7 Secrets to Rocking It With Roving Entertainment

7 Secrets To Rocking It With Roving Entertainment

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Has someone suggested roving entertainment for your next event, but you’re less gotcha! and more what the..?

With so much variety, how on earth do you choose the right one for your event? Fear not, because we’ve compiled a guide to help you nail it.

Spoilt For Choice

Hot Tip

‘Roving’ is entertainment that happens anywhere in the event space besides a fixed spot on stage. They don’t necessarily move about; statue and other ‘centrepiece’ performers also come under the roving category.

Event managers are spoiled for choice with roving options like:
Illuminated performers
Moving musicians
Character acts
Costumed servers
Fire breathers
Hula hoopists
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All that choice gives you scope to be creative: think of all the ways to wow your guests in the space you’ll be using.

On the other hand, narrowing down the choices can really do your head in. How on earth do you decide between exquisite ballerinas in bubbles, magically gliding musicians and high-octane fire breathers? It’s all here…

The Importance of Nailing It

Entertainment can make or break your event. If guests find performers dull, annoying or – at worst case – offensive, your event will be totally forgettable, or perhaps memorable for all the wrong reasons.

When you get it right, attendees will laugh, rejoice and revel in your fabulous production. They’ll talk about it for days, and your boss will love you!

How to Get WOW Right Now

Find out how to get WOW at your event in this article, Roving Entertainment 101, and discover the 6 BIG benefits of roving.

7 Secrets To Rock It With Roving

Expert event managers never do things willy-nilly. They plan first, and then do, in all respects, including the entertainment.

1. Horse first, cart second

Successful event management calls for strategic thinking. So before you dive in and book that dazzling, be-crystalled stiltwalker act, make sure you put the horse before the cart and plan first. That means nutting out your event objectives and audience tastes before you do anything.

2. Get clear on goals

From the very start, it’s important to be clear on why you’re holding the event. What do you want to achieve, and what do you want people to say, do, think or feel as a result? For example, your company might be seeking to demonstrate benefits of a new product to key opinion leaders to help ‘spread the word’ and maximise initial sales.

Clarifying your main objective helps you make the right decisions about the event format, mood, theme, venue and, of course, which roving act will help you totally rock it.

3. Watch the budget

It’s great to have unlimited creativity, but reality kicks in with the financials. What a shame that most budgets are capped! (The fun we could have otherwise…) The good news is that roving performers can be more budget-friendly than high-profile stage acts, so you can get great bang for your buck.

Roving entertainers are experts at transforming the space, even if it’s ‘meh’ in its raw form. Try to squeeze more out of your budget by borrowing from Peter (decorations) to pay Paul (that fabulous impersonator you know will totally nail it for you).

4. Know your audience

The expression, “Different strokes for different folk.” This applies perfectly to your audience. When choosing a roving performer – as with any entertainer – the first step is always the same: know your audience.

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The following considerations should clue you into their likely tastes, interests and expectations:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Industry
  • Level of education
  • Benefit of attending (‘What’s in it for me?’)

Although a good talent bureau will recommend acts to suit your guests, top event managers always have a good handle on their audience characteristics. It enables them to provide a clear and effective brief to any suppliers they work with, including bureaus.

5. Make the most of your space

If the venue doesn’t have a stage, no biggie. If the room is dag central, no problem. There are countless ways to bring the space to life. Think mix and mingle impersonators at pre-dinner drinks, moving musicians at a cocktail party, or fire breathers in the break to re-energise a tired crowd. Does the venue have high ceilings, and strong beams to support rigging? What amazing acts could be suspended up there? A great space-saver, and guaranteed to wow the crowd.

6. Talent bureau, come on down…

This has to be one of the best tips ever! As you may be aware, it’s very unusual to book talent directly and you’ll usually go through an entertainment bureau.

Good talent consultants are treasure troves of information, and will help you find the right performers for your specific needs. All you need to do is pick up the phone – or send an email – with a clear brief about your event objectives, audience composition, venue and theming. Often they’ll have talent you can preview their website, any possibly many more. Feel free to ask us!

7. On the night

Good briefing for your roving acts is super important. They’ll need to know exactly where they can move, and any areas they need to avoid. Provide a copy of your runsheet, so they know the timing and order too. If the talent will be interacting closely with your guests, make sure to brief them on any ‘no-go’ topics.

And one more hot tip: if you’re running a big event and need a hand managing talent on the night, because you need to be in six other places at the same time, mention it to your talent bureau. They’re experts, and will keep everything running smoothly without you having to give it another thought. Once again, feel free to ask us!

Now you know 7 top industry secrets, may you totally rock it with roving entertainment!

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