3 Important House Rules When Booking a Comedian

3 Important House Rules When Booking a Comedian

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Some event planners avoid comedians like they do bad coffee – you want impact, not to wreck your day!

It’s time for a rethink, because making people laugh has so much power:

  • Engage people and create strong bonds with co-workers
  • Relieve workplace stress to boost productivity of employees
  • Help instill your messages in a fun and captivating way

Here are three simple but important rules to follow when booking a comedian for your event. Ignore them at your peril!

House Rule #1

Mind the $%&’n language

For a switched-on comedian, editing out a string of expletives doesn’t mean diluting their content. The strength is in their material, the message if you like, not in the verbs surrounding it.

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The key to a safe outcome is proper briefing. There are business-savvy comedians who moderate their language to ensure it’s always audience appropriate, and it’s up to us as event managers to communicate that early on.

House Rule #2

Rising star + your budget =

They say constraints can lead to really creative outcomes. Well, that teensy budget you’ve been handed might just kick creativity in the shins.

It’s time to look beyond the celebrity and those flavour-of-the-month entertainers. Just on the horizon is a herd of emerging talent that hasn’t quite hit the big time (yet). They love to work, they’re well priced, and they’re heading right for you!

And your budget will love you for it.

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House Rule #3

Hit the festivals

The Sydney and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals are the place for new comedians to be seen. It can be a dream come true for event managers hunting down their next fabulous talent.

Just remember, while festivals and comedy stores are veritable hot-beds for new talent, not all of it’s worthy of a place in your event, or even your time. In fact, some is pretty tragic. So choose carefully!

The 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

When: 29 March to 23 April
Website: comedyfestival.com.au

The 2017 Sydney International Comedy Festival

When: 24 April – 21 May
Website: sydneycomedyfest.com.au

Of course only a crazy person – or a comedy-addict with heaps of swag, no job, kids or responsibilities whatsoever – would try getting to all comedy events. There’s an easy solution though, a support company like Enhance can lead you straight to the perfect comedy fit for your event.

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