Life, Liberty & Awesome (Australian) Dancers

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In life as in dance, grace glides on blistered feet.Alice Abrams
‘MERICA! Today we acknowledge the countless twisted ankles, muscle sprains and stress fractures our dancers endure. It’s been SO worth it.

Disclaimer: the most dangerous injury here at the Enhance office is a 30% chance of paper cut.

Gavin from Soul Mystique

Take Gavin, one half of world renowned quick-change act Soul Mystique. In the middle of their show he dislocated his left shoulder while throwing Lydia into a lift above his head. In Lydia’s words “As he lowered me down it popped back in, and then came out of the socket again.

Gavin’s right arm was left dangling and his face went green from the shock and pain!” What did they do? Finished the show with his arm dangling from its socket. Yikes!

Australia's Hottest Dancers

From ballerinas to gansta-styled hip-hop arists, see the dancers lighting up stages across the nation.

Joel from BLVD

Joel R (pictured rolling the dice) has worked with Kylie Minogue, Sneaky Sound System, Ricki Lee, Timomatic, Jessica Mauboy, Delta Goodrem, Megan Washington and more.

He’s lead dancer for the inspiring dance troupe BLVD. “knees, neck, back, shoulder, ankle… and they’re just the ones I remember! I pretty much always have something that’s hurting,” muses Joel. You wouldn’t know it when you watch his moves.

So on IndepenDance Day spare a thought for the girls and guys that commit themselves – and sacrifice their bodies – to create spectacular dance. So we can enjoy it. Salut!

IndepenDance Dancers

Discover what an incredible dance show for events looks like with video, images and full bios.

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