Brisbane 5 Most Eccentric Roving Acts

Brisbane’s 5 Most Eccentric Roving Acts Uncovered

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You’ll totally nail it with these brilliant Brisbane-based ideas
Any event manager worth their salt will tell you that entertainment can make or break an event. The challenge is to keep turning up fresh, amazing performers that everyone adores.

Lucky for you, we’ve got our finger on Brisbane’s entertainment pulse. Here we share five of the edgiest roving acts – plus extras we just couldn’t leave out – to make your event nothing short of brilliant.

Why go a-rovin’?

Roving entertainment covers virtually any act performed away from the traditional spot on a stage. It gives so much flexibility to think outside the square for how to create atmosphere, work the space and engage your guests. Roving includes:

  • Stilt walkers
  • Acrobats
  • Statues
  • Character Acts
  • Jugglers
  • Sight acts
  • Moving Musicians
  • Fire breathers

Roving entertainers can interact with audience, creating a more engaging, intimate experience. Costume and lighting transform even the plainest venue into a realm where reality is suspended and imagination takes over.

Most roving performers can tailor their act to meet the needs of your event format, venue and audience tastes.

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Beautiful Brisbane, take a bow.

You’ve an amazing choice of roving entertainers! As tricky as it is to pick our faves, we hereby present you with these Top 5:


Stilt walkers with an edge

ENTE is a striking, bold yet graceful vision, looming down from way up high on stilts. They are masters at crowd interaction and are a hit with kids, teens and adults alike.

The black and red, black and purple, and black and green long-legged insect-like creatures are playful and seductive, their strange shaped heads gazing at the crowd to create an intriguing dark edge.

  • Dark, edgy, graceful
  • Playful audience interaction
  • Parades, theme parks, shopping centres
  • Fascinating and creepy in equal measures
  • Product launches

4. Made To Measure

Tailored to thrill

Made To Measure is a funny, thrilling and energetic theatre mask act. The quirky tailors of yesteryear captivates the audience with quips and games in their hunt for the perfect measurement, and brings a smile to the dial of all ages.

Made To Measure suits a wide range of event formats, styles and themes. The gentle, slightly mischievous style can be modified to fit perfectly with your audience demographic, and you can rest assured there’ll never be a dull moment.

  • Playful, gentle audience interactions
  • A delight for all ages
  • Ideal for corporate events, festivals
  • Family friendly entertainment
See Made To Measure

3. Ma’amselle Claire

Serene white beauty

Ma’amselle Claire is a vision of pure, white beauty with accents of shiny gold and the rainbow-lustred giant bubbles. She moves ever so gracefully on her stilts, entrancing the audience with her sweet serenity.

Admire the joyous atmosphere at your event as Ma’amselle Claire floats about the space, interacting gently with guests along the way. She looks incredible in the light of day, or in the half light of evening, and suits a wide variety of event formats and sizes.

  • Ideal for all-white theming
  • Exquisite, modern beauty
  • Indoor and outdoor events
  • Day and evening entertainment
  • Corporate and family/corporate events
  • Festivals
See Ma’amselle Claire

2. Dr Hubble Bubble

Welcome to the wonderful world of bubbles

Dr Hubble Bubble really loves his bubbles and takes great delight in welcoming guests into his funny, bubbly world.

Dr Hubble Bubble transforms any space, indoors and out, into something spectacular. Bubbles are not just for babies: think fashion shows, corporate entertainment, markets and festivals for audiences of all ages.

Guests will delight at bubbles inside bubbles, a square bubble, the explode-a-bubble and the world famous kid-in-a-bubble. Dr Hubble Bubble can make giant bubbles in nearly all conditions, and can make the performance be roving or an impressive stage show. It suits a huge range of event themes, formats, sizes and venues.

  • Gorgeous, shiny bubbles
  • Awe-inspiring bubble creations
  • Fashion shows, festivals, markets
  • Corporate events
  • Family friendly
  • Indoor and outdoor venues
See Dr Hubble Bubble

1. The Tambourine Band

Quirky and comical

The Tambourine Band is a joyful, left-of-field theatre mask performance that suits a huge range of event formats. A touch of slapstick, and a big dose of clever, these talented musicians keep the audience engaged and laughing.

The oddly lifelike yet oddball masks lend a quirky flavour to this gorgeously visual and imaginative act. The Tambourine Band can be tailored to your event space and audience preferences.

  • Fun audience interaction
  • Visually spectacular with a quirky twist
  • Fabulous photo opportunities for guests
  • Indoor and outdoor entertainment
  • Corporate and family/corporate events
See The Tambourine Band

Hold the bus! We couldn’t stop at five fabulous roving performers

Check out 4 bonus acts for more event inspiration:

1. Lip Service

Demure and cheeky on stilts

Lip Service is a gorgeous trio of stilt walkers, whose sweet appearance and veiled faces belie a cheeky sense of humour.

They engage delightfully with guests, inviting them to take a card and read their ‘thought for the day,’ from which follows plenty of fun repartee.

  • Polished, pretty costuming
  • Witty, delightful audience interaction
  • Ideal for festivals, gala dinners
  • Available as solo, duo or trio
See Lip Service

2. The Chair Guy

Comical couch potato

The Chair Guy is a total couch potato, and never needs to leave his chair. He observes the world through the lens of reality TV, asking guests which TV show they’re from as the starting point of his fun interaction.

A quirky, ruggedly charming character, The Chair Guy has people singing along to famous TV tunes and sending up well-known TV characters. Guaranteed to please all ages.

  • Edgy, quirky comedy
  • Witty and engaging audience interaction
  • Indoor and outdoor entertainment
  • Corporate events and festivals
  • Family-friendly
See The Chair Guy

3. Lollypop Ladies

Saucy and sassy

Bright, engaging and funny in an off-the-wall way, The Lolly Pop Ladies offer endearing roving entertainment. They are playful, quirky and eye-catching, and can be customised for many different event types.

Their ‘lollypop’ signs are sure to grab attention as they move about the space.

  • Visually splendid, original concept
  • Fun characters that appeal to all ages
  • Quirky humour
  • Delightful photo ops
  • Corporate events and festivals
  • Family-friendly
See Lollypop Ladies

4. Jack n Jack

Jesters on stilts just goofin’ around

Jack n Jack are colourful, naughty and out for a goofin’ good time. Their vivid jester-styled costumes and sparky humour will keep the audience hooked from start to finish.

Amuse guests of all ages with this comical duo. Jack n Jack can tailor their act to meet your event needs.

  • A delight for all ages
  • Corporate events, festivals and parades
  • Family friendly
  • Community events
  • Goofy fun
  • Indoor and outdoor entertainment
See Jack n Jack

Congratulations! You’re about to nail your next event with Brisbane entertainment brilliance.

Go you. First, you had the smarts to find this handy article full of inspiring ideas. Second, your next event is going to be amazing because you discovered the perfect performance to thrill your audience.

Lovin’ your work, and we reckon you should be too!

Looking for fresh, edgy acts for your Melbourne or Sydney event projects? Find inspiration with Melbourne’s 5 Most Bizarre Roving Acts Revealed and Sydney’s Most Unusual Roving Acts.

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