Environmental Speakers to Help Your Organisation Save the Planet

Environmental Speakers to Help Your Organisation Save the Planet

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The environment, sustainability and climate change are important topics for ever-growing numbers of people.
If sustainability leadership is important to your organisation and you want to share your message to customers and employees, consider hiring an engaging environmental speaker for your next event.


What is Environmental Sustainability?

Environmental sustainability covers a range of thought-provoking subjects including:

Climate change
Energy-saving in business
Water quality and scarcity
Plastics and packaging
Food production
Waste reduction
Geopolitical uncertainty
Renewable energy production
Disruptive technologies

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The Journey to Sustainability

Senior management, business owners and employees are becoming more conscious about sustainability issues and are seeking new ways to create value while minimising carbon footprints.

Consumers are also voting with their wallets by choosing companies and brands that walk the talk on planet-friendly practices, eschewing those that are hell-bent on profit at any cost.

Inspire and educate your audience with passionate, specialist environmental speakers who bring more to your event than an inspirational presentation.

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Australia’s Leading Environmental Speakers

While brilliant, some environment experts may not be ideal candidates to give a keynote at your event. Why? They may not be able to present the myriad complex issues facing us in an easily-consumable format, and could be in danger of coming across quite dry on stage.

An effective presenter will educate and inspire consumers and employees about how they can look after the planet, and help position your organisation as one that actively cares about environmentally friendly business practices.

Craig Reucassel, Neil Glentworth and Jamie Durie are leaders in conservation and sustainability, each with a distinct focus.

They are high profile with the ‘pulling power’ to draw people to your events, and are captivating keynote speakers, event hosts or discussion panel facilitators.

Our three hot picks of environmental speakers will inspire employees and customers to live more sustainably, and help position your organisation as an environmental leader.

1. Environmental Impacts & Waste Reduction

Craig Reucassel

Craig Reucassel is a speaker, writer and comedian best known for his work on ABC’s TV program War on Waste and with The Chaser. In War on Waste, he is on a mission to show how much waste we produce in Australia and what we can all do to change the situation.

As a keynote speaker or MC, Craig shares important insights on waste reduction, environmental impacts and sustainability that came out of his seminal work during the 4-part series.

Craig is an insightful, well-informed and highly entertaining MC and keynote speaker. He has a rich and varied background in comedy and satire, being a co-founder of The Chaser with law school colleagues Julian Morrow, Dominic Knight and Chas Licciardello.

This, combined with Craig’s experience in law and media, makes Craig Reucassel a versatile, witty speaker who will keep your audience hanging off every word.

Show me Craig’s waste reduction strategies

2. Smart Cities and Regions

Neil Glentworth

Neil Glentworth is a civic data and information expert with a knack for making complex ideas easy to grasp. He is passionate about productivity, economic growth and creating public value. His work in developing smart cities and regions has won him multiple awards and the acclaim of peers.

Neil is a disruptive thinker – and doer – who loves using data and digital technologies for social well being and economic growth.

Thinking up ways to create a globally connected, data-driven economy for a better Australia (and world) is what keeps Neil Glentworth awake at night.

Neil has consulted to many public and private organisations in the complex fields of:

  • Natural resources and mining
  • Technology
  • Human services
  • Telecommunications
  • Public safety and emergency management

Neil is an entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring keynote speaker who challenges guests to think about the value of data to improve the future of their communities.

Show me Neil’s strategies on smart cities and regions

3. Al Gore Climate Project

Jamie Durie, AO

Jamie Durie is a passionate environmentalist and landscape designer with a string of accolades and awards under his belt. He is a massive advocate of environmental conservation and sustainable design practice, and is an official presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, which seeks to:

“Catalyse a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society.”

Starting out as a landscape architect, Jamie’s design business morphed over the years into the broader fields of architecture, landscaping, interior design and furniture design, always underpinned by his passion for sustainable practice. Jamie’s furniture has sold in more than 200 Australian department stores and in 16 European countries.

Jamie has hosted more than 52 television lifestyle/design shows aired around the globe. His appearances as celebrity designer on Oprah made him an international household name.

In between all that, Jamie works with organisations dedicated to conservation and sustainable design practice.

As a Climate Reality Project presenter, Jamie frames urgent action as a necessity in all walks of life, and that every one of us must play our part. He is a warm, entertaining and polished keynote speaker who is guaranteed to delight your guests.

Show me Jamie’s climate reality strategies

Sustainability: The Hot Topic

There’s no doubt environmental sustainability is garnering more attention from consumers, politicians and business leaders.

If you’d like to give your audience insight into the urgency of caring for the plant in an inspiring, uplifting way while providing actionable solutions, look no further than Craig Reucassel, Neil Glentworth and Jamie Durie as speaker, event host or panel facilitator at your next event.

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