Australia’s Got Talent


It’s what comes to mind when you watch performers take the stage of Australia’s Got Talent. They do acts you’ve seen before, but they do them better. They do acts you’ve never seen before and they leave you battling between shouts of disbelief and the silence of pure awe.

Dancers seem to float across the stage. Singers hit notes you didn’t think could be hit. Contortionist do things with their bodies that shouldn’t be done and an entire subgroup of strange performers redefine your perceptions of entertainment.

When your audience is millions of Australians, anything is possible.

Imagine what our exclusive AGT performers can do for your event. To find out, call us on 1300 884 485 and speak with an industry expert today.

The Best Talent, Right in Front of Your Eyes

You’re used to seeing the contestants on Australia’s Got Talent through the vivid colours of your television. But we’ve realized that nothing can trump the goosebump-inducing, chills-creating experience of live performance.

That’s why the Enhance team have created the country’s finest collection of Australia’s Got Talent performers – for the sole purpose of turning your next event into the defining moment of the year for you and your audience.

With decades of industry expertise and privileged connections, we’ve hand-picked exclusive AGT acts that properly reflect the range of talent you see on your television every week. Diversity of expression is the key to the show, and it’s the key to our team of talent.

For expert advice on your next event performance, speak with our expert consultants on 1300 884 485 today.

We’ve Got Talent, Too

Ballet isn’t our forte. The high notes are out of reach for us. And forget about the circus-style contortions. But we know how to work with you and your selected artist to create a best-ever type of event.

Enhance’s well-versed team of professional consultants is talented in their own right. We’ve booked thousands of performers for conventions, seminars, conferences, weddings and many other types of events.

So take a look at our team of performers exclusively from Australia’s Got Talent. If you’d like to speak with us first, give us a call and we’ll begin the process of helping you hire amazing talent. Call 1300 884 485 now.

the-wolfe-brothers Image
It's another Saturday night... and chances are, somewhere in the peaceful island state of Tasmania, one typically quiet country pub has undergone a drastic transformation. The usual four locals that prop up the bar has swelled to a packed house. The tills are ringing as the fridges undergo a mass exodus of Bundaberg Rum. There's people here of all ages, shapes and sizes, and all walks of life, and they've come here for one damn good reason... to party! Areas of speciality include Australia’s Got Talent. To get rowdy, laugh and dance away the worries of the working week. There’s a corner stage and that’s where you’ll find the ring leaders of this raucous circus. Four local lads with one common goal – to give these punters the time of their lives! Meet… The Wolfe Brothers.

andrew-de-silva Image
Andrew De Silva's history in the Australian music scene goes back further than most, however, despite this heritage De Silva's musical outlook is progressive and draws from influences both past and present to define a sound that sits somewhere between R&B and Rock. Areas of speciality include Australia’s Got Talent. De Silva’s performance career started professionally as front man and primary song-writer for Melbourne R&B group CDB at the age of 19 but being born into a musical family saw his musical education begin much earlier at the age of 8 years old. As part of CDB, Andrew De Silva received an ARIA for highest selling single in 96 (Let’s Groove went Platinum), while the subsequent album Glide With Me achieved Gold Sales.

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award winner    has video

Still in his 20's, Liam Burrows already is an Australian jazz sensation. In just over a year he enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the music scene whilst continuing to develop as an exceptional and unique entertainer, performing at leading venues all over Australia and overseas. Areas of speciality include Australia’s Got Talent. He has earned the respect of fellow professionals and stunned the public with a mature vocal style and stage presence that is way beyond his years. Liam brings to his music a level of technical ability, scatting and realisation of phrasing that can only be described as incredible. Many describe him as a prodigy, whilst others call him the next Michael Bublé.
  • MusicOz - Best Jazz Artist 2012