The Disruption Speakers Scale

The Disruption Speaker Scale: How to Find the Right Expert [INFOGRAPHIC]

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How to select the right disruption speaker for your seminars, workshops and keynotes.

In the high-stakes game of disruption, companies usually have just one opportunity to leverage it effectively. 65% of the Australian economy is facing significant disruption in 2017*.

Use this handy infographic to make choosing a speaker on disruption for your conference, event or in-house seminar easy. We’ve even included details on each expert below the infographic to help you make the most effective decision for your organisation.

* Source: Deloitte “Digital Disruption: Harnessing the ‘Bang'”

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Meet the Disruption Experts

Disruption Speaker Larry Quick

Strategy In Action

Larry Quick’s specialties include

  • Strategy
  • Resilience
  • Action
Disruption Speaker Dr Leslie Cannold

Ethics In Change

Dr Leslie Cannold’s specialties include

  • Ethics
  • Insights
  • Gender Agenda

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Disruption Speaker Dr Robert Kay

Resilience Strategy

Dr Robert Kay’s specialties include

  • Strategy
  • Academia
  • Enterprise Resilience
Disruption Speaker

Future Innovation

Nicholas Webb’s specialties include

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Healthcare

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  • What Australian business leaders are doing right now about disruption
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Disruption Speaker David Penglase

Success Leadership

David Penglase’s specialties include

  • Sales
  • Action
  • Success
Disruption Speaker Shara Evans

Innovation Technology

Shara Evans’ specialties include

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Future Tech
Disruption Speaker Adam Ferrier

Behavioural Motivation

Adam Ferrier’s specialties include

  • Psychology
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Innovation
Disruption Speaker Kieran Flanagan


Kieran Flanagan’s specialties include

  • Creative Leadership
  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • Creating Change

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Disruption Speaker Michael McQueen


Michael McQueen’s specialties include

  • Next-gen Consumers
  • Future
  • Relevance
Disruption Speaker Amanda Stevens


Amanda Stevens’ specialties include

  • Surviving Turbulent Times
  • The Future Consumer
  • Human Connection

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