will auto-update with today’s date. This feature is designed to help you keep track of time, which is mission critical for any form of project management.

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Step 4: Specify Tasks: What, When, Who

An event planning template is a specialised project management tool. It’s designed so you can clearly identify:

  • Groups of tasks that need to be undertaken within a similar timeframe. For example, the 90-Day Timeframe is divided into tasks that need to occur 60-90 days prior, 30-60 days prior and 14-30 days prior.
  • Every specific task that needs to occur. For instance: define the purpose of the event, prepare a guest list, book a venue, book an entertainer, identify AV requirements etc.
  • Who is responsible for delivering each task.
  • Deadline for each task.
  • Whether or not the task has been completed.

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Step 5: Using the Template


There are countless individual tasks to be performed in the lead up to an event. To help keep you organised and on track, tasks have been categorised as:

The Event
Run Sheet
AV/ Lighting/ Staging
Promotion/ Signage
Set Up

If you need to add additional rows to the template, simply “insert row” and this drop down menu will appear:


The template’s pre-filled tasks are very comprehensive and cover virtually all aspects needed to create your spectacular event. Every event is different, however, and you may need to add extra company-specific tasks.

We’ve included each task that’s required when putting on a spectacular event, but you can also delete or add your tasks as required. Simply adjust the order and timing to suit your needs.


Simply add the person’s name or initials here.

Due Date:

This is where you enter the expected due date for each task.

Completed (Y/N?):

We’ve used a traffic light system so you can easily see which tasks are outstanding. It’s also formatted as a drop down Yes/No menu for ease of use.

(Red = Not Completed; Green = Completed)


There is space provided at the end of each row for notes so you can add reminders as you go along.

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Step 6: Sharing is Caring

It’s a great idea to share your event plan so that others can refer to it as needed, whether it’s a shared Google Sheets doc, a Dropbox folder or whatever collaboration platform your organisation uses.

Sharing is especially important for more detailed events with multiple project stakeholders, for example:

  • Finance team
  • Colleagues assisting
  • PR/Marketing team or agency
  • Your manager

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Stay on Track

Pen and paper to-do lists just don’t cut it for planning excellent events. With so many details to manage, it’s super important to stay on track and not miss a single beat. small mistakes can become big blow-ups, which is the last thing you want.

Our template covers virtually all aspects of event planning, which means you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It’s easy to use and versatile for all types of events.

With a pro-tool this good, it’s hard to imagine why an event manager – beginner or expert – would use anything else!

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