10 Astounding Wedding Entertainment Ideas To Make A Statement

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Make Your Special Day An Occasion To Remember
Planning your wedding day is an exciting time, dreaming up all the details to celebrate such a special occasion. It can be overwhelming too, because amongst all the options available you want to make the day unique to you as a couple, and totally memorable.

Get inspired with ideas that are sophisticated, elegant and unique to your day.

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How to Choose Wedding Entertainment

For the bride and groom, choosing wedding entertainment is all about making magical memories of the day you got married. You want it to reflect your distinct style, and your personality as a couple.

Unique concepts set the tone you want, whether it’s dreamy magic of drink servers in crystalline, illuminated costumes or a sophisticated, hi-tech edge.

Weddings are often long events, from ceremony through to reception, with photography in between. It’s fun to give guests something they haven’t seen before.

Fresh, creative entertainment is uplifting for everyone and guests will always remember your wedding as a beautiful and fun occasion.

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Glamour, Sophistication and Wow!

Before we explore some of the creative ideas you can incorporate into your day, let’s set the scene for thinking outside the bubble (pun intended) for a sophisticated, glamorous wow factor on your wedding day.

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1. Ballerinas in Bubbles

Imagine beautiful, professional ballerinas inside pretty giant bubbles, gliding effortlessly about your space. Ballerinas in Bubbles create a dreamy, magical atmosphere with their exquisite costumes and graceful moves.

Have them appear as your guests arrive, setting the scene for an elegant, romantic occasion, or as a feature later in the reception on the dance floor.

Either way, they’re a perfect choice to make your special day even more memorable.

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Make a Grand Entrance

The first appearance of the bride and groom is an exciting moment for guests. Why not elevate the anticipation and sense of occasion with something a little grand?

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2. Fanfare Australia

Fanfare Australia brings musical flair, heralding the arrival of the very special couple at your ceremony or reception. You can choose a solo trumpet or a bigger brass fanfare with percussion instruments, and the team will arrange the ensemble size and performance length to suit your wedding.

You’ll be in good company with Fanfare Australia at your wedding – they’ve performed alongside Mick Jagger, Bruno Mars, Jessica Mauboy and Dami Im.

They’ll totally look the part too, whether you’d like sleek black tails, bow ties and white gloves, a military look or a regal tone with specially designed black and gold uniforms. Fanfare even has a toy soldier style uniform that brings majesty to enchanted theme weddings.

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Served With Elegance

Set a magical tone right from the start at the reception as guests arrive. Imagine pre-dinner drinks and canapes served by exquisitely dressed wait staff whose costumes are adorned with crystals, illuminated and even have serving ware that is lit up to incredible effect.

Here are some elegant service ideas to inspire you.

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3. Crystal Stilts

The Crystal Stilts are simply majestic in their crystal-adorned, all-white, illuminated costumes. The stilt costumes sparkle in the light as guests enjoy unique drinks service from interactive entertainers. They’re sure to everyone’s breath away and create beautiful memories of your special day.

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4. Champagne Aerialists

Add a touch of fun and novelty with the elegant Champagne Aerialists pouring pre-dinner drinks at the start of your reception.

Professional aerialists are suspended from the ceiling, and remain upside while they serve and interact with guests to make them feel welcome. The Champagne Aerialists can provide a single or multiple performers to give your wedding a unique wow factor.

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5. The Champagne Girls

The Champagne Girls are uniquely luscious and avant garde. They move elegantly about the room, serving pre-dinner drinks and canapes, mingling with guests. The Champagne Girls’ exquisite costumes even incorporate serving tables for a glamorous, high art feel that is truly inspired.

The girls can dress in specific colours and styles, whether it’s white-themed or colour-matched to your wedding theme.

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6. Golden Blossoms or Golden Flowers

Imagine the dainty, delicate and heart-warming Golden Blossoms at your wedding reception for something delightfully different. They can provide pre-dinner drink service or simply mix, mingle and melt hearts with their blossomy sweetness.

Golden Blossoms feature flower collections in beautiful gold and dusky pink tones, or the all-gold Golden Flowers for gilded glamour.

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Memorable Main Act

Most couples think of DJs and bands to entertain guests to follow the wedding dinner, but there are so many ways to magic up the atmosphere of your special day.

Consider these unique ideas for the main act, which most of your guests wouldn’t have seen before.

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7.Hula Illumination

Hula Illumination is super impressive. Think beautiful, glowing hoops with the smoothest, most stylish hula moves you’re likely to see anywhere.

Hula Illumination is utterly unforgettable and suits so many different wedding styles, from retro themed to classic, sophisticated and elegant. The multi-talented performer can adjust the act to suit your wedding style, and guests will, without a doubt, be enchanted.

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Hula Illumination is utterly unforgettable and suits so many different wedding styles, from retro themed to classic, sophisticated and elegant. Click To Tweet


If you’d like a super modern, high tech performance, the totally original Replicants are your go-to main act. They are hi-tech, genetically engineered, illuminated robots that wield illuminated batons to ‘paint’ images and colours as if floating in mid air.

You can choose the images and logos the Replicants air paint around themselves: lovehearts, your initials, and your choice of sweet, romantic or witty messages for guests to adore. It’s fun, modern and unique entertainment for your wedding day!

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Theme Your Wedding

Theming your wedding makes it a fun, immersive experience for all to remember. Pick a theme from your favourite film or music style, or go with a seasonal theme. Here are some unique themed performers for inspiration.

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9. Gatsby Girls

The Gatsby Girls bring the fun and flair of the roaring forties, transporting everyone to a glitzy, glamorous and sophisticated world. The Gatsby Girls – and Guys – can perform a show for your main act, delighting guests with classics from speakeasies and the silver screen in a frolic of flapper fun.

They can also involve guests in an interactive dance session covering 20s to 50s styles, which is totally fun and gets everyone up and doing the Charleston. An incredible experience for your wedding day, and something guests will remember for years to come.

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10. Sirens of Strings

The Sirens of String are no ordinary string musicians. They’re fiery and glamorous, and their outfits can be any type of sophisticated: sequin, metallic and beaded, long flowing dresses, form fitting frocks and even wet-look leggings for an edgier rock look.

It’s an ultra-elegant, all-female string troupe performing exquisite background acoustic music for guests arriving at your ceremony or during pre-dinner drink. They can also amp it up for a spectacular, heart moving main act.

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Your Special Day, Your Unique Way

Organising your wedding is a thrilling experience, planning out all the details to give your own touch to the big day. Wedding entertainment plays a big role in creating the perfect atmosphere.

We hope our round up of 10 unique wedding entertainment ideas, designed to suit all budgets, has given you inspiration to make your celebration totally you, and utterly memorable.

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